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Tanzania is one of the most interesting countries in the world for gambling fans. The important thing about gambling in Tanzania is that this industry has formed in this country way before it has become legal. People out here have played table games and only then started to enjoy slot machines. Among all the countries in Africa, Tanzania is the best in terms of how the casino industry has grown over the last couple of decades. The gambling as the new type of entertainment was legalized in 1992. Then, it all revolutionized online gambling in 1999. As of right now, all sorts of casino games are 100 percent legal in Tanzania.

It’s impressive to see, how much things have changed since the first gambling establishment was introduced. The popularity of the industry had a positive influence on customer support and the overall representation of gambling products in Tanzania. It is safe to say that the gambling industry has a bright future in this country.

Another positive aspect of the gambling industry is the way the economy has improved after the legalization of such a business. There are a lot of local people that are interested in playing games daily, but they just didn’t have a chance before 1992. Now, they can not only play games in land-based casinos but also enjoy gambling products on all sorts of devices that are connected to the internet.

The results of online gambling legalization in Tanzania are impressive in all terms, as they have allowed the government to get more than 20 percent of economical to grow since 2012. That’s why Eastern Cape MEC is aiming at the full legalization of gambling in South Africa. A lot of time has passed since 1992, but one thing is clear – it was a smart move from the government to finally legalize such a big entertainment industry in Tanzania. As of right now, there are more than eight land-based casinos and a lot more on the internet. It is hard to count how many slot machines were created in this country and how many of them were provided by world-wide known providers. One thing can be said for sure – the future holds a lot of impressive results for all the generations of gamers to come.

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Types of Online Casino in Tanzania

Thanks to the fact that online gambling is legal in Tanzania, there are three major cities that fill the country with great digital products. The internet speed in Tanzania is pretty good and allows gamers to enjoy games online anywhere and at any time. There are no problems with finding good enough digital casino to enjoy games. They include different kinds of gambling products. Gamers of Tanzania like to play not only classic or modern slot machines, but also to enjoy table games, such as Video Poker, Baccarat, Bingo, Blackjack. There are lottery, sports betting and Bitcoin gambling websites in Tanzania.

The first gambling website in Tanzania was opened in 2003. It is iplay8 Casino. It was a little strange for the local players, as they didn’t know what to do and how to play games online. However, once the iplay8 has been powered by Microgaming’s software, things have gone much better way, as the website became simpler and more understandable by all sorts of players. The modern look and feel of the site have done a good job at teaching gamblers that they can enjoy casino games in Tanzania, without going to the real casino. Since then, everything has changed in terms of how gambling products were provided in the country.

Also, in 2003 the Gaming Board of Tanzania was created. It gives casinos a license to provide their products for a wide audience of players from not only Tanzania but also from the whole world. It is the first regulated operator in Africa. Every gambling site that has got a license from the Gaming Board becomes popular among gamers of Tanzania, as they know – everything is going to be just fine, while they are playing games on the officially licensed website. The license will protect Tanzania players, if anything will happen with their profile while they are playing games, or if they are going to win a decent amount of money.

Downloadable Tanzania Virtual Casino

It is easy to see that online gambling in Tanzania is pretty good in all terms. It is hard to find at least one site that would not be adapted for mobile phone use. It is easy for the player to enjoy games in any desired format. The gamer can either open their favourite game in the browser or download the official application for the mobile phone or tablet. With the help of a mobile app, the user will be able to not only play games while traveling through Tanzania but also to get a High-Quality image for all the projects that are available at this moment. No matter how good the internet connection will be, the gamer will still be able to enjoy games with HD graphics. Downloadable software is available on all platforms. It can be not only Android or iOS but also macOS and Windows. There is total freedom for the gambler in Tanzania.

Mobile Versions of Online Casinos in Tanzania

If the gamer wants to enjoy their favourite games on the go, in Tanzania there are a lot of casinos that provide access with the help of a mobile app. It is even easier to play games with an official application, as the gambler will be able to get even more out of their favourite projects by simply playing them at any given moment. An interesting fact about mobile versions – in some cases the gamer will be able to get a good bonus for installing the app on their smartphone. It will be even easier to secure the profile on the site, with the use of the app, instead of sending the security code on the phone and then entering it on the PC.

Gameplay Through Browser in Tanzania

Many gamers may think that there are no more gamers that would like to play games in a standard browser, while they are capable of that with the help of an app. But according to the official statistic – there are a lot of players in Tanzania that still play their favourite games through the browser on both mobile phones and desktop devices. It is possible, due to the mobile-first design, on which most of the modern websites are created. The gamer doesn’t have to buy an extra powerful device to enjoy Tanzanian gambling products in all of their glory. They work perfectly even on the cheapest mobile phone or tablet.

Types of Casino Games for Tanzanian Gamblers

The variety of casino games for Tanzanian gamblers is extremely big. It is hard to pick only one type of games that local gamers are always happy to play, as there are too many of them. There are a lot of officially licensed land-based casinos in three major cities of Tanzania. They give every player a chance to fully enjoy a lot of decent gambling games. Among them, the user can find:

  • Board games. In Tanzania, there are a lot of Poker fans. It is 100 percent legal to play such games with real money at stake. But the gamer should be ready that the player needs to play Poker in an official casino, instead of the underground establishment. But such a card game is not the only thing that the player should focus their attention on. As there are more than 46 table games, 651 gaming slots, and seven gambling facilities in Dar es Salaam only.
  • Live games. The gamer can find a lot of interesting products both online and offline. There are video slot machines represented in different land-based casinos of Tanzania. But the gamer can also visit a couple of gambling websites in this country that allows playing familiar games with the real image straight out of the webcam. Thanks to that fact, the gamer will get the most immersive experience of playing casino games, than ever before.
  • Sports Betting. Sports betting in Tanzania was legal even before the legalization of casinos. It is possible to find a lot of establishments that will allow the gambler to put their money at stake while making a sports bet.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Tanzania

As it was mentioned before, online gambling is legal in Tanzania. It has been legal since 1999. The fun fact about it – there were no commissions that would regulate the way gambling websites work. The Gaming Board of Tanzania was created only four years after online casinos were provided for gamers. The representation of the official gambling commission was a kind of a big deal. Straight from that moment, every online Tanzanian player was protected by the government.

People of Tanzania can play their favourite games on local websites, as well as foreign ones. It is completely legal and there are no problems with finding a decent website to play games on. Every player that will travel to Tanzania will be shocked by the overall quality of online gambling. It is hard to believe how good all the gambling products are.

The Gaming Board is the main association that gives licenses to online casinos on the territory of Tanzania. By playing on websites with the official license of GB, the gamer can be sure – games are fair and even if something will go wrong, the player will be protected. To get a license in Tanzania, the provider needs to show that the websites follow all the rules and that it pays taxes. In other words, the Gaming Board makes everything possible to make gambling a safe market in Tanzania, for both – operators and the players.

The gamer should not be afraid of playing games on Tanzania if they have an official license. If the user will have any complaints about a certain website, the player can simply contact the commission. They are going to handle the request and investigate what could have gone wrong. By playing games on foreign websites, the gamer will not get a chance of getting such good customer support, like in the case of Tanzania online casinos.

The act that regulates online casinos in Tanzania was created back in 1999. Since then, many things have changed, but one remained the same – the player is well-protected if the player is playing games on official resources. It is important to look for the site that has been officially licensed by Tanzania’s commission.

Key facts about gambling in Tanzania:

  • Legal gambling age is 18;
  • All online gambling websites have a license from Tanzanian Gaming Board;
  • The gamer doesn’t have to pay taxes for winning, as they are already paid by the provider;
  • Most of the gambling products that are represented in Tanzania are legal. There are no problems with accessing online casinos in any format. The gamer can enjoy them on the desktop, as well, as on mobile.

Best Deposit Methods for Tanzania Gamblers

It is hard to find a casino in Tanzania that will not support classic deposit methods, like MasterCard or Visa. Every land-based and online establishment supports banking systems, as well, like some other payment methods. One of the most popular ways of depositing money in Tanzania – is Vodacom. It is an African communications company. The gamer can use it to make both deposits and withdrawal. There is also a way for the gambler to use such electronic wallets, like EcoPayz, Neteller, Bank Wire Transfer and many more. It doesn’t matter what method the gamer will decide to use, all of them are good for making a payment in Tanzania’s casino. Financial operations will be completed instantly. To withdraw money from the website in Tanzania, the gamer will have to identify himself, so that the administration of the website will know,

Accepted Currencies in Tanzania

The main currency of Tanzania – is Tanzanian Shilling. There are both bills and coins. The money was last time redesigned in 2011. To access their money, the traveller needs to use either Visa or MasterCard Card. They are essential if the gamer would like to get their money with the help of ATM. It is easy to find ATMs all over the country, especially in big cities, where most of the casinos are represented. It is recommended to store all the possible money in cash, as the traveller can face a situation when the player would like to make a bet, but the ATM will be out of service. So the first thing to do – is to use the bank terminal, if there will be such a chance to withdraw cash. The maximum amount of cash that the person can get out of the ATM within 24 hours – is 400000 Shilling. There is a digital map with all the major terminals marked.

Customer Support

As gamers tell, customer support in Tanzania is at a very high level. Online gambling is legal and licensed by the official organization, so the user can be sure – if anything happens, the player will be able to get help from the customer support group. The only thing that the gamer will have to do, is to contact the team of professionals with the help of a built-in chat on the casino’s website or call them by the contact phone number. Due to Tanzania law, every gambling website should have its support team. Otherwise, such a site won’t get a license from the officials. The gambler should feel safe while playing games. That’s the main priority for every casino and they should follow the rules and contain at least an email address with the help of which the user will be able to contact the support team.

Worth to mention that every modern casino website in Tanzania has its own F.A.Q. section. With the help of it, the user has a chance to get more chances at solving problems faster, as the player will know what to do in certain situations. One way or another, the gamer will be able to quickly figure out the solution to any trouble the player may face during gaming sessions on any website in Tanzania.
Another thing to mention is that the gamer can get help in any land-based casino in Tanzania. The traveller just needs to contact one of the workers of the gambling institution and they are going to help in solving the problematic situation.

Predictions of Online Gambling in Tanzania

As the reports tell, everything about the gambling industry in Tanzania is pretty good. There is a lot of news and speculations on what websites are going to open their doors in this beautiful country. One thing can be said for sure – Tanzania is a good place for all gamers.

The future of the iGaming industry in Tanzania is bright. There are already a lot of casinos that accept Bitcoin as the betting currency. But in the next couple of years, there are going to be even more casinos that will accept cryptocurrencies. More than that, a couple of websites in Tanzania are already testing VR slot machines. With the help of them, the user will get the best possible immersive experience of playing casino games at home. Everything is going to be not only three-dimensional but also it will be presented with the new dynamic technology that will make it look way too real, to be true. It’s the way to enjoy the casino in Tanzania.

Even right now, the average traveller can find a lot of interesting gambling products to enjoy in Tanzania. The only thing the player needs to do – is to choose if the player wants to play for real money in the land-based casino, or the player wants to enjoy slot machines while being in the hotel room. There are a lot of options for the gamer to choose from, as long, as this industry is not banned in Tanzania. The positive results of this country create a lot of possibilities for other African territories. It is possible to say that in the future, gamers from the whole world will be able to hear about new gambling establishments not only in Tanzania but in the African continent. Every player that has no problems with traveling to an exotic country to play some games, should check out Tanzania.

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