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Perhaps historians do not know whether gambling-driven activities existed on the islands before the advent of the British colonialists. But when immigrants began to master New Zealand, the gambling-driven business began to develop.

In 1908, the authorities of the country passed the Gambling Act bill, according to which only horse races were legal, and all other games of chance were banned. This continued until 1951, when the first state bookmaker TAV appeared in the country.

This led to the fact that the law regarding gambling-driven activities became more loyal and soon such games as casinos, slot machines, lotteries, and finally, virtual gambling-driven establishments became available.

At the beginning of our article, we wrote that gambling-driven activities were legal in New Zealand, with the exception of time restrictions. This can be seen even on horseback rates. The very first races were held in 1835. But, for some unknown reason, the government in New Zealand banned even this type of gambling-driven activities in the 1920s. Again, horse racing became legal only in 1961, but already with severe restrictions.

The first lotteries in New Zealand were held in 1933. These lotteries, of course, cannot be called large or national. The largest lottery company GoldenKiwiLottery was founded in 1961. It existed until 1987, in which it was replaced by a new company – Lotto.

Authorities in New Zealand gave permission to open gambling-driven clubs with slot machines in 1989. But the year of their appearance on the islands is 1991. Locals call slot machines poker machines or, like the Australians, pokes. If you prefer virtual slots, then visit the best online casinos and do not think about traveling to the countries of Oceania. If you are interested in just leaving – welcome to New Zealand.

At the beginning of the development of gambling-driven activities on slot machines in New Zealand, in the nineties of the 20th century, gambling-driven activities operators preferred the capital of the country, Wellington. However, in 2001, the authorities of New Zealand decided to free the capital from gambling, due to the growth of gambling addiction among the population. At the same time, seven metropolitan casinos were closed.

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Types of Online Casino in New Zealand

Thanks to online casinos, you can play your favorite games at home without leaving your pajamas. To begin with, online casinos are online versions of traditional casinos. They offer virtual casino games in New Zealand where players can bet on different games, from online slots to casino board games. The first advantage of online casino is convenience. You can play online casino games from anywhere in the world, if you have an Internet device. Online casinos also offer a wide selection of gaming options, while an average online casino offers over 500 games. Rates are also cheaper, and bonuses as well as promotions are irresistible. When looking for an online casino to join, be sure to register with a licensed and regulated company. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous dealers who cheat players by setting up software for the benefit of the house. In addition, illegal online casinos are more likely to defraud your money, as well as being major centers of online fraud. To be safe, play responsibly and remember not to put on something that you cannot afford to lose.

However, games collected at an online casino are allowed to run in a browser or using a special client program. Downloadable versions of gambling-driven activities sites are ideal for those who do not want to enter a username and password before each start of the game. Besides, there are other advantages to download casinos.

Compared with browser-based casinos, portable options can boast an expanded range of slots. For example, on the entertainment site there are 100 emulators, and in its client version there may be about 500 games. It is noteworthy that new slots, as a rule, first appear in the downloaded versions. Do you want to diversify the gameplay and keep up with the times? Then install the client of your favorite casino.

The quality of sound and graphics in online games deserves all praise, but still it is better at downloadable casinos. This is explained by the fact that the flash platform has a number of technical limitations that cannot be overcome. In the client version of the gambling-driven activities sites, on the contrary, there is a mass of additional settings. With their help, the player can customize the appearance of the entertainment portal to their liking, which contributes to a more effective game. Portable casinos load faster than browsers. They also provide players with the ability to run multiple machines at the same time. This feature is relevant for those who are actively fighting for cash rewards.

Most gamers use powerful computers, and therefore do not worry about the consumption of computer resources by games. However, it should be clarified that online games are more demanding of computer resources and actively consume network traffic. The versions of gambling-driven activities portals installed on your device do not have these disadvantages.

As you can see, casinos took various forms, ranging from real clubs with huge halls and dress code requirements, ending with virtual portals, where each user could enjoy the process in splendid isolation. But Live casino online is a new stage, allowing thrill-seekers to reach a new level. To date, these types of institutions are becoming more common. Many large portals are developing by offering a special section where gamers are offered to play with live dealers in live casinos online.

Types of Casino Games for Gamblers in New Zealand

Despite its remoteness from major European countries, the New Zealanders are not inferior in their gambling-driven activity to the residents of other countries. Of course, with the advent of online gambling-driven entertainment, among the inhabitants of this island state there were its admirers. The first gambling-driven portals and platforms appeared in this country in 1994. One of the leading companies in creating gambling-driven software, Microgaming, has become the first supplier of software for online establishments in New Zealand.

In the late nineties, such well-known companies as Playtech and Cryptologic joined the market. One of the first slots available to New Zealand residents was FruitFiesta and CashSplash machines.

Initially, online slot machines were very simple and, one might say, primitive. They had only three reels and one payline. Further, thanks to the rapid development of computer technology, more interesting slots began to appear, in which more lines, as well as the well-known “wild” symbols, bonus games and doubling games became available.

Video slots are one of the most sought after varieties of gambling-driven activities in the country. In New Zealand, they got the slang name “pokies”. Among the New Zealand gamblers, the following machines are especially popular:

  • Gonzo’s Quest;
  • Batman;
  • The Wizard of Oz;
  • Medusa II.

In New Zealand, well-known manufacturers of gambling-driven software do not work. The most sought-after foreign developer in the country is Playtech.

It is also worth noting that 41% of New Zealanders play more often than once a week. Only 10% of players over 18 play every week. On average, a player spends USD 41 per month. Men spend more than women. Only 10% of the adult population is at risk.

The lottery is played by 30% of players in New Zealand. Favorite lottery – Lotto, it is the game that most people play with such frequency.

Also popular:

  • bets on horse or dog races;
  • Instant Kiwi game;

Half of the respondents are satisfied with the number of locations where gambling-driven activities can be played. Approximately 41% think that there are too many gambling-driven activities sites. It is noteworthy that those people who have gambling addiction are dissatisfied with the excess.

Electronic gaming machines and online gambling-driven activities in foreign casinos in New Zealand are considered the most undesirable form of gambling-driven business.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in New Zealand

The law, which regulates the gambling-driven business of New Zealand at the present time, was adopted in 2003. It was adopted to replace the regulations of 1977 and 1990. It is regularly amended. The law has the following objectives:

  • control over the gambling-driven activities industry and minimization of damage from gambling;
  • formulation of the list of permitted gambling-driven entertainment;
  • promoting responsible gaming;
  • ensuring the fairness and transparentness of gambling;
  • prevention of gambling offenses;
  • community involvement in gambling-driven decisions.

In accordance with current regulations, licenses that enable the operation of land-based casinos in New Zealand are no longer issued. However, valid permits may be renewed. New Zealand operators are not allowed to provide services to players during national religious holidays. Otherwise, the casino administration can expect a fine of 10,000 NZD.

Participation in lotteries is not allowed for people younger than 18 years old, the minimum age of casino visitors in New Zealand is 20 years. In New Zealand, there is a mechanism for self-identification of problem players. If a gambler realizes that gambling-driven activities causes him/her considerable damage, he/she has the opportunity to request a ban on visiting the casino.

According to the law adopted in 2003, types of gambling-driven activities are divided into 4 classes:

  • Games with a win and potential turnover of not more than 500 NZD, without the use of machines;
  • Similar games with a possible win and a turnover of not more than 5,000 NZD;
  • Games without the use of slot machines with a win and a turnover of over 5,000 NZD;
  • Slot machines.

Only 3 and 4 class games are subject to licensing. Each of them has its own type of license with the relevant requirements.

Resolving legal issues related to gambling-driven activities in New Zealand lies with the New Zealand Gambling Commission. This is a special body that was established in 2003 at the same time with the adoption of the relevant law.

The regulator works in close collaboration with the New Zealand Ministry of Health. Monitoring and statistics of the distribution of gambling addiction are conducted, measures are being taken to minimize the damage from gambling. All licensed operators are required to assist in these tasks. In addition, compliance with the current legislation in the field of gambling-driven activities is monitored by the Department of Internal Affairs of New Zealand.

According to the current law, the organization of the activities of sites that provide the opportunity to be involved in gambling-driven activities on a distance basis is prohibited. This does not mean a total ban on online casinos in New Zealand. The authorities in no way limit the access of players to foreign sites. The most popular gambling-driven activities resource among New Zealand players is The international bookmaker receives in New Zealand approximately 20% of all traffic in this thematic segment. National lottery ranks second, and tote is third.

Poker lovers from New Zealand often prefer to play at, and the most popular resource among bingo fans is

Best Deposit Methods for Gamblers in New Zealand

Many people who want to immerse themselves in the world of online casinos are wary of depositing money into their online casino accounts. New players are often interested in what options are available for them, is it safe to share their financial information with online casinos, bot they need to pay special attention to everything when making deposits.

The good news is that making a deposit at an online casino is not much different from buying something on a website or from any other online transaction you had to deal with. And although the options available to you will vary depending on what is available to you and where you live, for most clients there will always be ways to transfer funds to their online casino account safely, safely and without any problems.

Credit and debit cards are probably the most popular payment option in the world today when buying something online. And, of course, they are often used in online casinos as one of the methods to make a deposit.

Of the well-known brands, Visa and MasterCard are most often used in the online gambling-driven activities industry as options for making deposits. Some sites also accept deposits using American Express or other cards, although these options are less common.

The main potential problem when making a deposit with a credit or debit card is whether such a transaction will be accepted. Visa and MasterCard cards are issued by thousands of banks all over the world, and the management of these banks vary considerably in terms of processing gambling-driven transactions. This means that one card may not be accepted on any site, but at the same time another card will be accepted there. In this case, the first card may well be accepted at another online casino.

Another popular way to send money over the Internet is to use e-wallet sites, places where you can keep your money in a certain account and spend it online as needed. You can also transfer this money to your bank account. These sites offer a convenient way to spend money on the Internet without having to constantly withdraw funds from your bank account. This made this method popular in e-commerce, as well as in the online gambling-driven activities industry.

Perhaps the most well-known e-wallet in the world is PayPal, which is used to process payments from many sites around the world. You may be surprised, but PayPal is not the leader in processing gambling-driven deposits: PayPal allows its services to be used by licensed sites in their jurisdictions, which means that many sites cannot use the services of this payment system.

However, there are other e-wallets that offer similar options for a much larger number of sites. Neteller and Skrill payment systems (formerly known as Moneybookers) are two of the most famous such resources: Neteller was previously only the wallet known in the gambling-driven industry, while Skrill gained popularity both in the world of online casinos and beyond.

To transfer funds to your gambling-driven activities account, you can also use your existing bank account. There are a number of ways to achieve this: in many cases, you can initiate a bank transfer from your bank or use the “i-check” function to make deposits to your casino account.

Another possibility to make a deposit is to use the online banking system. These quick and convenient deposit methods use services designed to facilitate transfers to the online casino site or another merchant by sending funds directly from your authorized bank account. These services are often regional in nature: for example, POLi Payments (also known as PoliPay) is one such online banking product used in Australia and New Zealand.

For those who do not want to share their financial information and data about their credit cards online, or involve their bank accounts in a casino game, prepaid cards and vouchers can be an intriguing initiative. These products allow you to purchase cards or vouchers of a certain value from a local vendor, and then use this money to make a deposit at an online casino. You can also make these cash purchases, eliminating the need to use a bank account or credit card.

Perhaps the Ukash voucher system is most known in this category. UK based Ukash vouchers allow individuals to purchase vouchers from ATMs, kiosks or from local retailers. Each voucher contains a code of 19 digits. This code can then be used to shop online in stores, in a casino or on other sites.

These and many other options are available in online casinos around the world, specific offers depend on the country and the site. It doesn’t matter what deposit method is best for you – you can always find many reputable online casinos available in your country that will allow you to use your chosen deposit method.

Accepted Currencies in New Zealand

The New Zealand dollar is the national currency of New Zealand and its related islands: Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau and Pitcairn Islands. The New Zealand dollar is among the eight major currencies of the international forex market. The currency has the NZD abbreviation. One New Zealand dollar is equal to 100 cents. The economy of New Zealand is export-oriented, so the New Zealand dollar depends on many product groups and is a commodity currency.

On the territory of the country, the currency of New Zealand is represented by banknotes of 5 New Zealand dollars, 10 New Zealand dollars, 20 New Zealand dollars, 50 New Zealand dollars and 100 New Zealand dollars, as well as coins of 5, 10, 20, 50 cents, 1 and 2 dollars. For the manufacture of banknotes of the New Zealand currency since 1999, it is not paper that is used, but special thin plastic.

New Zealand banks are open Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 16.30. New Zealand currency can be exchanged at airports, branches of New Zealand banks and specialized New Zealand exchange offices. To a minor extent, the New Zealand Dollar rate may vary slightly in different places. Credit cards of the world’s leading systems and traveler’s checks are serviced everywhere. American Express credit cards are best served in the specialized offices of this company.

Thus, we can conclude that playing in online casinos for New Zealand residents is certainly comfortable, because a lot of online resources accept payments in the local currency. Also, if necessary, money can be easily exchanged for US dollars or euros.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand is an island nation in Polynesia. According to the New Zealand laws, gambling-driven activities have legal status. The annual turnover in the industry is over 2 000 000 000 NZD. There are 4 land gambling-driven activities houses and one bingo hall in New Zealand. Online casinos in New Zealand can not conduct legal activities, but players have free access to foreign sites. Such resources are not blocked and sanctions for their use are not provided.

The market for gambling-driven activities in New Zealand is formed and stable. In connection with the restriction on the issuance of new licenses, it is not yet possible to talk about a possible revival in the ground gambling-driven activities segment. Operators with permissions at the moment, fully meet the current needs of New Zealand players. The authorities are trying to streamline the activities of online casinos. In particular, for foreign bookmakers it is planned to impose a tax in the amount of 2% of the profits received from New Zealand players.

New Zealand is characterized by a well-developed legislative framework in the field of gambling, friendly to the players and taking into account their interests to the maximum. A reasonable compromise was found in the country between fighting gambling-driven activities and creating comfortable conditions for gamblers.

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