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Surely, when you remind the Medieval times, you imagine grandiose knight tournaments, courageous riders on pretty horses, beautiful ladies, alchemists who are eager to learn the mystery of the philosopher’s stone and sweet minstrels by any means. If so, then the memory graciously harbored from you the extremely shocking facts that will make anybody shudder about this very difficult period in the history of mankind. In Medieval, one of the most popular methods of treatment was… bloodletting. Nevertheless, it was still a very safe practice, certainly compared to what the healers of those times could ”come up with”. A small hole in a skull was an excellent ”cure” against the headaches (also from mental disorders and epilepsy). It needed to be drilled so that the brain shell was exposed. Are you agree that it was disgusting?

For anesthesia, in Medieval, the poisonous substances were used (their concentration was low), causing a person to lose consciousness, hammering or even squeezing between the teeth an ordinary wooden stick. Men, in order to save their daughters from losing a virginity, and their mothers (respectively their own wives) from adultery, put on unfortunate girls and women the chastity belts. This structure was secured around their waists. Passing between the legs, it covered the genitals. In Medieval, for the dispatch of natural needs, special small holes were provided. The most expensive ones (decorated with gold and silver pads, as well as with gemstones) could be called the works of art, but wearing them was painful in any case.

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These simulators you may meet online in Medieval casinos

”Black Night” is a successful Medieval model for obtaining a lot of fun from gambling. All, without exception, software developers relentlessly produce free slot machines. An excellent example is ”Wild Knights” that allows to see the Medieval young noble men, armed with a frightening weapon and clad in armor on the screen of your own gadget. ”5 Knights” will allow you to watch the story of five brave knights, ready to do anything in order to win the favor of one beautiful lady. For those who lack the magic in everyday life, ”Knights and Maidens” was created.

”Night of Glory” is truly a Medieval slot. To study the history of the majestic king can be possible with ”King Arthur”. And what about fair and brave ”Robin Hood”? On the lines of this amazing emulator, you will meet both noble knights, the little Johnny, and of course mister Hood himself. ”Excalibur” is not only a Medieval legend about a sword, but also a heroic-epic drawing of game elements, many different characters and the magic of the Medieval.

In ”Sir Winsalot”, you have an opportunity to get acquainted with well-remembered personalities and drink a glass of beer with each of them. For fans of construction, in this category of video slots, there will also be a couple of quite worthy candidates. For example, ”Castle Builder”. ”Medieval Money” is a kind of a cartoon emulator with a touching Medieval princess, whose crown is sticky, an amusing queen the size of a watermelon with a tiny crown, and an awkward but friendly knight who is retired.

”Forsaken Kingdom” is a very discreet (the main color of this model is a gray) gambling machine, but, without a doubt, a worthy contender for a high place in Medieval ranking. An extremely attractive and focused knight will always accompany your luck, being always near the playing field. Another Medieval simulator, ”Coat of Arms”, is ready to please all admirers of ”spin the reel” with its amazing color palette and offers to play for bonuses.

Inference for Medieval category

The strongest horses were armored and specially trained for the battles. That is why it is believed that ”chivalry” comes from ancient troops on horseback. The ancient Roman ”Ordo Equestris” (elite cavalry) had a lot in common with Medieval knights. When, in the ninth century, Karl the Great granted the nobility a concept of the feudalism, the chivalry appeared. How good that you do not need to wear armor and be afraid about your life, because Medieval gambling is absolutely safe!

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2019

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