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In recent years, gambling has become a successful international industry. Game halls appeared not only on land but also on the Internet. In addition, their number is increasing every single day. However, there are still countries in the world where gambling, lotteries, and sports betting are still prohibited. Typically, such countries are actively fighting gambling, and today we will find out which strategy Somalia has chosen.

Somalia is a small country bordering the Indian Ocean. It is noteworthy that this African country has the longest coastline on the mainland that could become the foundation for tourism. However, Somalia has become popular with its pirates who capture ships and rob cities. Gambling in Somalia has always been banned for several reasons. First of all, the majority of the population professes Islam. As you know, this belief prohibits all forms of gambling since all people should receive money honestly.

Somalis who like excitement create separate groups and lairs where they place bets and receive payments. These objects often become the target of the police. Caught Somalis are subjected to corporal punishment of Sharia. So, players will get bodily flogging.

In 2019, Somalia still has no offline casinos. In addition, the country does not even have a national lottery. Due to the low penetration of the Internet, the Somalia virtual gambling market is recognized as almost non-existent. Because of this, investors and foreign casino operators in Somalia do not want to launch new platforms. If you manage to connect to the network, you will be offered several popular online casinos with the best slot machines and generous bonuses. Remember that Sharia punishment applies to online gambling too.

Somalia has great potential for a developed state. First of all, this concerns tourism, which could develop thanks to the beautiful coast. This seems impossible at the moment. In addition, travellers would like to visit the gaming halls, but unfortunately, gambling is prohibited in this African country. In this review, we have collected the most popular questions that will help you understand the situation. Also, we will talk about the best online casinos open to residents of Somalia. We also will take a look a look at the current legislation that prohibits all forms of gambling on the coast.

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Types of Online Casino in Somalia

Nowadays, gambling in Somalia seems impossible. As already mentioned, local players often visit illegal clubs, but they are often subjected to public punishment. If this result scares you then we have a great solution: betting on the Internet!

At the moment, Somalia gamers have access to 130+ virtual casinos that are presented on our website. They are licensed and administered by reputable jurisdictions. In these clubs, you have the opportunity to enjoy the best slot machines using popular deposit methods and getting great bonuses. Please note that these platforms have many differences, so they are divided into several types.

Browser casinos have become the most popular in Somalia. They are comfortable and flexible. Thanks to these features, they run in almost all browsers and you do not need to download additional software. Such resources offer a wide range of slot machines including slots and keno in Somalia. Registration is simple and it is often accompanied by welcome bonuses that are credited instantly.

To all these games, you can add games with real rivals presented in Live Casinos. The first such online casino appeared almost 10 years ago and it caused a great sensation. Today, Somalia gamers can visit live casinos and play against professional croupiers. Live casinos are characterized by equipped studios where you can choose a table and croupier. Broadcasting is live without delay.

Mobile casinos have combined the above advantages. With slot machines using touch screens, Somalia players no longer need to be in danger. So, they can play anywhere where there is an Internet connection. Mobile casinos run in browsers, but if you want to play without delays and problems then you should download software. After that, you get access to a complete library of slot machines, plus gifts and promotions.

Cryptocurrency rarely appears in Somalia and other African countries. However, Somalia residents have the opportunity to visit blockchain-based gaming resources. As usual, these casinos offer advanced multi-level data protection and even anonymity. This option is suitable for gamers based in non-gambling countries.

Well, this is an impressive amount of Somalia casinos. Local residents can visit quality and licensed sites without the risk of receiving public punishment. However, you should only visit licensed clubs that care about your bankroll. We follow the most popular and secure Somalia casinos that appear on our website.

Types of Casino Games for Somalia Gamblers

Gambling has existed for many centuries, which makes them very popular. Today, players from different countries visit virtual casinos where they enjoy the best slots and win with real money. Unfortunately, in some countries gambling is prohibited, but their residents always find an effective solution. For example, Somalis create underground clubs but most of them prefer betting on the Internet. In addition to anonymity, they get an extensive selection of slot machines that we will consider right now!

According to gambling traditions, no one platform can exist without video slots. These are digital prototypes of old machines that were located in all casinos and bars. Now the slots have become more attractive because the developers use modern technologies including 3D graphics, surround sound, and animations. These features are complemented by interesting stories thanks to which players can explore the ancient world, search for treasures in the jungle, and save the planet. Somalia players are offered slots with 3, 5, 7 reels and a different number of lines. Surely, most models have Wild, Scatter symbols and bonus rounds like Free Spins, Gamble Feature, etc. If you are looking for something special, pay attention to Fish Catch and Bonanza slots. They do not have traditional reels and standard rules.

Table games lovers, attention! Here is the richest category of casino games. In this section, Somalis will find many kinds of roulette, blackjack, pontoon, craps, and baccarat. Each game is made taking into account all the requirements, so you will instantly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a virtual casino. Also in this section are first-class versions of poker. Those of you who want to get a realistic experience close to real clubs need to visit live Somalia casinos. In addition to a realistic experience, these games are endowed with a wonderful atmosphere. Some of them offer live chat.

As we have said, lotteries do not exist in Somalia but instant payouts lovers do. The best lotteries, bingo, and scratch cards are available at Somalia online casinos. Each game is played by different stories. Thanks to simple rules, Somalia players have many chances to win real money.

In the end, we would like to add that all slots, board games, and lotteries are adapted for touch screens. Following current trends, Somalia players can enjoy their favourite games on Android/Windows/iOS devices making sure they meet the minimum requirements. By the way, mobile platforms imply an additional level of protection.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Somalia

All forms of gambling in this beautiful country have always been banned. Although official information is hard to find. Nevertheless, from time to time there are precedents about the arrests of underground casinos and their customers. Since most Somalis are Muslims, the punishment for gambling is quite strict. Somalia police are actively fighting underground casinos, so conscious gamers choose bets on the Internet.

Online gambling is safe, but in Somalia, this is a relative phenomenon as it is also prohibited. Accordingly, gamers get punished and pay heavy fines.

Somalia has no gambling legislation. This is another problem that impedes the development of the gambling industry here. If the Somalia government pays attention to this issue and perhaps even legalizes gambling, the country will have many opportunities. First of all, this is tourism because Somalia is located in profitable territory. Furthermore, Somalis love gambling that can patch holes in the economy of the African country.

Best Deposit Methods for Somalia Gamblers

Before creating an account in a Somalia casino and winning real money, a gamer needs to find out what payment methods the operator offers. This is one of the most important factors since you are going to deposit your money. As a rule, Somalia resources offer standard deposit methods that include debit/credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. They carry out fairly fast transactions, but customers pay fees (up to 2.5%). Withdrawals are available within 2-5 business days.

If you often make deposits, then you should use e-wallets and other payment tools. This category consists of Neteller, Skrill, and Paypal. Payments are instant and this also applies to withdrawals. Many Somalia clubs use wallets for free. Furthermore, they are safe because all information is sent through encrypted channels.

Banking is available offered to Somalis, too, but this option is not safe. We have already found out that gambling in Somalia is prohibited so you should not use banking institutions as a deposit method. Moreover, this type of transaction is processed within 5 business days since bank employees must check all the information.

Please note that Somalia casinos may start the verification process before withdrawals. In this case, you need to provide scanned versions of your documents. You will receive detailed information by contacting online casino customer support.

Accepted Currencies in Somalia

In the modern world, there is only one stable fiat currency. This stability has been demonstrated for 20+ years and we are not talking about the US dollar. Over the past few years, the Somalia shilling has shown steady growth despite all the difficulties of the African continent. Even after the liquidation of the central bank, the Somalia shilling did not disappear. Looking at this currency, you will see old banknotes but they are still popular because the people of Somalia agree to use them.

The last dangerous situation related to shilling occurred in 2011. Officials wanted to return the central bank by resuming the work of counterfeiters. If this happened, the Somalia shilling would disappear, but fortunately to the locals, it continues to function. This was the decision of local residents who want to restore the economy in the country. This decision had a positive effect. People use shilling without violence and government structures, which contributes to the accumulation and creation of enterprises.

In 2019, this currency is rarely found on the website of foreign operators due to the low number of Somalia gamers. If you want to bet on the Internet, you will need to convert the currency into dollars or euros. There is the possibility of using cryptocurrency. Experts suggest that this is a good solution for African countries that have budget holes. For Somalia gamers, Bitcoin is of higher value. Since all forms of gambling in the country are prohibited, users can become invisible since digital coins are not tracked. Moreover, only reliable blockchain technologies are used for protection. In the section on deposits and payments, we have already said that these payments are the fastest and they are always free.

For government agencies, cryptocurrency is valuable too. We hope the Somalia government will pay attention to this detail soon.

Customer Support

The number of players is increasing every minute. Most of them have no idea what an online casino is, so they are looking for answers and tips. All popular Somalia casinos are trying to solve this problem in several ways. Of course, customer support is the most effective tool.

After analysing the work of Somalia online casinos presented on our website, we found out that most of them provide standard customer support through:

  • Email. By filling out a special form, the user can send a letter asking a question about the account, bonuses, and general rules of the club. Reputable operators review applications within 2 business hours. The waiting period increases if you contacted on weekends/holidays.
  • Live chat. By clicking on a special button, the player will open a chat window where he will instantly contact the representative of the gaming hall. Messaging takes place in real-time, so you do not need to wait until the operator considers your request. If you have not received an answer or the representative of the club ignored your question, please contact the administrator of the Somalia casino. Fortunately, these cases are extremely rare.
  • Phone call. This is a fairly common type of customer support. So, you only need to call the specified number but first, check if it is free. Also, the operator will likely ask the player to provide personal data for authorization.

Before contacting customer support, you should study the rules and information presented in the FAQ section. Usually, this page is divided into several information blocks devoted to payment methods, bonus offers, games, licenses, etc. This information is enough for the first experience at the Somalia online casino.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Somalia

Somalia has a great opportunity to become a popular tourist destination. The country is located on a beautiful coast. However, the government needs to resolve several important issues. First of all, it is attracting investors who would build new hotels with gaming rooms. This is also the second problem since all forms of gambling are prohibited in this African country.

The legalization of offline and online casinos would have a great impact on the state economy. New clubs will not only attract tourists but also create hundreds of jobs and Somalis will not need to make ends meet. If we consider virtual gambling separately, then we have one more problem: a low percentage of Internet users. Somalis use the global network to search for information and illegal rates. They have a number of effective tools (VPN, cryptocurrency) that allow you to bypass locks and visit sites with slot machines.

Finally, the main problem: the lack of gambling legislation. The Somalia government has not paid attention to gambling for a long time; therefore, there is no single legislative basis for gambling. We only know that casinos/bets are prohibited and caught players are subject to public penalties. If you are looking for the best place to play for real money, then check out the list of the best Somalia virtual casinos on our website.

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