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The history of Las Vegas is full of unusual and amusing facts, connected mainly with the largest hotels of the city. Many visitors pay attention to the steady aroma of coconut in the lobby of some hotels, or some grandmother’s perfume at the ”Venetian” hotel. However, if you ask the hotel staff whether these fragrances are sprayed artificially, you will be told that they do not. However, a short investigation showed that this is not true. As it is known, in Chinese culture, number ”4” is considered unlucky. And since those players who are coming from China are important for the Vegas gambling, such hotels like ”Rio” and ”Wynn” do not have floors with numeral 4, for example, 38, 39, 50, 51, etc. According to rumours, there are several ”haunted hotels” in Las Vegas.

Here are some of them: ”Luxor” (ghosts were allegedly seen in its corridors and rooms), ”Flamingo” (there are eyewitnesses who claim to have seen the ghost of gangster Bugsy Siegel at sunset in the garden next to his former apartment), ”Bally’s” (during the fire in 1980, 84 people died there), ”Las Vegas Hilton” (the ghost of Elvis Presley was seen in the hall where sang), ”Bellagio” (an actor, Justin Pearce, committed suicide there in 2000, hanging himself in one of the rooms), ”Hard Rock” (a legendary bass player of the ”Who” band, John Entwistle, died here in 2002) and ”Stratosphere” (despite the alarm and security service of Vegas, four people committed suicide by jumping off of a more than 1,000-foot tower). A copy of the Eiffel Tower, in Las Vegas, is made of welded steel and all the rivets are not real, but are made for maximum resemblance to the original.

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Slots that may play everyone without going to Las Vegas

Some gamblers want to get a huge Jackpot. Someone is just getting joy visiting online casinos and checking there free gambling simulators in order to play with a Destiny. The below-mentioned Vegas items of the present theme will be to any taste for those who adore adrenaline during the game in charismatic slots. If you need to relax, then ”Tropicana Las Vegas” will help you with joy. Have you dreamed of spending a weekend so that emotions and memories will be enough for the next six months? Then you have successfully looked into this paragraph.

”Weekend in Vegas” is an excellent model to be tried. It will cheer you up for a long time. What for is the gambling capital famous? Of course, playful cocktails, colourful and bright chips, exquisite roulettes… Precisely. ”Quick Hit Las Vegas” collected all these amazing moments and even more. If you believe that the number ”seven” has magic that allows you to get rich, then ”Club Vegas” is a real way to become a milliner. Are you more fond of night, noisy parties and neon lights? You do not want to go anywhere but at the same time, you want to have fun? ”Vegas Downtown Slots” is able to compensate you the atmosphere of the club.

Let us summing up the online volumetric simulators of the Vegas theme

As everyone knows, Las Vegas is located in the desert. At the same time, the city has many fountains, artificial lakes and waterfalls. Where to get enough water for these objects? The water used for fountains is the so-called ”gray” wastewater (water from the bath, wash-basin, and shower) that is filtered, cleaned and chlorinated. Unlike the conventional wisdom, ”black” wastewater (water from flushing toilets) is not used, it descends into a separate sewer system of the city. You may touch the legendary feeling of Las Vegas even at your home!

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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