Cashback Bonuses

One of the most common types of rewards is Casino Cashback. It implies the return of a certain percentage of the total amount of bets or money the player lost for some period, which is credited to the player account, either automatically or after meeting some established conditions for that. Please note that Casino Cashback is not a way to enrich or make money on the game, but just a manner to “save” your bankroll to keep you longer in game.

All online casino loyalty programs have one goal: to make the player stay on their website by offering him some lucrative bonuses. The Casino Cashback system is not an innovation at all. You may have seen a cashback process while using a bank card because some banks offer refunding some percent of funds spent. In this way, banks stimulate consumers to use their cards more willingly. In the casino, this type of bonuses is designed to extend the period the client keeps on gambling. Therefore, they are perfect for those who do not intend to make deposits in the casino too often, but at the same time, want to extend the time at the game table dreaming about a really big prize.

It is always pleasant to receive a Cash Back Casino Bonus, especially if it starts automatically and is not subject to wagering conditions. In this article, we will analyze the best casino cashback, talk about the types of some cashback bonuses, as well as the basic requirements for obtaining them and explore the most common questions about cashback.

10% Cashback (Cash Rebate) at Drake Casino

Drake Casino Bonus Chip logo
Bonys typeCashback
Min deposit$ 1
Bonus codeNo code required
Bonus game-
18+. 10% Weekly Casino Rebate. The 10% weekly casino rebate will be credited every Tuesday by 4 pm EST. The rebate is calculated between Tuesday to Monday every week. We use the following formula to determine qualifying accounts: To qualify for a rebate you must have made a deposit in the last 90 calendar days, and the rebate amount must be at least $1 (USD), lesser amounts will not be credited. Management holds the right to deny a rebate if the account is considered to be fraud or non-recreational play.  

20% Cashback at Las Vegas USA Casino

Las Vegas USA Casino Bonus Chip logo
Bonys typeCashback
Min deposit-
Bonus codeNo code required
Bonus game-
18+. Every Tuesday you can receive 20% Cash Back of all your deposits made on Monday between 00:00:00 AM and 23:59:59 PM CST!! After the cashback money is credited in your account; you can choose either to play it or request a withdrawal (Minimum withdrawal $150, maximum withdrawal $1,000). “NO PLAYTROUGH REQUIRED” Further winnings derived from this promotion will be void and once the Bonus Balance is converted to Withdrawable Amount, all winnings exceeding $1000.00 will be automatically deducted. This Bonus can only be credited upon request via chat or email, and cannot consider more than two previous Mondays. Maximum Bonus amount $500.  Only for accounts with the complete credit card validation. It can be credited only once per account.  Deposits with winnings or withdrawal requests derived from these specific deposits don’t apply for this promotion. Further restrictions may apply depending on the account activity and overall net deposits.

25% Cashback Bonus at Fair Go Casino

Fair Go Casino Bonus Chip logo
Bonys typeCashback
Min deposit$10
Bonus codeNo code required
Bonus game-
The player can claim 25% cashback via our customer support team on every busted deposit of a minimum of $10 and made WITHOUT using a deposit bonus. The cashback offer is a 10x playthrough (wagers vary on different games). The balance must be lower than $1 to claim the cashback. Players don’t necessarily have to redeem cashback after every deposit made, it is possible to claim cashback after several deposits. Cashback can be claimed on busted deposits dating up to 1 month prior to the day the cashback is requested.

Up To €100 Cashback at 7BitCasino

7BitCasino Bonus Chip logo
Bonus Up To €100
Bonys typeCashback
Min deposit-
Bonus codeNo code required
Bonus game-

18+. Daily Cashback is a daily bonus available for the players, registered since 1st January 2020, depositing more than 100 EUR or its equivalent in other currencies per day in total. Enjoy 5-20% cashback up to 0.07 BTC / 500 EUR / 500 USD / 500 AUD / 500 CAD / 5000 NOK / 37000 RUB / 500 NZD / 2225 PLN / 13540 CZK / 3.5 ETH / 2.1 BCH / 7.7 LTC / 200000 DOG or 500 USDT Always another chance.

10% Cashback AT Slotland Casino

Slotland Casino Bonus Chip logo
Bonys typeCashback
Min deposit1peny- 0,01$
Bonus codeNo code required
Bonus game-
18+.Extend your playing time with a $100 bonus every time your deposits exceed $1,000. It doesn’t end there, we continue to give you a $100 bonus for every multiple of $1,000 deposited (i.e., $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000, etc.). All you have to do is the deposit and play regularly. We keep track of all your deposits and you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your bonus whenever your deposits exceed $1,000 or a multiple thereof!

What is a Cashback Casino Bonus Program?

A cashback bonus is the percent of cash refunded to a player for playing at some online casino for a certain period or for losing a certain amount of the deposited money. The casino usually refunds the cash after you lose a certain amount, but, sometimes, cashback is charged for a total amount of bets. Cash Back Casino Bonus programs associated with cashback are different in each casino. One website will offer you an automatic refund; another one will send special codes to enable you to get your bonus.

In some online casinos, refunds are only available to VIP customers and not to all regular players, while on some other sites, all clients can take advantage of cashback offers. In some cases cashback bonuses are offered as part of promotions or only during the holiday season. The exceptionally generous casinos will allow you to enjoy cashback and other lucrative offers: reference or a standalone bonus.

As a rule, the Cash Back Casino Bonus cannot be withdrawn. This is not real money that you can take from your account. But, you can spend them for your favorite game, wager deposit, and withdraw the winnings to your card. It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that many online casinos offer bonuses accompanied with a wager. We will tell you more about this at the end of this article.

Types of Online Casino Cash Back Offers

There are several types of cashback bonuses designed by online casinos. The most common ones are Cash Back On Losses, Cash Back On Total Bets, Reload Bonus, and Refer-a-Friend. Cash Back On Losses helps to mentally relate to the loss more accessible because it is always nice to get some money you thought was lost forever. Cash Back On Total Bets is an excellent motivator to place more bets. You not only get a chance to win big money thanks to your bets, but you are guaranteed to spend less because some of these funds will later return to your account. Reload Bonus is on a regular basis available for experienced players. Now we will look at each of the types of Cash Back Casino Bonuses in more detail and show how they work using simple examples.

Cash Back On Losses

Online casinos understand that losing money is a very unpleasant thing in the players lives. To smooth over the sadness and support gamblers, some offer a Cash Back On Losses bonus. As a rule, the casino compensates 20% of your total loss during the week, up to $100. Of course, the conditions of bonuses differ in each casino, so we recommend reading the rules before starting the game. Now we will show you the Cash Back On Losses action as an example:

Having lost $300 during the week, you will receive a consolation prize in the form of $60 – this is 20% of the amount lost. But if you lose more than $500, you will only get $100 cashback, because this is the limit. If you won at least something this week, then you will not receive the bonus, no matter how much you missed. Some casinos have a minimum limit – you need to waste a certain amount, starting from which you will receive a Cash Back Casino Bonus.

Cash Back On Total Bets

It’s quite an enjoyable thing. At online casinos that offer Cash Back On Total Bets, the player receives a percentage return on the total bets over a certain period. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. You may get a nice bonus even if you won the jackpot some time before.

Each website sets its own Casino Cashback size and the category in which it can be received. For example, it is guaranteed you will receive a 20% Casino Cashback on all bets that you make in the Video Poker and Roulette sections on some sites. Often that offer is valid for some slots. The more you bet, the more you will get in the end!

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is somewhat similar to a welcome bonus. Its advantage and difference are that it is intended for experienced players, rather than beginners. Thanks to it, you will receive an increased deposit. Suppose the bonuses are issued for the first time to prevent new players from playing in the online casino. In that case, the rewards will be given to keep the stakes, i.e., to increase the user bankroll and enable them to go on playing in the casino.

The said bonus can be obtained regularly by anyone if you made any deposits with this online casino in the past. Often a reload bonus looks like a regular promotion: for example, a 30% maximizer for a deposit that you replenish on Wednesdays. A typical offer is a 20% bonus of the deposit replenishment amount made on a specific day of the week, but not more than $50. Like other casino incentives, reload bonuses go with their requirements including minimum deposit amount and wagering conditions.

Loyalty program Cashback Bonuses

Players who prefer a particular online casino can take advantage of the loyalty program for dedicated players. Often it includes VIP bonuses or a full-fledged VIP program. For example, cashback for VIP players may look like an increased percent of cash or a higher cash limit applicable to the refundable amount.

If you are not planning to become a high roller and apply for a VIP player status, you can enjoy some other casino offers. These include tournaments, leaderboards, and everything that will bring a reward.

Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

Some online casinos are ready to pay you generously for bringing new players to them. To do this, you just need to advertise the site to your relatives or friends. When, say, for example your friend or any other person to whom you recommended the casino, registers with the casino, he will have to enter your invite code in a special field for that. Typically, you will be rewarded after your friends make their first deposit.

A typical Refer-a-Friend Bonus offer is $25 as a gift after your friend has deposited at least the same amount. Of course, each online casino has its own conditions for the granting and wagering the Casino Cashback.

How to choose the best Cashback Casino?

The overall casino rating depends on a whole number of specific parameters like security, reliability, and on how generous its bonuses are. When choosing the best Casino Cashback, first of all, have a look at the ratings. On our site, you will find only reliable sites you can trust. The right casino always has a license and positive reviews.

Having chosen a casino, do not be lazy and study the rules on how to earn and get bonuses paid. Please, pay attention to the minimum payable amount, as well as its periodicity. For example, some sites pay Casino Cashback once a week, and some only once a month. Read the bonus wagering conditions carefully. You have to make sure that they are of benefit to you and if they can be met at all. Also, do not forget to check in what form the Casino Cashback is offered in the chosen casino: if it is a loss or a total bet. It depends on whether you receive it at all because in the first case, the bonus is payable to those who never won over a certain period. After studying the rules and checking the casino, you can safely start playing.

Cashback Wagering Requirements

In most cases, online casinos do not require from a player to wager bonuses received as cashback. I hope you will agree, it would be unfair to return part of the won back money and impose the conditions to restart the game. Cash Back Casino Bonus is given as a consolation prize to someone who has already placed his bets.

Always check if the casino is legal at all to make sure that all its bonuses are real, and the result of the game depends only on your luck. Often, some fraudulent sites can offer you too much cashback, which looks tempting, but in fact, it is almost impossible to get it, or the results of your game will be tweaked, so Casino Cashback does not make much sense. Look for the licensing of the casino of your choice. If it has a document from the MGA, Kahnawake Gambling Commission, Government of Curacao, Government of Gibraltar, or another trusted organization, you can safely trust it.

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Casino Cashback bonuses are a special kind of encouragement by the online casino. They mean the return of some part of the lost money: deposit, or the number of bets over a specific period. Often they are called “insurance” deposits because they give users a second chance to win in the game even after a series of failures. If the site offers you Casino Cashback, it means that it is ready to return part of the money that you spent. Some sites make such a return once a week, others — once a month or even less often.


Cashback is a convenient form of bonuses in online casinos that will slightly reduce players’ risks. In the event of a loss or after placing bets, a certain percentage of the funds are returned. If you were not lucky the last time, the Cash Back Casino Bonus would give you another chance to try it out. It is often given out as an amount that cannot be withdrawn but can be used in the future by placing bets. Each gambling site determines the rules and conditions for receiving Casino Cashback individually.


To begin with, it is necessary to choose an online casino, in which Casino Cashback is available. Further, it is necessary to find the rules and conditions for obtaining Cash Back Casino Bonuses in this casino and read them. For example, more often than not, cashback is not charged for playing blackjack or roulette. All online casinos establish specific rules and conditions for receiving or playing bonuses. We highly recommend learning about them before you start playing for real money. After reading the rules, replenish your balance, and start playing!


Each online casino sets the frequency of the Cash Back Casino Bonus payouts. Most often, the player receives it either once a week or at the beginning of each month. In some cases, the instruction itself establishes the payments periodicity, depending on the VIP status of the player. For example, the players at the initial level can activate Casino Cashback once per month, and at the highest level – once per day. In any case, you need to pay attention to the casino rules because each of them has its own conditions for receiving bonuses.


Yes, Cashback Casino Bonuses are entirely legal. The only thing is that its validity depends on the laws of your local jurisdiction. For example, in some regions, bonuses are generally unacceptable, so you should check this in advance. Always pay attention to site rules and local laws. It is also vital to analyze online casinos for fair play. Only licensed and verified casinos will offer fair and legal Cash Back Casino Bonuses. To check the site, pay attention to the availability of a license from the MGA and other organizations. Our site contains only reliable and safe casinos that offer real bonuses.