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The Vampires theme, for unknown reasons, is gaining popularity in the cinema and art. The ”True Blood” writers have made some adjustments to the general mythology of vampirism. For example, fangs, unlike the accepted representations, appear in place of the lateral incisors. More dangerous and aggressive, Vampires become after starting to live in the so-called ”nests” or ”lairs”. In order Vampires were allowed to visit a human’s house, they need to get a permission to do so, or a person should made an invitation. Vampires are really prone to disease.

The hepatitis D virus, weakening them during a whole month, makes them vulnerable! The blood of a vampire has healing, narcotic and exciting properties for a usual human. If Vampires just leave the bite on the human’s skin, then he or she does not turn into a similar vampire. For this magical reincarnation to happen, a man or a woman must drink some ”special” blood and spend a whole night in a grave with Vampires.

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Slots of current Vampires category which must play everyone

”Vampire Slots” is one of the most mysterious and at times intimidating, as for a usual viewer, Vampires emulators with bloody tusks of vampiric girls, whose images resemble Betty Page. Here you will also find various potions in azure bottles, golden-honey cloves of garlic and an oppressive-surreal atmosphere background. Love unites the hearts and the souls, regardless of whether two are men, a pair of women, a guy and a girl or a human and a vampire. ”Immortal Romance” is a direct confirmation that love has no boundaries. Leave the stereotypes and enjoy this magical love story. ”Vampires” is executed in an uncomplicated style of graphic design, but that’s why it’s beautiful. Nothing will distract you from the fascinating love story that arose between a guy and a girl.

Who of them will become a vampire? You may know this soon. For the admirers of the gothic anime, ”Transylvania” is created. Horned girls with bloodied lips, blue-haired young men, vicious grey graphs… We will not disclose all the nuances so that your interest in the slot will not be lost. Graphics of ”Vampires Feast” does not offer unnecessary details, but is very high-quality so as not to pay attention to it and concentrate on the main goal. Someone wants to get a jackpot, and someone goes to an online casino for fun to find a free simulator and play with Destiny.

The title ”Bitten” already says enough to confirm the theme of this gambling slot. Let’s just say that exquisite candlesticks, no less beautiful amulets, and a huge silver moon are not all the elements that fill the emulator. ”The Vampires” is a very lovely volumetric model. Why did we decide to use this adjective? Because a candy-zephyr-pink interface cannot be called another way. In this slot, the topic of vampirism is romanticized in the highest way here. Well, you will see it yourself. ”Oh, again this Dracula” – the gambler sighs with annoyance.

But no! This is not a typical story about Vampires who attack people and bite them for fun. ”Dracula” shows a touching romantic story. Admirers of ”Dracula Untold” will understand what we are talking about. ”Vampire Bats” has a decent set of ”charms” so that you should no longer look for a companion for leisure. A stunning brunette with scarlet curvy lips will look at you from the gaming field.

Summing up for Vampires 3D online simulators

Magic, mystery, strangeness… The Vampires theme is covered with all of these three elements and even much more. Do not be afraid. Everything is absolutely safe for gamblers.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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