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Gambling turned into a successful business many years ago. At first, entrepreneurs used slot machines for entertainment but later they saw new perspectives. This is how money machines appeared. Now each of us can play offline gaming halls or create accounts in virtual casinos providing a wide range of slot machines. Of course, gambling and its laws depend on the country in which you play. For example, Italians have a passion for such entertainment, but it is worth noting a separate part of it – Vatican City.

The big city, also known as the smallest state, has a mixed relationship with gambling and casinos. The laws of the Vatican are intertwined with the laws of Italy from time to time, but there are still some differences. The judicial system is unique because all the executive bodies of the state are subordinate to the monarch who is also the head of the church. By the way, many say that gambling and winnings are a sin, but if we are talking about the Vatican we can turn to the Bible. According to the seventh commandment, card games do not contradict religion if it is used in moderation. If a person plays in the Vatican or another country, it can often become a sin when a player is ready to commit a crime. Also, some experts say that only the Pope can determine the status of gambling, but this is not so. Many sportsbooks and casinos that work regardless of who will be the next monarch.

So, let’s go back to the Vatican where gambling does not have a specific status. Due to the Vatican’s complex system, we cannot say anything about local gambling laws. In the Vatican, you will not find either real or virtual casinos. Online betting? There is no such law in the Vatican, therefore all forms of gambling are not allowed … but they are not prohibited. Virtual casinos and bets have never been reviewed by either the Pope or his assistants. The church repeatedly held bingo games and tournaments but they had a charity mission.

Well, the situation is very complicated. On the one hand, forms of gambling in the Vatican are not prohibited. On the other hand, you rarely meet a resident of the Vatican who plays in an online casino and wins real money. However, many foreign operators accept gamers from the Vatican. They offer a large list of slot machines that go well with no deposit bonuses and welcome gifts. In this review, we will consider the above aspects and also help the Vatican residents to choose a suitable payment system.

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Types of Online Casino in Vatican City

The Vatican has existed as a separate country in central Italy since 1929 after the signing of the Lateran Treaty between the Holy See and the Italian government. After that, the Vatican became the smallest country whose area does not exceed 100 acres. By the way, the population is 900+ people. A person who knows how to read numbers understands that these indicators are too small to create a new gambling market in the Vatican. But gambling has become very popular in the modern world and no one denies their superiority on the Internet. We decided to write this review as it is likely that some Vatican residents would like to place bets on the Internet too.

At the moment, residents of Vatican City have access to 150 gambling platforms that meet all standards. To make sure that our readers have the best gambling experience, we checked every Vatican casino. The ‘Vatican Casino’…sounds weird, doesn’t it?

In the list of recommended platforms, you can find brands such as Captain Jack, Casino Action, All British, Betsson, Black Lotus Casino, and others. All gaming halls are operated by reputable jurisdictions where they obtained licenses. Also, we assure you that each of them is filled with the best game models that you will find on the Internet. So, all Vatican online casinos work in different directions:

The Vatican residents follow modern technology too, so most of them use smartphones and tablets. As you know, these gadgets are popular with game room owners, so they adapt their games and websites to touch screens. You know, mobile gambling offers many advantages. For example, you can lie down on a sofa and spin the reels receive excellent payouts and emotions. You can always take the Vatican casino to go and play in the store, in the office and so on.

Live platforms fall into the second category. They exist on the international market for 10 years and this period was enough to find fans in the Vatican and other countries where gambling is not prohibited. These are virtual casinos that use cutting edge tools to create the atmosphere of a real gaming room. So, you will meet face to face with live dealers and will monitor their movements through the cameras. These days, the presence of tables with live dealers indicates the status of the Vatican club.

Since the Vatican residents don’t abandon modern technology, cryptocurrency will be a great solution for each of them. In addition to its widespread use on the Internet, it will be an excellent deposit method providing a reliable protection system and instant transactions from and to the club. In the following sections, we will describe how to use Bitcoin and other crypto coins in the Vatican casinos.

You can find Vatican gambling clubs on your own, but we offer a look at the list of websites offered. We checked each of them and we can confidently say that they are the best on the Internet. Besides, they offer great gifts to Vatican gamers.

Types of Casino Games for Vatican Gamblers

This aspect is often intertwined with ‘How to find a suitable game?’ question. Such several gaming halls offer a wide range of games and each of them is unique. Vatican gamblers are guaranteed to win real money but first, they need to find the right game. In the TOP Vatican casinos, entertainment is divided into the following categories:

1) Online slots take first place in any ranking since these are the most popular games in all Vatican casinos. The history of these games began in offline halls where they became very popular. Thanks to the development of technology, the developers of various companies decided to implement these projects in the Vatican online casinos. You will find both classic models with fruits and modern emulators with three-dimensional graphics, animations, and additional bonuses like Wild/Scatter/Free Spins and so on. High-Rollers from the Vatican choose progressive slots with large jackpots and the same payouts.

2) Table games are the second category which consists of both roulette and card games. In most of these games, the outcome of the session depends only on the knowledge and skills of gamers. In the Vatican gaming halls, users will find many interesting games like Lightning Roulette and different versions of Blackjack/Sic Bo/Baccarat/Poker. All games are characterized by high-quality graphics, convenient gameplay, and simple rules.

3) The previous category of games is presented in Live Format. This means Vatican gamers can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real casino in a few seconds. All they need is to select a table with the dealer and press ‘Play’. Broadcasting is carried out from a special studio with modern equipment. New live games are supplemented by a chat option so you will never be alone. Broadcasting is always conducted without delays, so players do not feel any discomfort.

4) Lotteries are very popular not only in Italy but also in Vatican City. In the real world, you need to buy a ticket, find out what numbers it contains and pick up a prize. In Vatican casinos, this entertainment has improved. Now, these are full-fledged games with individual stories and large payouts that you are unlikely to find in real rooms. You can play Keno, Bingo, and scratch cards.

Now, we have good news for all the mobile players. All listed games, as well as, Vatican Internet casinos are adapted for your smartphones and tablets. No matter where you are, the best Vatican platforms are always in your pocket. Also, we expect the appearance of VR games in the gaming halls open to users from Vatican City. Such projects will create new virtuality for a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the game. In the meantime, you can win real money in other games.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Vatican City

Many may think that the Catholic Church opposes any form of gambling, but this is not so. You know, while writing this review, we ran into several issues including Vatican City law. The pope and the church often came forward with a request to lower taxes for gambling. Furthermore, they conducted bingo events but not to making money. Bingo games were used for charity.
Most of the Vatican legislation depends on Italian laws where players are not limited in their choice of virtual casinos. In 2019, we cannot say that Vatican City prohibits all forms of gambling, but on the other hand, we cannot say they are legal. After analyzing the top gambling platforms, we found many players who indicate the Vatican City as their place of residence. This means the Vatican government is not trying to block foreign sites with slot machines, so your actions are not limited. Furthermore, you don’t need to be afraid of punishment but first, find a reliable online casino. In the previous sections, we described how you can do this.

So, residents of Vatican City can play online but we should not expect a new gambling market in this country. Why? The problem is due to the small population, plus most tourists are sure that the Church is against money won in casinos. A difficult situation, right?

Best Deposit Methods for Vatican Gamblers

Many users who are going to register at the Vatican online casino are afraid to make deposits. Therefore, they are looking for portals where games are offered in a free demo mode. This is a version of the game that works without registration. Yeah, it has several advantages but you can’t win real money, so a gambling club doesn’t make sense. To destroy all the myths, we wrote this review in which we will talk about the best payment methods for users from Vatican City.

Let’s start with the debit/credit cards that have become the leaders of e-commerce. They are fast, convenient, reliable, and safe. Of the popular brands, Vatican gamers often use Visa/ MasterCard/PaysafeCard. These cards are issued at most Vatican and Italian banks. They are accepted at almost every Vatican online casino, so we advise you to pay attention to this deposit method.

Virtual wallets this is another opportunity to send money to and from a Vatican gambling club. They allow spending money on the Internet without having to constantly withdraw funds from users bank accounts. But this is not the only advantage. So, you carry out instant transactions that are accompanied by SSL encryption. When using web-wallets in the Vatican online casinos, gamers may encounter only one problem – fees. In some cases, you need to pay a fee for each transaction. Find out before using PayPal; Neteller Euteller; Skrill and other wallets.

If the listed services seem complicated, it makes sense to send money through a bank. This option is available to all players who play in Vatican City or Italy. So, you can contact any financial institution and send/receive money by filling out a special form. We are always honest with our readers, so we are forced to say that such transactions are processed for a long time but in return, you get bank protection.

During withdrawal, there is a high probability that you will encounter verification. This is an additional security measure and the employee of the gaming room will ask for copies of your documents to verify their authenticity.

Accepted Currencies in Vatican City

The first coins appeared in Vatican City many centuries ago. The first coins were created with the image of the Pope and this trend exists even in 2019. As a rule, these are collectible coins with a high value. The denomination of the Vatican money, as well as, their form changed several times. In 1432 a Venetian coin was introduced. In 1866, the new Pope announced the introduction of a new currency called ‘Lira.’

In 2002, a new law was passed and Vatican residents began using the euro. Fortunately, this currency is very popular in virtual casinos where local players have fun and win real money. Along with the euro, they can receive payments in dollars and pounds.

It is worth noting the convenience of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin/Litecoin has become very popular on the Internet and we will not hide it. Crypto coins were designed to solve several problems. First of all, this is a fraud. Thanks to cutting-edge tools, your money is always protected. Also, cryptocurrency provides FREE transactions and gives anonymity that is not available when using other currencies.

So, Vatican gamers can use 4 currencies:

  • Dollar;
  • Euro;
  • Pounds
  • Crypto coins.

Of course, bitcoin is expensive but by getting it you get the above.

Customer Support

The gaming session at the Vatican casinos is always interesting and profitable. But there is a chance that you will encounter a problem. In this case, you need to contact a customer support representative, but first, we recommend that you visit the FAQ section. This page is present on all websites offering slot machines. As a rule, the FAQ offers answers to the most popular questions divided into appropriate blocks:

  1. Registration
  2. Banking
  3. Gifts
  4. Account

If the information provided does not help to find the answer, then the user should contact customer support. This is possible in one of these ways:

If you want to solve the problem as quickly as possible then find the online chat window and click it. In this window, you need to describe your problem and wait for the response of the operator. This option is the most effective because the answers appear instantly, plus you do not need to pass verification.

If you have an email, why don’t you use it? In the Contact Us section, you will find an email club that accepts applications from players. But you should know that the answer will appear in your mail within 24 hours. Depending on the traffic and popularity of the platform, the user will receive a response in 48 hours.

Phone Call? This type of customer support is not as popular as the previous two. However, Vatican players can still find it in some rooms. Make sure that the call is free and prepare copies of documents. With a probability of 98%, we can tell you will need to pass verification.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Vatican City

In this review, we tried to provide relevant information about gambling in the territory of Vatican City. This data is enough to make a forecast and find out how it will develop in the future. First of all, we need to say that Vatican City is the religious center of the world and you will not find a single gaming club here. Therefore, residents are forced to visit online platforms from other jurisdictions. Will this change in the future? We don’t think so. In some cases, the Vatican supports gambling forms, but this does not mean that it will become legal in the smallest country. Furthermore, the city will not try to create its casino industry as it does not have enough tools plus a small population.

Don’t worry, the best platforms are always open for players from this country, so you are guaranteed to get an excellent gambling experience and even win real money! Just use our tips and choose the best deposit methods.

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