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According to the Greek tradition, Dice were invented by Palamedes to entertain bored soldiers, waiting for the battle at Troy. But let us pay attention to a technical moment. We know that these are very small plastic or wooden multicolored objects that have different resting positions. The traditional Dice contain from ”1” to ”6” dots. These cubes are mostly used for the generation of random numbers. This is a suitable variant for the gamble industry and for table games. If programmers want to have lovely Dice in their code, they can use the Unicode representation.

Here is a small list of not too conventional forms of Dice. On the tetrahedron (or a triangular pyramid) can be written only four numbers. An octahedron (resembles 2 square pyramids) allows to use from ”1” to ”8”. A pentagonal trapezohedron (looks like a kite) and usually uses 9 numbers from ”0” to ”9” (or 11 if it is numbered from ”1” to ”10”). The sum that we can get by using a dodecahedron is usually ”13”. The last unusual type of Dice is an icosahedron that looks like a equilateral triangle and mostly ”holds” 20 numbers. Also, there are the Sicherman Dice that ”hold” only positive integers. The Nontransitive Dice are present as well. One type was developed by Bradley Efron. Fans of ”Star Wars” can remind the Fantafly polyhedral one. As we see, Dice are used in many ways. Gambling is not an exception. The gamble admirers like to see and use doted cubes in slots. What does it give them? Hm… Maybe the feeling of their ancestors and a sweet feeling of a quick possibility of winning money.

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The Dice machines should be played by every user of virtual casinos

Here is a very interesting gambling machine, the concept of which was very well thought out. The developers even changed its title two times, so hearing it, you can also get ”fire and ice”. This moment was beaten when ”Microgaming” created a logo of the game. It was painted with ice letters. The ”Fire and Dice” slot is characterized by a creative approach to all components of the game development. Because of this, we can now enjoy the originative creation of highly qualified professionals who embodied all their ideas here!

”Novomatic” offers gamblers to try the ”Multi Dice” game slot that does not resemble typical representatives of this category. ”Slot-o-Pol”, from the first glance, is a common model, but its background and generally the game process are filled with positive bright shades of the rainbow spectrum. It is believed that ”Seven” adds wonders to our world. Numerologists say that number ”7” is not just ”lucky”. It is also intelligent, preserving and analytical. It displays and refines the inner wisdom. If this is a lie, then how to explain why companies execute so many slots with ”7” in the title? The ”Stormin 7’s” slot has the Dice symbol and it is a great example of the category!

”Human is that creature who is walking in the several worlds and tracing upon his cave’s walls, the nightmare and wonder experiences of his own spiritual pilgrimage. If this cave would be filled with money, then it would be much more interesting for him”. Sounds too philosophical? We don`t think so. ”Cash Cave” is that place where everyone can become rich! ”Dice Tronic” is also a pretty variant. ”The best companions of beautiful women are diamonds”. We object and can add from ourselves that these are the companions of handsome men as well. ”Glitter Gems” is the online confirmation of this. Do you like spicy food? Then ”30 Spicy Dice” will be good for you as well.

The conclusion of Dice category

It is necessary to admit that the graphics in the current theme is delectable. The portraits of the main characters are traced to the slightest wrinkles on the forehead and folds of the phalanx of the fingers. The sound accompaniment in the Dice theme and generally music effects have a high level of quality. By the way, there is an important moment. All gamblers have a possibility to get the chargeless practice in Dice themed slot machines. It means that everyone who wants to feel the gambling atmosphere should not pay at all for a try. The gambler has the right of a free game.

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2019

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