Privacy Policy

This document is aimed at making you aware that when you are using any of the services at, you indisputably accept all conditions listed further. General Guidelines

  • will not save any of the client’s details whenever they visit the homepage and dedicate time to surfing through the website (this does not refer to cookies: proceed to the section about ‘cookies’ for greater details).
  • The kind of data that is gathered during your interaction with us is suggested to be utilized only for respective purposes. We will, however, save your electronic address if you want to receive booklets from us regularly. If you wish to cancel such an option, you can easily do it by pressing on the ‘unsubscribe’ icon available at the bottom of each newsletter. may also gather details from promotions and draw games that you may wish to utilize or any other type of services that might be sponsored by our partners or us. also gathers personal identification data from the range of our trading partners.
  • does not make any data known to the intermediaries or other web-based casinos without acquiring permission from you.
  • If a third party acquires our business, client data will become known to the new holder.
  • is trying hard to ensure that it protects the site from hacker attacks or malware. We are dedicated to keeping your details safe.
  • Our services can be accessed by only those who are aged 18 years or above.
  • Please be informed that provides multiple links to different other sites, and the Confidentiality Guidelines cover none of these sites. We recommend you to read their Confidentiality Guidelines before using their services carefully.

Cookies has a right to add cookies and remove them from your PC. A cookie is characterized as a text document that is totally secure and is generally saved on the device on its own accord. cookies will withdraw user details and distribute them to discover what your tastes and desires are to improve service provision in the long run. Significantly, any website you are accessing from could also save their cookies on your appliance. utilizes cookies for different reasons. Here are only some of them:

These text files are suggested to assist in withdrawing information that is statistical rather than personal. cookies will assist us in understanding how much time you dedicate to surfing the site, what particular web pages you use most of all and which banner promotions receive the utmost quantity of clicks.

It will further assist to assess the site popularity and calculate the ultimate number of online clients daily.

Cookies allow our management team to obtain details about the gambler’s behavior and tastes. They are, therefore helping us to make better services accessible to gambling enthusiasts to brighten up their experience in the future.

The sites recommended by are also supposed to add the cookie-files on your device. We advise you to carefully read their Confidentiality Guidelines to find out what terms rule over the utilization of cookies in their cases. has a right to modify these Confidentiality Guidelines whenever it seems appropriate, and we are not responsible for informing our users of the changes. We recommend you to re-read the guidelines regularly to keep up with the latest changes.

Do not forget that we avail an opportunity to block out cookies. It is possible to accomplish by canceling the given option in your browser. Nevertheless, if you do so, you will restrict our ability to ensure improved service provision.