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The Church has always condemned Magic and people who believe in it. The Lyons bishop, Agobard, wrote the treatise in which he condemned the belief in Magic. Although it was thanks to him, scientists of our time were able to learn that people, in fact, believed in Magic. Agobard mentioned the belief of people in weather magicians, who have the ability to raise storms. In the Middle Ages, the alchemy was a mystical teaching that is the precursor of scientific chemistry, that is known to us now.

The teaching was aimed at finding a kind of ”philosophical stone”. It was supposed to possess miracle-working Magic tools capable of turning non-noble metals such as, for example, copper, into silver and gold. At that time, scientists believed that the ”philosopher’s stone” is capable of curing people from all possible diseases. The ancient syncretic voodoo system was characterized by the infinite number of different deities. They needed to sacrifice animals. Voodoo is also known for the complete mastery of the human soul through the means of special Magic dolls.

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The Magic topic has many cheerful online slots which are nice

This category can be conditionally divided into 5 subsections: ”Childish”, ”Scientific”, ”Gloomy”, ”Funny” and ”Special”. For ”childish” we can safely refer: ”7 Lucky Dwarfs” (a kind fairy-tale about a nice caring girl and her friends), ”Aladdin and The Wild Genie” (a charismatic young man first get acquainted with Magic), ”Alice Adventure” (a golden-haired young lady will pose the wizard world), ”Chase The Cheese” (about a cute mouse-magician who adores fragrant cheese), ”Unicorn Legend” (about a delightfully beautiful snow-white unicorn with the blue-violet mane and platinum horn), ”Magic Mushrooms” (fascinates with its fabulous atmosphere), ”Giant’s Gold” (bribes its realistic graphics and vivid characters), ”Jade Magician” (about a young brave witch, just beginning to learn the world of Magic) and ”Super Lucky Frog” (funny frogs will raise the mood even the most depressive phlegmatic).

”Scientific” offers the following slots: ”12 Zodiacs” (will be curious for those interested in the astrology), ”Book of Magic” (will open the magic book of spells), ”Alchymedes” (about the great discoveries), ”Alkemor’s Tower” (for the admirers of potions), ”Arcane Elements” (four elements rule the world), ”Astral Luck” (”tells” how to go into the astral), ”Astro Magic” (has the theme, in principle, similar to the previous one), ”The Alchemistr” (introduces the great alchemist) and ”Merlin’s Magic Respins” (Merlin offers the great respin-function). In the ”Dark” there are present ”Clash of Queens” (switch it and find out about all the royal secrets), ”Tower Quest” (about the confrontation between orcs and elves), ”Black Widow” (she knows Magic and she is very dangerous) and ”Werewolf Wild” (the sad werewolf’s story).

”Funny” include ”Cloud Tales” (filled with colorful caterpillars, orange dragons and blue squirrels), ”Charms & Clovers” (a leprechaun will play you the violin) and ”Bridesmaids” (they are able to do anything to make the ”last free eve” the most unforgettable event in the life of their common friend ). The ”Special” category holds ”Phonix Princess” (about the unusual female Chinese) and ”5xMagic” (for the tricks admirer).

A brief conclusion about the Magic category

Astrology, mantle, martinism, necromancy, spiritism, goetia, theurgy, shamanism and new age – that is only a short list of the magical systems. If you are interested in at least one of them, then believe us, the category Magic in online-gambling is worth your attention. All gamblers will find here a slot they like in a very short period of time because the variety (both in terms of topics and on the plot lines) of slot machines is a huge amount. Most (or even all) real gaming machines are easy to find in the special section (free games”) on the official sites of the game portals. Good luck to you and successful spinning the Magic reels!

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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