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In America, in 1892, under the editorship of William Randolph Hearst, the ”The Teddy Bear and the Tiger” comic book was released. It became the first in the history. The magazine ”Comic Monthly” began to regularly publish a column with comics since the 1922 year. Golden Age of Comic Books, according to various estimates, lasted from 1938 to 1955. The Silver Age began with ”Showcase #4”. In October 1956, DC Comics created it, introducing a new version of the superhero ”Flash”. There is no strict period for Bronze Age, but it is considered that 1973 was the beginning of it, and 1985 was its end. There are several options for naming the modern period.

The United States is considered the center of the comic industry. Among the world-famous companies, the following four can be distinguished: ”Marvel”, ”DC”, ”Dark Horse” and ”Image Comics”. In the autumn of 1934, Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson founded the ”National Allied Publications”. The main name of DC was changed several times and only the third option (dated on December 1936) turned out to be the last one and successful. Thanks to Mr. Wheeler-Nicholson, we are familiar with ”Detective Comics” (or DC). The company’s first logotype was born in the 1940 year, in April. The well-known abbreviation was depicted on the Batman’s flagship title. A tiny DC’s logotype, without any background, was read rather succinctly: ”A DC Publication”.

Make a lookover of some DC machines that are allowed to play

The dedication of the ”Superman the Movie’ video slot” is clear by its name. Playtech’s developers tried to create an emulator for their and DC fans that would be not inferior in terms of brightness and plot to their legendary father. Therefore, you can expect a meeting with your favorite DC character. An important advantage of this slot is a wonderful design and those impressions that are given by the possibilities of the game interface. Set yourself up on a wave of adrenaline that, inevitably, will cover you with a head. In several of the largest online casinos appeared several gambling devices about the brave and charismatic Batman’s adventures. The famous hero will again have to fight the evil Joker and other enemies. Such DC slots as ”The Dark Knight” and ”The Dark Knight Rises” became iconic, thanks to Microgaming that ventured to make emulators based on screened blockbusters led by Christopher Jonathan James Nolan. ”Yggdrasil” tried to surprise all admirers of DC gambling, and so the programmers created ”The Dark Joker Rises”.

As you know, specialists from ”Yggdrasil” constantly launch non-standard DC gamble slots that can attract attention with original themes and very unusual approaches to solving common problems. Perhaps the story of the beautiful and at the same time sad Amazon Diana will be able to interest you. In ”The Flash”, you will get to know the fastest, most dexterous and charming character of DC. The ”Justice League’s” superheroes are known to everyone, not even true comics admirers. Sullen but equitable Batman, charming and courageous Superman – these and some other persons who are a part of this ”organization” every year win the trust and sympathy of the public. Especially for the Green Lantern’s admirers, Playtech realized a wonderful slot machine with quite an exciting gameplay. In order to feel personally its astonishing bonuses, prize rotations and lucky combinations, you definitely must test the ”Green Lantern” DC emulator.

Summing up about the DC category

In the fictional world of DC and comics in general, you can find a wide range of gaming machines that absorb you entirely with their unique ideas, a huge selection of main characters, amazing design, looking at which, you can see even the wrinkles from the smile on the faces of the characters, surprising and always unpredictable bonus games that allow you to win free reel spinnings and many other weighty factors.

Last Updated: Jul 09, 2020

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