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Relatively recently beautiful game slots produced by Felix Gaming have appeared in several online casinos. Interested in a new developer, many players began to look for a reliable information about the company Felix Gaming. It turned out that there are almost no data on the Internet, but something is still possible to find out.

General description

It is known that Felix Gaming released the first slots in 2016, without announcing their release. It did not even bother to launch the official website. To the public, the company’s products were initially represented in the SlotsMillion casino. The brief news on the casino website says that Felix Gaming is a British slot manufacturer who previously dealt with the release of offline gaming devices, and now decided to apply their many years of experience in online gambling. It is claimed that the slots from Felix Gaming are certified, but detailed information about the licenses is not yet. Video slots from Felix Gaming in the browser are launched. You do not need to download the machines. Mobile versions of slots from Felix Gaming for smartphones are available also.

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In July 2017, users of online casinos with software from Felix Gaming were offered five game slots. They are considered in separate articles on the sites of different casinos that are represented in their catalog, so we will not describe them in detail. Let’s just say that they are devoted to very popular topics: Egypt, Irish legends, fruits, dragons and magic.

In gambling slots from Felix Gaming, basic pictures, jokers, bonus pictures, free-backs, thematic bonus rounds and other possibilities are available. Among other advantages of online slots from Felix Gaming, you can list a beautiful design, an intuitive control system, wide ranges of rates, the basic settings and a pleasant sound. Players can test them for free on our website. This means that here you can try all the slots from Felix Gaming without a deposit and registration, just for fun.


Video slots from Felix Gaming are available on several popular gambling portals, including the famous SlotsMillion casino. All establishments in which the Felix Gaming brand slot is presented are listed on different virtual resources dedicated to the casino.

Awards slot vendor

There is no information about any achievements of the developer. It is hard to give an objective assessment to the manufacturer, having so little information about his activities. Slots from Felix Gaming, which players have already been able to experience, make a very good impression. They were highly appreciated by readers and experts, because they have an interesting design, colorful graphics, exciting gameplay features, user-friendly interface and other advantages. Therefore, we recommend them to all fans of slots.

Main product features

Slot provider Felix Gaming positions its products as a unique gaming complex that allows buyers to get a big profit in a short time. Felix Gaming employees developed their own platform, collaborating with famous game projects. Owners of Felix Gaming are confident that their platform and their development slot fully satisfy all the needs of players and employees of online casinos. Before starting the development of slots, Felix Gaming analyzed the market, identified the needs of consumers and only then took up the production slot production.

Despite all the ambitions, while the efforts of the producers of Felix Gaming do not justify themselves. Only a few casino owners decide to cooperate with Felix Gaming. It’s not that the company has released a bad platform. Simply, most online casino owners prefer to deal with more famous manufacturers who have managed to earn a name and reputation. However, it should be noted that Felix Gaming is still an absolute leader, especially in terms of the quality of the product’s slot. However, Felix Gaming cannot compete fully with Western manufacturers. But still ahead, because it is a fairly young manufacturer and it is rapidly developing. Manufacturers from Felix Gaming have developed a number of unique slots.

Felix Gaming, selling its gaming slot complex, continues its technical support regardless of where the user is located. Every user who has a license can at any time contact Felix Gaming’s support service and ask the appropriate question. The answer must come within the next 48 hours. At the same time, there is a section on “the most common questions” on the site, where answers are given to the questions that users often ask.

Try to play slots from Felix Gaming very easily, just go through three simple steps. They include registration in the user database, a choice of the slot you like and creating a deposit. But on our website, as mentioned earlier, you can play completely free. Felix Gaming – a quality manufacturer of gaming soft. While the company Felix Gaming is not so popular, but its slots have already entered the world market and can compete with Western counterparts.

Strategy for developing unique slots

Felix Gaming is a British company that produces gaming software. In the country, the firm takes a leading position among similar firms. To its advantages, Felix Gaming reckons:

  • 100% adaptation of the system to all customer requirements;
  • Low licensing fees equal to 10% per month from profit;
  • Professional 24-hour customer support.

The company Felix Gaming positions itself as the developer of software for slots, which is popular all over the world. At the same time, the proposed software from Felix Gaming is really of high quality. The company Felix Gaming tries to keep up to date and create the newest advanced development systems. Slot provider Felix Gaming gives a lifetime warranty on its products, which allows us to talk about its high quality. Each client is looking for an individual approach, and the company guarantees:

  • quick response to all arising problems: all problems and problems arising at clients, are solved in the shortest terms;
  • unprecedented quality: the company Felix Gaming offers software for slots, working with minimal disruptions. Even if minor errors occur, they will be instantly corrected.

At the same time, receiving a lifetime warranty, customers agree to the following conditions:

  • the client cannot himself make changes to the algorithm of the system;
  • the client does not gain access to the technical part of the system;
  • the client cannot delete or add software parts on its own.

Responsible approach to their work from specialists from Felix Gaming in this industry allowed to create very high-quality games. The company Felix Gaming adapted its most popular slots for launch on all the most popular phones and smartphones, from rather old models to the latest innovations. The list of slots from Felix Gaming is constantly updated with new names. At the same time, Felix Gaming can save high graphics quality, excellent performance, a lot of gaming options, excellent sound and basic settings in mobile slots versions. Slots from Felix Gaming can be downloaded one by one or the whole package. The process of installing them is intuitively clear and detailed on the official websites of mobile casinos. Some of these games are connected to global networks of progressive jackpots, which makes it possible to compete for incredible amounts.

Felix Gaming releases the software for online gambling, so its slots can be found in the online casino. This universality has become one of the components of the current success of this manufacturer. Felix Gaming cooperates with many famous brands in the global gambling business. It cannot be said that the slot models from Felix Gaming are sustained in a single style, which could be considered its distinctive feature. However, it is necessary to note the original features of many games that make them pay attention to them.

Felix Gaming releases various slots using modern technologies, including Java, C ++, Flash / Flex and so on. It also provides support for gaming platforms and customizes them according to the customer’s wishes. Felix Gaming offers ready-made solutions for running online casinos from scratch. As mentioned above, Felix Gaming is not one of the leaders in this industry, but it undoubtedly achieved serious success in the market. Let’s hope that the slots of this brand will become more spectacular and exciting, and its products will be presented in more reliable casinos.

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