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Swedish network Entraction exists under this name in early 2008 (before that it was called B2B). Company Entraction provides high-quality software for online gambling and slots. According to the network itself, Entraction has 830,000 registered players, about 60,000 of them play exclusively for real money in slots from the company. This is really impressive statistics, so you can safely say about the very high activity at the gaming tables and the very fast-growing jackpots. Entraction network operates mainly in the European market. The software for slots from Entraction is available in several European languages, all Entraction partners use the euro as their main currency.

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Company Entraction and its development

Entraction offers a variety of payment methods in their slots and does its best to meet the needs of customers. Unfortunately, due to the situation in the US legislation, residing in this country, players can not play in poker rooms and slots from Entraction in the casino. High-quality software for Entraction slots is distinguished by its classic design and eliminates unnecessary frills. The program offers the widest choice of games: along with Texas Hold’em and Omaha, which have already become classics, games like Soko, Americana or Telesina are available. If you want to experience the quality of the Entraction software, you can download the VC Poker program for free. On our site you can try the slots from Entraction completely free of charge, just for fun.

All poker rooms of Entraction network constantly offer their players promotions. They can look different, for example, bonuses, points for frequent visits, poor bit jackpots, loyalty programs for online stores, etc. On the site of VC Poker, one of the most popular and favorite poker rooms of the Entraction network, new players receive a welcome bonus of 600% of their first deposit up to $ 600. To get this exclusive bonus right now, just go to the VC Poker website and register there.

Business policy

Casino of network Entraction definitely deserves a visit. Here you will find interesting bonus games and alluring jackpot slots. Against the backdrop of a first-class graphics, impressive animation and sound effects, such slots from Entraction create a very believable casino atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that Entraction has developed two programs for casinos, and many of the network partners have added these programs to their range. Therefore, players can easily play slots in two casinos using only one account. Among all the casinos of this network, Pinnacle.com stands out.

Are you interested in gambling, slots and stakes, seasoned with stunning bonuses, profitable promotions and a huge selection of games in a safe and reliable network? Then Entraction network with its many casinos, slots, poker rooms, online bingo and bookmakers is ideal for you. You can see for yourself how much honeycombs from Entraction are wonderful.

Partners are:

  • Pinnacle Sports
  • VC Poker.

Slots provider Entraction positions itself as a third-party manufacturer of a content slot for the most famous companies in the world, producing software for Internet gambling. Slots from Entraction freely integrate into any modern platform, so they are willingly used by many casinos. Models of slots from Entraction are already represented in many large institutions, where they can be seen under more famous brands (for example, Microgaming). In the portfolio of Entraction there are enough entertainment slot models (their number is gradually increasing).

Each video slot that Entraction releases is a perfect product, because the process of working on it consists of numerous stages, and each of them employs the best specialists. First, we are working on a general concept of the game in the slot. Then, technical calculations are made. Then the designers and mathematicians join in. When engineers present a ready-made model of a slot, it passes thorough testing, and only then, the public can see it.

Advantages of gaming slots produced by Entraction are such features as:

  • Stunning design
  • Flawless graphics
  • Wide selection of original themes in slots
  • High interest payments
  • Excellent functionality of each slot
  • A cool set of game options in every slot
  • Presence of basic user settings
  • Integrity of the random number generator, confirmed by independent experts.

Models of slots from Entraction can be customized according to the wishes of the buyer. They can be purchased separately or in batches. All this makes cooperation with Entraction convenient for any client. That’s why the number of slots from Entraction, presented in the best online casinos, is steadily growing.


Slot provider Entraction offers most standard bonuses. In the catalog of slots from Entraction a rather diverse set of games is presented. Among them, you can find different types of roulette, video poker, casino machines, craps, bones, etc. In addition, Entraction has developed a number of games that are based on the rules of Blackjack. All online casinos running on the software from Entraction, bring a total annual income of more than several million dollars. Impressive figures, especially when you consider that the Entraction slot is on the market for software companies for just over 10 years. The owners of the company Entraction adhere to three rules:

  • Everything for customers, all for partners.
  • The main right of a partner is the right to choose.
  • The key to success lies in the openness of the relationship with the partner.

It would seem that these are elementary rules, which are easy to follow. However, looking at the experience of other companies developing soft, you realize that this is not always possible. For all the time of work, Entraction has received various awards and certificates for its slots. Slot provider Entraction is a regular partner of two companies, well known in the gambling business. One of them is an organization that is one of the leaders in supplying solutions for gambling establishments.

Despite the regalia and guarantees of reliability, some players have doubts about the honesty of this manufacturer. Therefore, there are rumors that software for slots from Entraction can be tweaked to achieve the results of the game in favor of the casino. Now there is no evidence of this fact, only the assurances of some players. Therefore, it cannot be said with certainty that they are right.

Nevertheless, this company has a certificate that proves fair play. To make a deposit or to withdraw a prize in slots from Entraction, you can contact the payment systems: Mastercard, MoneyBookers, WebMoney, MoneyMail, Visa. Casinos with slots from Entraction conduct a diverse bonus policy. So some of them issue a deposit bonus, which is equal to 20 dollars. The first deposit bonus is 100%. In addition, some casinos issue a so-called weekend bonus, when all deposits made on weekends are 100% rewarded.

Special opportunities

Casinos that work on the software from Entraction offer not such a large selection of games. However, at the same time there are all the basic entertainments:

  • Blackjack,
  • roulette,
  • games with live dealers,
  • video poker,
  • baccarat, etc.

Players have the opportunity to bet on real money before playing for real money, just for fun. Entraction software causes some disagreement among the players. Some people like casinos working on it, others consider them dishonest. But to make up your own opinion, you need to try playing at least one of them. Try our site slots from Entraction for free, just for fun, and without registration.

Therefore, immediately begin to doubt the honesty of the games. But still the slots from the company Entraction will be very popular among the players. In some games from Entraction, progressive jackpots are played out. Such models, regardless of in which casinos they are installed, are connected to a single network. Game interface from Entraction can be customized according to the customer’s wishes. The company provides full technical support to customers. There is an opportunity to build separate models from Entraction into operating gaming platforms, which is very convenient for many modern casinos. Entraction models have an intuitive and user-friendly interface, so they are easy to learn even for novice casino customers.

In the games are ordinary and special characters, bonus rounds, automatic betting mode, free rotation and much more, which makes the gameplay very exciting. Also worth noting, it is the wide range of rates in slots from Entraction, which makes models interesting to users with different financial opportunities.

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