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Nowadays our world is developing rapidly. Modern people in Sudan are allowed to use various services, such as online payment systems, the Internet and a variety of other benefits of the world we are living in. More and more people in Sudan prefer to spend their pastime on the Internet watching films, reading reviews and enjoying favourite (and extremely popular nowadays) online games.

Speaking about the most popular entertainment options in Sudan,  it is impossible not to mention modern gaming halls that are passionately loved by gamers around the globe. It is not a surprise, because using these sites one can enjoy a real casino atmosphere without going out. You can just sit at home in your favourite comfortable sofa and drink your tea while playing your favourite game and win real money! Sounds quite attractive, isn’t it?

It is quite a risky thing to talk about online gambling in Sudan because at the official level it does not exist. Nevertheless, online gambling is still popular in Sudan. How this is possible? Keep reading and you will get to know.

It is a common thing in Sudan that the most popular entertainments are restricted. In 1983 the situation got worse due to Shariah law, which became the main law of Sudan. From that time, everything in Sudan is being regulated by Public Order Laws. And online casinos is not an exception. Public Order Laws are often criticized by people in Sudan, but it seems like the situation is not going to change. Freedom of word is limited in this country, and Internet freedom is limited as well.

The situation with popular online casinos is sad as well in Sudan. It is prohibited for Sudan residents to use online casinos and, moreover, those Sudanese who are abroad may also lose an opportunity to enjoy online casinos, if the law becomes stricter.

Now, if you are in Sudan you still have an opportunity to choose a good casino from our list and find something to your taste. You are still allowed to enjoy amazingly designed, carefully structured games with brilliant design and extremely interesting storylines.

We should also mention that the modern world is into online gambling, so there is a hope that some changes will happen in Sudan as well.

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Types of Online Casinos in Sudan

It is not easy at all to find a good, reliable Internet casino that would satisfy all your needs, especially if you are living in Sudan. It is even more difficult to find it, living in a place where gambling is strictly prohibited. So, if you are living in such a country, you have only one option. You should use only those websites that are allowed to use inside your country. This is what people in Sudan usually do. Nobody wants to lose money and to become a victim of fraud. So, it is important in the extreme to choose only reliable online casinos for you not to lose your money. So, if you are in Sudan and you want to find a good online casino, you have to spend hours surfing the Internet, read numerous reviews or even ask more experienced online gamblers for their advice. It sounds long and boring, but there is one more option for those who want to find good online casinos in Sudan.

You just have to visit our website, where we collected a number of the best Sudan online casinos. We have created a list of the most reliable ones, so there is no necessity for online Sudan gamblers to spend hours doing all these boring researches. In our list, you will find experienced casinos that can offer you big jackpots. Some of them can be used via mobile phones, so you can enjoy your favourite game almost everywhere in Sudan. Understandably, gambling is not developed at all in Sudan. There is not a single Sudan casino site that would be approved by Sudan local government. But, still, people want to enjoy their favourite games, so they are using different offshore sites to be able to do this in Sudan. Sudanese people can enjoy mobile casinos, live casinos and so on, but they have to use foreign websites to do this.

So, gamblers in Sudan can also enjoy online gambling and win real money utilizing foreign casinos. Those casinos are happy to offer them different bonuses and rewards. The situation in Sudan is quite sad, but our world is developing all the time, so this state of things may change in the future and Sudanese gamblers will also get a chance to use legal online casinos.

Types of Casino Games for Sudanese Gamblers

As we have already mentioned, gambling is prohibited in Sudan at the legal level. But those who are eager to gamble in Sudan will find the way to do this. People are using offshore foreign websites to enjoy their favourite online casinos and games. So, let’s have a look at some kinds of games people in Sudan are in love with.

As we know, casino content is the factor that determines its success. So all the modern providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and many others are trying their best to provide gamblers with really qualitative modern products. They are implementing different new options all the time, for gamers not to be bored with old-fashioned games. So, the list of the most popular casino games includes:

  • Video slots. This type of online gambling is extremely popular and loved by gamblers around the globe. It is not a surprise, as they offer players to enjoy different interesting plots and allow them to feel completely immersed in the gaming atmosphere. These games are stunningly designed, visuals can surprise even the most experienced online gamers. 3D modelling is also quite often used to make the game more realistic. The music is great as well, so it is a great chance to enjoy a truthful atmosphere without going out.
  • Board games. Gamers also can try modern variations of old-style board games that are loved all over the world, such as Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, BlackJack and many others. Some say these games are not as attractive and interesting, as Video slots, but they also have a huge number of fans. Moreover, they have live versions, so these games give you a feeling of presence in a real casino.

Online gambling is extremely popular nowadays, so a ban in Sudan can’t prevent its residents from enjoying their favourite games. Therefore, people in Sudan continue to use popular casinos on foreign websites.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Sudan

We have already mentioned some facts about Sudanese laws concerning online gambling, but let’s have a closer look at them.

It is necessary to know this information even if you are not going to obey Sudan laws completely. So, if you want to know the answers to the most frequent questions concerning gambling in Sudan, just keep reading. In our review, you will find the detail information about how it is possible to enjoy online gambling in Sudan.

 – Is online gambling allowed in Sudan?

As we have previously mentioned, online gambling is strictly prohibited in Sudan. Sudan is one of the Muslim countries, so there is Shariah law that forbids online gambling in general.

So, online gambling is illegal in Sudan. it means that online casinos are not allowed to get a license, there are no legal Sudan casinos, and online gamblers may be caught and penalized for using such services. But Sudanese authorities are not operating resources big enough to control each person. So, there is an easy way for the locals to find a reliable foreign casino and forget about all the restrictions in Sudan.

 – Island-based gambling allowed in Sudan?

Land-based gambling is prohibited in Sudan, as well as all other types of gambling. So, while visiting Sudan you will have no opportunity to visit a real casino.

 – What is the online gambling age in Sudan?

As online gambling is prohibited in general in Sudan, there are no regulations concerning the age of players. But if you want to enjoy your favourite games using some foreign casinos, you should be 18 years old at least. In some casinos, the minimum age is 21.

 – What are other gambling-related problems in Sudan?

Gambling is a huge problem in Sudan because of both the ban and some Internet problems. In particular, the local government is trying to control Internet usage around the country. For example, in 2016 Sudanese penetration of the Internet was about 27 percent. According to the researches, the press in Sudan does not have any freedom, as well as Internet users. But online gamblers still have a chance to use favourite casinos, as it is impossible for the Sudan government to control each person’s online activity.

It is obvious that sometimes some rules and restrictions seem unnecessary, and there is no doubt that if a person wants to violate some of them, it would be easy.

Best Deposit Methods for Sudanese Gamblers

As we know, modern online gambling is a competitive area. More and more new manufacturers, games and casinos are appearing all the time, and all of them want to surprise users and to attract as many gamers around the globe as possible. Each provider wants to become as famous as possible and to get as many fans as possible. So, online casinos are using various methods to attract users. People are allowed to try demonstrative versions of games, for them to understand whether they like it or not. If it is a good one, you may continue playing. Gambling becomes more exciting if you are winning real money, but you should put some money on your casino account firstly. So, if you want to win real money, you should make a deposit first of all. Sudan gaming enthusiasts can do this via the following methods:

  • People often choose popular brands, for example, MasterCard, Visa or Maestro. They do this if they want to replenish their account via credit card.
  • Electronic wallets are becoming popular as well among modern gamblers. Speaking about such payment options, the Neteller payment system is probably one of the most popular, as it has a variety of different functions that make using it quick, safe and convenient.
  • Skrill is one more electronic wallet that allows gamblers to make their deposits online. It allows its users to transfer their money safely and instantly.

So, every deposit method has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, Mastercard and Visa are very convenient when it comes to deposits in online casinos. Moreover, these methods can be used in almost every online casino.

Electronic wallets are more convenient if you want to transfer money instantly. There is only one disadvantage here – you have to pay fees. So, it is up to you to choose the most suitable payment option.

Accepted Currencies in Sudan

Sudan is a country in Northeast Africa. It has been considered the most non-stable country around the globe. Because of the rather aggressive Islamic stance, a lot of Sudanese neighbours have various troubles with Sudan. Actually, many American companies do not want to do any business with Sudan since 1997.

Sudan can’t be called a very popular touristic destination, but if you have a wish to visit this country, you should know the currencies that are accepted there.

Firstly, you should know that credit cards are not accepted in Sudan due to the US sanctions. So, it is better to bring euros or US dollars in cash.

The official currency in Sudan is pound (Sudanese pound). It equals 100 piasters. Over the last years, the Sudanese pound is getting weaker, compared with the US dollar. Official rates usually overvalue this currency.

If you want to exchange your cash in Sudan, there are some exchange offices, where the rates are much better than they are in banks. Also, they work longer.

We should also mention that if you want to pay via foreign credit card in Sudan, it won’t be possible. Foreign cards are not accepted here.

In Sudan, cash is the most important thing. If you want to exchange Euros or US dollars, it will be extremely easy.

Speaking about online gambling, as we have already mentioned, it is prohibited, so you can make your deposits using either euros or US dollars.

Customer Support

While gambling in Sudan, you have to pay attention to the customer support service. Sometimes gamers are facing different problems they are unable to cope with by themselves, to the support team is what they need in such situations.

So, if you want to avoid different problems gambling in Sudan, you’d better register on the online casino website. In this case, you can be sure that you will get all the necessary help from the technical support team as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, sometimes you do not even need to contact technical support, as there is a special section with the most frequent questions. You may probably find your solution there, as there is a big list of different questions that are already answered. There you can get to know how to make a deposit or withdrawal, how to use your bonuses, how to choose the best game and many other questions.

If your problem is a serious one and it is impossible to cope with it by yourself, you should contact the support team. There are a few ways to do this: you can call technical support team via a mobile phone, you can use e-mail and online chat as well.

As a rule, the easiest way to get an answer is to use online chat. This is because in online chat your communication is taking place in real-time. Then, if you want to write an e-mail, there is no need in confirming your personality. Usually, it is possible to get an answer in twenty-four hours.

As you can see, there are many options to get a qualified help from the technical support team, even if you are in Sudan, where gambling is prohibited. Just use the instructions you’ve just read, and all your problems will be easily solved. So, you will be able to enjoy your favourite games again.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Sudan

We have been talking a lot about modern gaming tendencies in Sudan. You already know that gambling is strictly prohibited there, but people do not want to lose an opportunity to play their favourite games, so they are using foreign offshore websites that gladly give them such possibility.

So, if you are still reading it means that you are very interested in what is happening in the Sudanese online gambling market. It is worth mentioning that Sudan is not the best country for online gambling, as both online and land-based casinos can exist only in people’s dreams, at least for now. Unfortunately, the Shariah law makes the existence of such types of entertainment impossible. Internet penetration is really low in this country, and the government is trying to control all the types of freedom, and Internet freedom is not an exception. Sudanese do not have freedom using the Internet. Still, those who are looking for a way to play online games will always find a solution. The most passionate online gamblers are using foreign casinos both to play their favourite online games and to try their hand playing new ones, as they are appearing almost every day.

You can also choose some casinos from our list, as we have made a research to select only the most reliable and safe ones, for you to be able to enjoy various video slots, lotteries, and board games wherever you want. All of them are having the necessary licenses and allow you to make your deposits in the easiest way possible. You can be sure that the licenses are valid and all the options are working just fine.

As our world is continuously developing, there is one more casino type that did not exist a few decades ago. This is mobile casinos. These casinos allow online gamers to play everywhere: at work, on the bus, while having coffee. Therefore, it is easy nowadays to find a good online casino that would satisfy all your needs. The situation in Sudan is sad, as all the people should have Internet freedom to choose any games and services they like. So, we still hope that this situation will change for the better.

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