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Nowadays the gambling industry has more than a million variable online video slot games. However, in XIX century it all began with one-armed bandit games. No one has ever predicted that simple mechanism, which is made in order to give people the opportunity to get free beer in another pub, once will become well-honored and well-known throughout the world. Poker is a kind of card games. Exactly it was this that broke destinies and made people millionaires. The first free slot machine game was created in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt (Brooklyn, NY). It was a kind of auto poker machine. It was quite difficult, since there were 5 reels and 50 cards. Machine was quite small and stood on the table in the bar. Gamblers could turn on machine using a special wager and cards were spinning on the reels. There was no payout mechanism and apart from jackpot gamblers could only get a free drink.

The first machine with the known symbols was created in 1887 by Charles Fey (California, SF). He has made a three-reel machine with five symbols, they were: horseshoes, diamonds, spade, hearts and Liberty Bell (it gave a name to the machine). This machine became very popular all over the world and manufactories started to create their versions of “Bells”. Soon cherries and lemon symbols were created (by Bell-Fruit Gum Company).

In 1963 there was a revolution on the gambling market. The first gambling software – Bally Development – created the first electromechanical slot machine, which had a name “Money Honey”. A little bit after Fortune Coin Co made the first true video slot game, that became a prototype of all modern games. It was placed in the most luxury hotels in Las Vegas and the story began!

Slots Provider All Over the World

Modern gambling industry meets new software developers every year. Despite the fact that all of them choose similar topics for the new online video slot games, there is still a great difference in quality. The first gambling producer on the market is Bally Development, as we have already noticed before. After Bally, the largest and the oldest developers are: Net Entertainment, EGT and Microgaming. These four companies are still the most honored and professional developers in the industry. Modern gambling has moved from the world of just online video slot games to the iGambling reality. For sure, leader of this world is Microgaming Company. They started to use 3D graphics for free online machines almost the first. Moreover, their online free video slot games usually offer the biggest amount of paylines and the most interesting plots. Bally became a classic online video slots developer. Net Entertainment is one of the most influential companies on the market. It uses modern features in online slot games and offers a wide range of additional options.

However, the list of the best developers of modern slots is getting longer and longer with time. Today, it is hard not to mention the following developers, who not only follow modern traditions, but also develop industry itself and offer new solutions and features on the market: Net Entertainment, Playtech, EGT, IGT, Betsoft Gaming, Microgaming Developers, Play’n’Go Developers. How do we separate modern video slots and classic ones? Modern slots nowadays have both mobile and classic versions, offer 3D graphics, bright animation, online mode, free version, realistic bonuses, interesting symbols, new plots, they can be both card games and arcades,

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SlotsSpot Say • Online Slots Guide 2018

Online video slots have a list of important features that any gambler must know before starting a free game session. The first thing, which person has to notice, it is amount of reels. Video slot machine is made of reels and rows. Reels start spinning after the very beginning of the session. Every reel has a list of symbols on it. There are from 3 to 5 rows in every video slot. Rows it is amount of horizontal lines. Apart from reels, it is important to pay attention to the amount of paylines. Exactly they define the possibility to win a jackpot. Moreover, win lines in free video slot machines defines how exactly the symbols on the screen are displayed to form a winning combination and bring money to the gambler. It is also important to check out a bank, it includes the minimal and maximal bet and jackpot. To regulate bet, gamblers have to press buttons on thy bottom of the interface of any online video slot game. Gamblers always can choose either to bet on all lines or bet just on several lines.

Before the start, it is needed to check out characteristic of every feature and symbol. To do it, it is important to press a button with “I” letter, which is usually places in the corner of the screen. Information will show a paytable, a table with a price for every symbol. Moreover, gamblers can find out there a description of wild, scatter and bonus symbols. The last thing, player has to check out before the start – it is a version of the free online slot game. Nowadays, people can both play free demo version with no download and no registration or full version with real money.

  • Reels • The number of reels is one of the most important categories in the world of online gambling. It is the first thing anyone has to pay attention to. There are traditionally three or five reels. The more reels there are, the wider is interface and the more complicated the machine is. Reels defines amount of symbols. Usually, there can be from 5 and up to 10 symbols on one reel. It depends on the producer. The amount of reels defines also the amount of winning lines in one online video slot game. The maximum amount of reels is 18. In the case if the number of reels is more than 5, it means that there are several screens with symbols. Reels can be different size and shape. Not always they are straights and three rows in height. More usually, they can be one row in height with three rows and even larger! It also depends on the certain developer. On the SlotsSpot website, people can find free online video slot games with any amount of reels – from 3 and up to 18!
  • Paylines • If you want to count a possibility of victory, just look at the amount of paylines presented. Payline is a shape of symbols, which appear on the screen and form a certain combination. Line can be different and has a different shape. For example, there are both straight and long lines and broken in the middle, short lines. They can be vertical and horizontal, last from the first and up to last reel or end on the third one. Shape and length of the line depends on the developer and certain online video slot game. Before the start of every session gamer first of all has to check out how many lines there are presented and how they look like. To do such a thing, it is enough just to press a “Paylines” button of the bottom of the interface and it will be easy to see colorful and bright lines laying above playing icons on the screen. SlotsSpot can help to run colorful games with any available amount of lines.
  • Paytable • Paytable is one of the most important gambling characteristics, which should be checked before the start of the session. It is an information about the price of the certain symbols. As you know, different developers include the different range of the possible bets in online video slot games and it is a reason why most products of greatest Software companies have completely different price for playing icons. To check out how much you can win collecting wild or scatters, he should either read a full description of online slot game or press an “I” button with an information about the betting range and symbols price. As any symbol costs differently and some of them can be more profitable, it`s not odd to check this information out.
  • Total Bank • If a paytable shows how much different symbols cost, the total bank will tell an information about the possible bets. Depending on the amount of lines, on the developer and on the certain online video slot game, the minimal and maximal bets can be different. To check this information out players have either go to real online slot game description or just press on “I” symbols on the screen and check out total bank. It is especially important when players bet not on all lines, but only on the certain ones and have to count bet manually. In order not to do it and play online video slot games with comfort, it is possible just to check out the total bank and get all needed information. The bank will show the difference of bets depending on the amount of lines player has chosen.
  • Balance • One of the most popular goals of online gambling is to win money. Many players bet and play just to get as much money as possible. Balance is another option, which the gambler should check not only in the very beginning, but also during the game and after the end of any gambling session. Balance will show up how much gambler has spent on the bet before the start of the gambling session. Moreover, it also will show how much gambler has earned on all symbols and will present a deep financial analysis. Every online slot game offers this option to players, who play for money. Balance also can be checked on the website of online casino on the page with personal data of the player. Play and control the game – by doing it you will win a fortune!

Slots Machine Types

Gambling industry has evolved over the centuries. From the first gambling machine, created in the second half of the XIX century and up to the present times free video slot machine modified a lot. On the website of SlotsSpot, we have collected all the possible types of modern online video slot games, which developers offer on the market. In the gaming library, you will see a detailed menu with different categories of video slot games. Gamblers can choose any category they are interested in. There are different variants of them: depending on amount of reels, on amount of paylines, on the total bet, on the theme, etc. However, modern gambling industry can offer different type of online slot games: free, classic, 3D, video, fruit, penny and progressive.

  • Classic Slots • Classic free online slot games is especially for those, who like 7s, golden bars and cherries. These online slot games don’t have 3D animation, wide range of additional bonuses and many paylines. They are quite conservative, but still interesting.
  • Video Slots • Free video online slot games is a modification of the classic slots. These free machines have bright animation, high-quality interface and bright free bonus features, such as free bonus rounds and free spins. They usually offer more paylines and big payouts.
  • Fruit Machines • Many gamblers are in love with fruit theme in gambling. Developers made a kind of special category with free fruit online slot games, where people will meet only fruity symbols. It is a mix of classic and modern video online slot games.
  • 3D Slot Games Online • The last word of gambling evolution nowadays is free 3D video online slot games. They appeared on the market not so long time ago and caught hearts of many gamblers. Free 3D online slot games always have bright animation, well-made design and make gamblers fall in love with the realistic emotions they feel.
  • Mobile Slot Games Online • Most modern free video slot games online, created by the bid Software companies, have a mobile version, which is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. However, some free video online slot games can be made only in mobile version. To play them gamblers don’t have to download them on the tablet, just to spin reels on the website of online casino.
  • Penny Slot Games • It is a kind of free online slot games with low betting limit, where actor can waste small amount of money and at the same time win a fortune. Penny Slots can be bright and well-designed. They have a wide range of additional bonus options, at the same time offering common gambling rules and betting limits.
  • Progressive Slot Games • Only certain developers can offer playing progressive video slot games online, that have this name because of the progressive jackpot. These online slots games count the total number of bets made in the online game and multiply them several times. This is quite a rare type, but players like it because it is more profitable, than an ordinary one.
  • Slot Games 2018 • It is the best category of the newest free and the most modern slot games online, presented on SlotsSpot website. Here, players will find all new free video slot games, presented on the market.

All Slots Features

Any free video slot game has its own features. Before the start of the gambling session player has to check out what exact features certain video slot game can offer. This information can be found out in the full description of the video slot or by pressing “I” button on the screen of the slot machine. Among the features, players can meet in any slot wild and scatter symbols. They are permanent addition to the high-quality free gaming machines. Scatters can work as a multiplier and activate free spins as well. Apart from bonuses and bonus features, among the important special options we should mention an autoplay option, which can help to start spinning reels one by one. Moreover, players will found multiplier in most modern slots, which looks like an auto-turning on cards after each lucky spin.

  • Wild Symbols • It is the most favorite symbol among gamblers. It can be found on any reels and replace other symbols, forming a winning combination!
  • Sticky Wilds • Sticky Wild can appear on the screen and stay, activating additional features and turning on bonus rounds, as well as activating free spins.
  • Stacked Wilds • Stacked Wild leaves on the screen during new spins and increases amount of winning combinations as well as helps to get a jackpot.
  • Expanding Wilds • Expanding Wild works not just as a replacement of other symbols and symbols that form a winning combination. It is also a symbol, which brings a jackpot and boosts cash!
  • Cascading Wilds • Cascading Wilds appear one by one very quickly on the main interface and help player to get more and more lucky combination.
  • Random Wilds • Random Wilds is possible to find on any reel as they appear in any moment. They work as the ordinary wild symbols, but appear and disappear suddenly.
  • Scatter Symbols • Scatter symbols works as multiplier and boost cash. Usually, exactly scatter symbols activate free spins and bonus rounds.
  • Extra Symbols • Bonus symbols can be thought to be extra ones. They boost cash more than others or just activate bonus.
  • Gamble Feature • Gamble is an opportunity to double cash after the lucky spin of the reel, by playing one more round.
  • Multipliers • multiplier turns on automatically after every lucky spin and help player to double cash choosing a right card between red and black one.
  • Shifting Reels • This is a kind of animation, when reel turn down or change each other suddenly in the middle of the session.
  • Click and Pick • It is a feature, which is often used in cards. It helps to replace symbols and icons, clicking on one place and getting an icon in the other.
  • Auto Play • It is an opportunity to turn on automatically spinning reels in amount from 10 and up to 100 spins.
  • Nudge and Hold • This is a chance to stop game for a second and check out what is going on in it. Very useful option for those who like to think twice.
  • Game RTP • This is a rate of payouts, in other words, checking out game RTP player can understand how high the chances to get a win are.

All Slots Bonus Features

Gamblers like modern free video slot games not only for their bright animation, but also for the wide range of possible additional options. The most usual free bonus feature is free spins option. It can be activated with the scatter symbol and offer players to play without a fear to lose money. Gambler doesn’t waste cash, but keeps on earning it. Bonus rounds can be met more rarely, but still it is very useful option. It is a kind of arcade, which is additional to the main game. Usually, it has the same topic, but offers another version of the game itself. Moreover, among bonus features, it is important to mention different types of jackpots, like progressive jackpot and respins feature, rarely presented.

  • Free Spins • It is several spins of reels, which can be activated by the scatter symbol (if there are more than three scatters the same time). They give a player a chance to play without an additional bet and earn money at the same time.
  • Respins • Respin is a very rare option, that can hardly be met in most slots. However, respin is a very useful feature, which helps players to try spinning reels one more time, not adding a bet. Second chances exist, just try respin option.
  • Bonus Rounds • Comparing to the free spins, bonus rounds is more useful feature, as it offers not just to spin reels for free, but also to earn more, than it was offered by the normal rules.
  • Bonus Game • This is an arcade in the same theme, which was presented in the slot itself. However, during the bonus, reels stop spinning and disappear and player gets into the world of another reality. He is able to see something just like a computer game and earn money, not making a bet!
  • Jackpot • This is a main prize, that player can get spinning the reels and collecting five wild on the screen or another amount of certain symbol. Jackpot usually starts from x5 and boosts up to the 1 000 000 dollars!
  • Progressive Jackpot • It is a jackpot, that is calculated depending on the total bet, which was made. In this situation jackpot depends only on the bet which player has made himself. Gamblers like this option, because it is more profitable.

Casino Slots Online

SlotsSpot team is happy to present you more than 3500 high-quality modern slots, which can be found in free access on the website. Modern gambling is far from the traditional world of free machines with download, registration and boring plot. Modern world of gambling is working for players. It has a list of rules: no download of slots on the personal computer. Any machine, you are interested in, can be played online on the website of trusted online casino. There is also no need to complete the registration on the online casino website if you want to play slot machine for free. There are always two versions of modern slots: free demo version, where player spins reels for fun without any bets and money. Of course, he will also see a button with bet, but it will be just symbolical and mean nothing at all. If player doesn’t want to play on real money, he is free just to have fun and enjoy high-quality slots without real bets. Of course, if gambler wants to win real money quickly doing nothing, he can easily complete registration on the website, enter personal data and start betting.

SlotsSpot offers players not only bright and high-quality slots, structured on online library of free slot machines, but also full description of every product, screenshots and even a description of them! It is the greatest and the fullest description of the game player is able to find on the website of online casino! Players can easily choose slots they want to play depending on developer, on the features, such as the amount of reels, amount of paylines, theme and other characteristics. It is enough to change basic characteristic in the menu and you will find what you are looking for!

  • No Download Slots • Most of modern slots doesn’t need download on the personal computer or on the tablet. World of modern gambling is working for the players, not just for the companies, who develop slots or for online casinos. Only what gambler wants to get in the game decides what this machine will offer him. This is why, online casinos offer players free access to the best online slots on the market. Players need just enter the website of online casino and press a “Start” button. On the SlotsSpot website, there are no slots, which have to be downloaded before the start. All of them are working normally in online mode. Play for your satisfaction and win real money doing nothing. It is easier, than it seems.
  • No Registration Slots • Certain slots don’t require registration as well. For example, if gambler wants to play free gambling rounds and don’t want to get real money in the end of the game, there is no need at all to complete registration and enter personal data on the website of online casino. However, if gambler wants to bet money, he needs to enter a code of his credit or debit card and link it to the slot. That is why payed slots need a registration. At the same time, it is not complicated and requires only personal data just like first and last name, nickname, password and credit card code with the data about the card itself. There is no need to complete registration on the website of SlotsSpot. Just play online and get pleasure!
  • No Deposit Slots • Some slots requires sending certain amount of money in the bank before starting it. It refers only to the payed free slot machines that offer a jackpot to the player and give gambler a chance to win real money, playing slots online. However, deposit from one side is a guarantee of the payout and prize in the end of the session. On the other side, deposit can be not comfortable for the gamblers, as they don’t want to pay before the start of the gambling session. That is why, on SlotsSpot players choose what type of slot they want to try first – with or without a deposit before the start of the session. However, modern tendency of the gambling causes a growth of the amount of games with no deposit.
  • Vegas Slots • This is one of the most important categories of slots in the gambling industry. Las Vegas is a worldwide capital of gambling. It became such a city due to one of the first free slot machines in history installed in the hall of Las Vegas hotel. And after that the number of hotels’ clients started to grow up. Therefore, all other Vegas hotels start to install casinos and it caused a great growth of the demand on online slot machines. So, coming back to the categories, it is important to mention, that there is a special group of slot machines, that got a mark from the Las Vegas department of gambling! This means, that this is the best slots on the market and helps player to earn as much money as possible in several minutes!

SlotsSpot Say • How to Play Slots for Free

SlotsSpot is a project, that gives gamblers an opportunity to play for free without the obligatory bet in the very beginning. Many online casinos say, that they offer free access to the machine, but after that player is able just to open a page with slot machine, press a “Start” button and get a text about the need to enter personal data and complete registration on the page of online casino. But SlotsSpot offers other rules. This project appreciates its customers and visitors. Moreover, it appreciates their needs and desires. That is why, website offers free machines without bets and money!

Gambling industry is not all about money. It is about fun, pleasure and relax! High-quality slots are made not just to win money, but also to bring players to another reality, where they will be free of troubles, problems and routine life. There is nothing complicated in playing modern slots for free. On the website of SlotsSpot players have just to choose a machine and press a “Start” button, running another gambling session! Play for fun and don’t think about money. However, except the possibility to play for free, website also offers to play for real money and win. So, just choose what you like the most and start spinning reels. While players are gambling for fun, not for money, there is no need to complete registration on the website and enter personal data. Gamblers are free just to spin reels and play bright online slot games without money.

Slots Worldwide Guide

All over the world people like gambling! Spin reels and win real money in several seconds – this is everything you have to do in order to play for fun and get real money! In different regions slots have different names. For example, in Great Britain online video slot games are called free fruit machines, it happened because the first video slot machine had only fruity playing icons as symbols, just like cherries, lemons, oranges, etc. In New Zealand, free slot machines are called pokies. At the same time in the United States, it is just slots and nothing else.

In the list of the gambling greatest centers, it is important to mention such places as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, London and Atlantic City. They have more casinos and gambling establishments, than in any other city of the world. Several countries forbid playing online video slots. It is going up to the certain African and Asian countries, where free video slot machines are forbidden. However, the United States of America and Europe love gambling! In these regions reels spins all the time and brings million dollars.

If thirty years ago gambling is all about cards, such as poker, etc., nowadays people are in love with free video slot machines! Every tourist in any “playing” city is going to the real or online casinos to try his luck and check out how much he wins. It is easy to play and get money doing nothing! That is why everyone like spinning reels and gambling. Bet and earn – this is easier than it was ever before! SlotsSpot will help you to find out favorite online free machines and learn how to play both for free and on the professional level.

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