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It is good when a company with more than ten years of experience still works in the gaming industry, especially if its profile never changes and each new project is better and better. This is just the case that happened to the Games Lab slots development team.

Up to 2018, the developers have released tons of various online slots that can be found within the majority of modern Internet casinos worldwide.
Aside from that, Games Lab supports a social casino platform and releases free products for it, aside from real-money gambling games. And, what is even more impressive, the developers have their own entertainment product, a full-sized free to play tactical card game, which also works as a plus.

Now they are focused on support of their latest project, Final War: 5 Dragons, and, aside from that, still release both real-money gambling slots and slots for social casinos. Their games are really worth to be played and checked, and players will not be disappointed by any means.

With both top graphic and soundtrack solutions, design features, and the overall atmosphere typical for their projects, they create true masterpieces in both entertainment and online casino gaming industries.

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Most Popular Games

As it was stated before, Games Lab released tons of various online slots that covered a great amount of different topics, and almost anyone can find something to be pleased.

Thus, here is a list of the most interesting online real-money gambling slots the developers had ever created from the very beginning of their company life to recent days.

First of all, it is good to mention such a title as Pirate Isle that became so famous that art from the slot even stays on the company website as a cover art for its games. In Pirate Isle, gamblers take roles of actual pirates who sail away from their lands in search of unspoken treasures and untold lands in order to gain both gold and fame and become true kings of the sea. Considering the gameplay, the slot offers two various bonus games, one of which involves the treasure hunting process, and the second is about a real ship duel where the player either crushes an enemy ship and takes everything the foe has, or loses both the battle and the ship (which can be restored before the next bonus game starts, thankfully).

The second game that should be definitely checked is Orc vs Elf. In this epic fantasy saga, the player should take control over an ancient conflict between infamous orcs and magnificent elves in their everlasting war. By spinning reels, gaining bonuses, taking part in games for jackpots and collecting wilds, the gamer decides who will win in the end. The slot also offers a bonus game and a jackpot for those who are willing to test their skills at a maximum difficulty level and receive high rewards as a result. Due to 3D-realistic graphics and epic soundtrack on the background, Games Lab here created a truly unique atmosphere that resembles the most famous examples of classic fantasy movies and books, so many of Tolkien fans will be pleased to play such a slot.

The third online slot from Games Lab that is worth attention is called Monster Millions. In this online slot, Games Lab decided to give players an opportunity to feel themselves as monster seekers and to discover as many of them as possible. To begin with, the slot itself offers the player two monsters to communicate and play around the main reels. The second thing here is bonus hide-and-seek games where the gambler is invited to a bedroom where monsters had been hiding, and now it is time to find them. The more the player finds, the bigger his or her winning bonus cash will be.

The next slot that should also be checked is T-Rex, and here Games Lab decided to set players on a trip to a distant land where actual dinosaurs dwell. Here everything is done in classic online gambling slot manner. There are five reels and three rows to spin, a wild symbol to be collected, a jackpot to be hit, of course, a bonus game to multiply your winning cash. As usual, Games Lab did its best with graphical and sound solution, which means both a dynamic gameplay and almost a realistic atmosphere that is perfect for fans of adventure stories and fantasy fiction.

And the last but not the least slot is Stardust set in the world of fairies and fairy-tales. Filled with magical tiny flying girls, their flower homes, living mushrooms and a lot of other mystical garden stuff, it welcomes gamblers of any age, and the Games Lab slots development team is really proud of this project. Being short and simple, focused on a bare gameplay, it brings up a truly presence of something really mysterious, something that could happened somewhere in a distant realm of pure fantasy and imagination. Needless to say, both design and music here are performed on the highest possible level, and players will not regret about investing both time and resources into such a project.

Mobile Slots

Due to the Games Lab slots development experience, it is obvious that the developers release their games not only for online instant play, yet, for mobile platforms as well.

Up to date, the majority of their slots can be accessible through online browsers and on mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems, and for Windows Mobile as well.

Along with that, some of their slots are even released as stand-alone mobile applications both for Google Play on Android and App Store on Apple devices. Moreover, they have their own stand-alone online casino client for smartphones and tablets where people can play most of their games.

Special Features

In order to understand why Games Lab is so special, it is required to check its games directly. The Games Lab key feature is innovation. With each new slot, the Games Lab slots development company always tries to bring something new to the market, and that is why its slots are so interesting.

May it be a pirate battle or a racing slot with an actual racing screen instead of a classic grid of reels, or fairy-tale distant fantasy of Neverland – they are always fresh and new, giving something that an ordinary user even could not imagine and, in result, everything that was impossible to become an actual reality.

The other good point is optimization. Games Lab products run without any issues on almost any existing platform for online casinos, and no technical issues, delays or annoying bugs ever appear. So everything is performed with the highest speed at low system requirements, which makes Games Lab slots accessible for anyone who would like to join the worldwide gambling community.

Company History

As it was said before, the Games Lab slots development company has a rather impressive gaming experience for it exists for more than 16 years. Being established in two years after the second millennium started, it quickly gained its reputation as a new online slots development team. At that time, the developers were called Blue Wombat, and in 2008 the company was reformed into Games Lab. From that time, their actual history begins.

Aside from the release of various online real-money gambling slots, Games Lab also decided to offer its own social casino platform in partnership with Facebook. Thar helped the developers to share their products with a much bigger audience and provided an opportunity to develop their own non-casino actual entertainment games. However, the biggest news is the release of their own collectible card game called Final War: 5 Dragons that evolved from their previous online casino slots and formed itself as a stand-alone product with its own plot and setting.


To draw a finish line, Games Lab is a perfect example of a slots development team that really cares about its reputation and customers. The developers have perfect online support, release new online slots and updates for existing ones and always check the current situation on the market.

They not only follow recent gambling standards, yet, in some sort, they actually set them on their own, due to high product quality and impressive gameplay features that improve the sticky factors of their games, make their slots interesting, engaging and captivating.

Overall, gamblers will not be disappointed with options and opportunities granted by Games Lab slots, as well as winning chances and jackpot winning cash, since everything there is well-balanced and can be calculated, which means players know their chances from the very start of each new playthrough. The bet they place, the amount of free spins they gain – everything here is shown and can be checked manually, being a great help.

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