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Cinema did not have a solid name for a long time. In different countries, it was called in different ways: ”chromo-, phono-, mega-, scopograf”, ”illusion”, ”kiki” or ”kineshi”. In 1939, Hollywood released films like hot cakes. On average, there was a couple of new Movies per day. The famous horse head from the Movie ”Godfather” was the real one – the producer received it from the company that produced dog food. The model of Godzilla, used in the shooting of the film of the same name, weighted a hundred kilograms and was made of urethane and bamboo. After the release in 1959, the Movie ”Some Like It Hot” was banned in Kansas. The reason was the excessive frankness of the scene with sweet Norma Jeane Baker and adorable Bernard Schwartz, as well as their mutual dressing.

Uma Karuna Thurman refused from the role in the Movie ”Pulp Fiction” (1994), but Quentin Jerome Tarantino read the script for her by phone, and she changed her mind. This very charismatic and original Movie director does not like advertising in the cinema. In his films, heroes smoke only cigarettes of the ”Red Apple” brand. Every second, at least one Movie about the Agent 007 is seen. Richard Tiffany Gere played the piano himself in the ”Pretty Woman”. Moreover, he himself composed that musical piece. The most popular film hero is Mr. Sherlock Holmes (he was filmed two hundred times).

In many American films and serials, a company is mentioned that does anything (”Acme Corporation”). There are other examples. The car number ”2GAT123”. The TV station ”Channel 37”. Beer brand ”Heisler”. The imaginary locality ”Hobbs End”. Brand of cigarettes ”Morley”. The air company ”Oceanic Airlines”. Alice Guy-Blache was the first female director and one of the first Movie directors in the world. The time travel kind of Movie is prohibited in China. Before becoming a famous Hollywood actor, Stallone barely had enough money for food.

Therefore, he sold his dog Butkus for $40. Later, he bought it back, but for this, the actor had to pay $15,000. The actress who played a sinister spirit in the Movie ”Call” is also the voice of Lilo in the animated Movie ”Lilo and Stitch”. In North America, telephone numbers with a prefix in the range from 555-0100 to 555-0199 are specifically reserved for the fictional use in television series, films, computer games and other artworks.

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”The Dark Knight” was created exclusively for Batmanomanic people. ”Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with exquisite Audrey Kathleen Ruston will be another Movie discovery for you. Epic ”Gladiator” will make you feel your own pulse in the temples for the long-awaited win. The exhilarating spirit of ”Rocky” will take you back to the time of Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone’s youth. Restrained and very stylish ”Silent Movie” does not require large-scale advertising.

”Billion Dollar Movie” will reveal the mystery of the cinema. ”King Kong” will steal your heart and soul. ”Jurassic World” is for those who do not want to grow up and still adore dinosaurs. Fans of Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger will like ”Terminator 2”. If you are a fan of Egyptian secrets, scorpions, and incredible love stories, then play ”Mummy”. Old good ”Star Trek” will never leave you sad! The characters of the legendary series are already waiting for you!

Bloody perfect Clark rushes to help those who are alone today. ”Superman The Movie” will help with this in a kind of a game. ”Ghostbusters” is perhaps one of those products that either immediately sinks into the soul, or… after a while. Do you agree that it is very difficult to resist such a pretty character like Slimer? ”Titanic Heart of the Ocean” has the right to exist, being a good copy of the famous soul-kissing and touching Movie about the real feelings.

Movie category and its slots deserve the inference

If the gambler is not absolutely confident about own abilities, then, it is better to resist a strong desire to make a real wager. Try any of Movie simulators for free. Take popcorn, lean back in your chair, switch on one of the previously specified slots or find your favorite one and… enjoy!

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