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The Seychelles region is famous for its spectacular and amazing nature, beautiful people, and, surely, resorts. However, one of the things that also can be listed is online gambling. Despite the fact that online gambling in the country is not so tremendous, it still exists and is worth being described in detail. This is what we’re going to do in this article.

Seychelles is known as the Republic of Seychelles located in the Indian Ocean. The country is a member of the African Union along with the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations. Seychelles gained independence from the United Kingdom back in 1976. Since then Seychelles has passed a long way from, mainly, agricultural society to a market-based diversified economy, which is a significant result. Tourism plays an extremely important role in this growth for sure. The foreign investments continue to pour into the country. Moreover, Seychelles shows the highest GDP ranks in the whole of Africa.

Despite the significant improvement of the economy and other sectors, Seychelles is also a place for significant poverty, which is, surely, a negative factor for local people and tourists as well. Considering the online gambling industry, Seychelles has tried to create a specially developed program for legalizing, licensing and further regulating of online gambling. Unfortunately, this attempt has remained an attempt only.

Nowadays online gambling is regulated by the Gambling Act of 2014. Recalling land-based casinos, there are four of them, actually. Each of them is licensed. Mostly, they are located not so far from the capital – Victoria. Berjaya International Casino is the name of the largest casino in Seychelles. Also, in 2011 sports betting officially started its regulations and licensing. This type of time-spending is extremely popular besides classical mobile online casinos. However, if you’re a fan of classical top online casinos, you can find them on our website.

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Types of Online Casino in Seychelles

Considering the assortment of games, online casino types in Seychelles can vary. Starting from classical online slot machines, you can meet high-level live casino games. Online casinos of Seychelles can propose you a pretty wide selection of bonuses and promotions, these are welcome bonuses in order to attract new customers or give available options for constant players. Here are some of the top online casinos proposed in the Seychelles gambling market; these are Free Spin Casino, Black Diamond Casino, Spartan Slots, Slots Empire Casino and many more.

If we’re going to mention virtual reality, it is appropriate to remember Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies that are widely implemented in online casinos. These technologies are used mainly in Seychelles Live Casinos. They were designed especially with the implementation of different latest technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. All this allows you to be a real player seated at the gaming table while a virtual gaming session. Such innovations give the player a chance to enjoy a real presence effect This type of game can bring you back to Vegas casino halls ‘ unforgettable feeling. These technologies can be used in various games such as Poker, Online Casino, BlackJack, etc.

Another type we’re going to mention is Seychelles Mobile Casinos. Their flexibility and transportability are the main advantages of mobile casinos. From any computer, such as a mobile, laptop, PC or any other machine, games can be accessed. Whether you’re on the beach, sitting at home or anywhere else, watching your favourite online slots isn’t a problem. You can find all these games on our website and all you need is to choose a suitable one.

Seychelles New Online Casinos: Digital casinos from Seychelles can be found on our website by gamblers in a special section. Such online games are released almost weekly. The list of new online casinos is made up by experts who are doing their best to give your interest the finest models. The guide should help you get to know the gambling industry’s latest games, which is handy. This collection will help you keep up with the latest projects and never get bored.

As you see, gamblers in Seychelles online casinos have a choice depending on a platform they’re going to enjoy. The first thing players should be cautious about is a permit that specific betting boards and agencies must issue. It’s extremely important because the casino could vanish in a blink of an eye if it doesn’t have one. It can certainly ruin all your dreams and build the worst experience of playing ever. On our website, you can find the list of top approved online casinos from Seychelles.

Types of Casino Games in Seychelles

Digital casinos in Seychelles have a wide variety of games for different tastes. The selection of online casino games depends on the system and vendor of the technology. They can serve different purposes, such as relaxing or earning money. Some of the beginners can’t even stop their concentration on something at first while exploring the online casino. Players certainly have to choose something that suits their needs and aspirations.

Mostly, casinos in Seychelles offer such types of games like:

  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack;
  • Keno;
  • Poker;
  • Roulette and a few more;
  • Two Aces.

These games might be available in different variations, as well as Poker might be European\French\American and Live. This game is extremely popular in various countries. In order to start the game, it is indisputably important to be prepared for different schemes, tactics, and strategy as well. Without this, the game is unimaginable. During the player session, you will definitely find out what’s best for you and works for you successfully.

Video poker is also related to this type of game where attention is key to success. If you’re looking for real money to win, you’ll definitely need to pay attention to the moves of your opponent. By the way, this advice is related to one of the most famous, highly-paid and successful poker players in the world.

BlackJack is also one of the games that are played more often than others. The strategy also performs one of the key roles. Hopefully, an unlimited number of them can be found on the web or other resources.

Digital slot machines from Seychelles will bring you back to Las Vegas casinos ‘ golden era. This will certainly depend on a game you’re going to choose. Based on the themes they will vary. With an interesting and entertaining storyline, stunning visuals (even 3D) and quality sound, these games can be accomplished.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Seychelles

The online gambling climate in the Seychelles country is pretty uncertain. Despite this fact, it is not forbidden by government regulations and even permitted by a special act issued by the President. This situation is quite rare for African countries. The basic structure of the act was issued in 2003. However, the final version was officially registered in 2009.

Despite the uncertainty and unstable climate in legislation aspects, the Seychelles government issues licenses for the online gaming industry for local and foreign gaming providers. Also, there’s an interesting fact that local licensed providers don’t guarantee Seychelles online real money casinos access for local people.

However, to sum up, even though the Seychelles online gambling industry is unregulated, it doesn’t restrict both local and foreign gamblers’ access to online casinos and making bets. Surely, the best assortment of online games is proposed by foreign online gambling platforms.

 – Is Online Gambling Allowed in Seychelles?

The attitude of the Seychelles government towards online gambling is uncertain. However, online gambling is officially allowed in the country.

In order to receive a license from Seychelles, the applying company should follow a very strict process. Online gambling is regulated by the rules of Seychelles, including online casinos and sportsbooks.

Nevertheless, the procedure is very simple and clear, the gaming business has to negotiate an agreement between the Seychelles government that functions as a licensor and a licensee that is, in essence, a gaming business. Internet gaming firms that also include Internet sportsbooks and cybercasinos should remain completely offshore. Moreover, all internet companies should be registered according to the International Business Companies Act 1996.

Mostly, for five years, permits were given. The company must also mention the exact number of employees who will be involved in the work process. Each individual is picked carefully. The licensing fee is only charged once. One important aspect is the requirement for presence, which implies that in order to receive it, a business applying for a permit has to be physically present in Seychelles. Surely, this is very good in terms of constantly growing workplaces in Seychelles.

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in  Seychelles?

The law issued in 2003 and called the Interactive Gambling Act regulates both land-based and online casinos. According to this act, online casinos are obliged to get local licenses within Seychelles. Unfortunately, the online gambling climate in the country wasn’t as warm as its beaches, so there was no local or foreign company that has even applied for a license. What a pity.

Moreover, in the 2014 year, a government has issued additional amendments to the gambling laws and embedded a classification of online gambling licenses as classical online casinos license in Seychelles, a slot machine license along with an interactive gaming license.

Best Deposit Methods for Seychelles Gamblers

Payment options are extremely important for every gambler. In order to achieve excellence in payment operations every part of the process from the payment system to customer support must be excellent. Different payment platforms were created especially for making the sending and receiving process as best and convenient as possible. Surely, every gambler is looking for immediate money receiving or depositing. Money depositing in a blink of an eye is something that differs from a high-level online casino from other competitors.

A variety of payment methods depend on the online casino you’re choosing in Seychelles. Mainly, the selection of payment methods is pretty the same. They include such names as VISA, MasterCard, EcoPayz, EntroPay, Skrill, Neteller and few more. Generally, it can be divided into e-Wallets, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Account.

Deposit-making services may be available, though, depending on the online casino solutions suggested. They may certainly be different. Some are pretty quick, some aren’t. Some of them have a good level of encryption and protection, while others may be even stronger. The choice is also based on the consumer. Some of them prefer to make payments and immediately receive money on either the card or bank account, but many choose other forms.

Online Seychelles casino’s banking and deposits methods also vary in terms of speed. Users have a wide choice. If they are willing to receive their winning payments or making the deposit, they might choose the appropriate payment provider. However, the fasted deposit or withdrawal method is considered to be an e-wallet. Credit and Debit cards are also speedy, but the speed can vary depending on a provider you choose.

In case of having any questions or issues related to deposit making, you can contact a customer support team in any of Seychelles’ online casinos. They’re working for you 365 days a year, 24|7. To sum up the deposit making aspects, the final choice always depends on the customer and its needs.

Accepted Currencies in Seychelles

The local currency is Seychelles Rupee. However, considering online casinos, they can accept various worldwide popular currencies in order to provide customers with exceptional service and convenience, which is really cool. It helps to attract customers of different status, payment abilities, to their online platforms. Based on where players lead their game, currencies can also differ. Some are also willing to use the US dollar; some are based on the Dollar. If it’s a UK provider, GBP may be the main currency. Most of the suppliers are international, and they accept different currencies and allow easy financial transfers, deposits, and withdrawals. Additionally, before making any kind of financial transactions, you need to test the casino license at which you will be playing. To stop theft or possible stealing of income, it is extremely important.

Customer Support

A customer-centric approach is what attracts and conquers clients’ loyalty all over the world. Also, it is a strong factor that makes other gamblers to recommend a certain online casino. It can significantly improve the level and quality of users’ playing experience. Seychelles customer support works to provide gamblers all over the world with answers to their current questions, solving technical and financial issues, etc.

Customer support is a very important service proposed in the gambling companies and gambling industry as well. It is one of the key factors that create the reputation and ratings of the company in the gambling market. The value of strong customer support is literally priceless. However, it stays almost unseen until the appropriate moment comes and that’s pretty interesting. Mostly, the principles of customer support teamwork in Seychelles don’t differ from the same in other countries. Companies are striving for excellence in order to win customers and make them regular platform users.

Customer support systems in all online casinos around the world are pretty much the same. This is a live chat that can be accessed in a specific frame in the application, offering the talk with real professionals and technicians who are willing to solve the issues of players and give appropriate advice. This talk should be open 24/7, which is very handy and can instantly solve the problems of gamblers.

This method of communication takes over usual sources, like telephone or e-mail. The cons of these two methods are delays and pauses in replying. Thus, the player can wait for hours or even days for the reply to come, which is annoying and might lead to real-money losses. Surely, it’s not good and works against online casinos reputation.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Seychelles

The Seychelles online gambling market proposes a significant amount of local and international online gambling providers for Seychelles players. All of them can be found on our online website in various categories. Mainly, the future of online gambling in Seychelles depends on the main gambling industry development, the usage of different technologies, trends, etc. There are many new aspects and subdivisions that can help to achieve progress and success. These are Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Mobile and Live Gaming and many more.

Despite the government’s attitude, there has been no decrease in the number of gamblers; people of all social status continue to play online and offline gambling.

Online gambling is becoming extremely popular every day and hour in Seychelles, and for this, there are many explanations. First of all, online casinos are compatible and portable. Each and every player has access to a diversity of online slots and video games from every country of the world (except restricted ones) and from every gadget.

However, in general, online gambling in Seychelles is on the stage of development. Our website contains a list of credible top 10 online casinos with a real money prize for any taste. This list is compiled by our professionals according to various criteria, like payments security, banking, user reviews, ratings and a diversity of games.

Despite the variety of options proposed by online casino providers, it is extremely hard to predict the development process of the online gambling industry in Seychelles. The growth can be overwhelming if local and international online gambling providers don’t stop creating and proposing the best payment, software and gaming solutions available on the market. The number of these actions will help to create a competitive environment in the Seychelles gambling sphere for the best user experience for both local and international gamblers.

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