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San Marino
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The Republic of San Marino is a microstate. It is located in Southern Europe. The size of San Marino is pretty small – 61 square kilometres only. The population of this republic is even less than 40,000 people. San Marino has the smallest population in Europe among other European Council members.

When it comes to landscapes and amazing nature, San Marino takes one of the leading parts. However, it is famous for different things and gambling is considered one of them. Moreover, gambling is constantly developing, considering the fact that San Marino attracts tourists from different countries in an amount that is almost twice bigger than its population. And it is within a year only! Surely, this creates an amazing opportunity for the gambling industry to develop and grow without limitations. It is an interesting fact that one of the casinos that work in the country is controlled by the government of San Marino. This signalizes that gambling is a significant part of the European economy, being officially legalized.

When it comes to history, the first official casino was opened back in 1949 and gained literally overwhelming success at those times. Unfortunately, this institution was destroyed for some unclear reasons.

As for gambling laws and online casinos, they are regulated, licensed, and controlled officially by an addition to the gambling Act that was issued in 2014. However, the attention paid by the government to online casino services is less than to land-based ones. The most attractive platforms for local people are ruled by foreign operators and companies.

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Types of Online Casino in San Marino

The variety in online casinos is truly amazing, according to the fact that online gambling is legally controlled by local government in San Marino. They are officially registered, approved, and willing to offer their services to local and foreign citizens. For various online casino platforms, recent government actions have created a wonderful environment and atmosphere for expansion. How to pick the best online casino for your needs and expectations is the only question that may arise. Our gambling professionals have compiled the list of top online casinos to select the best choice on the gambling sector for our customers. Here is the list of features that are usually proposed by online casinos in San Marino.

These are licenses that are valid and issued by the local government. This aspect raises credibility a lot and gives a feeling of security for gamblers. This will help you to avoid stealing your real money and prizes. However, it is always necessary to get the license number checked because there’s always a probability they can be illegal.

Diversity of games. Many international and local platforms do their best in order to attract and constantly get players interested in their services.

Customer Support is ready to answer your question and solve your problems immediately. Every gaming provider and online casino has a team of customer support professionals with a technical background that will answer your questions 24|7 365 days a year.

Bonus Policy that is pretty comprehensible. All deposits and withdrawals, free spins, terms, and conditions should be listed carefully and detailed.

Localization. This means language that you use in an online casino should respond to the country you are in. In our case, it’s the Italian language along with the EUR currency accepted.
The last aspect is financially secured transactions. That point needs no explanation.

Types of Casino Games for San Marino Gamblers

Virtual casinos in San Marino have a really wide range of options based on the fact the local government permits online gambling. Yes, the number of games depends on the device on which they will be played. Licensing is the first thing that gamers should pay attention to. Special betting boards or agencies should offer this. It’s extremely important and let’s clarify why. The explanation is quite simple: the casino will vanish in a boom with your real money wins if it does not have one. Surely, this can harm all your fair expectations and leave a scar on your perfect gaming experience. The list of all top licensed online casinos in San Marino can be found by gamblers on our official website.

As for the diversity of games, San Marino online casino games types can be numerous. From classic online slot machines to live high-level casino games that bring you back to live in a real Las Vegas casino hall. Online casinos in San Marino can provide customers with the option to select various bonuses and promos. To persistent competitors, it may be attractive incentives to attract new clients or other opportunities or services available.

In general, online casino games can be subdivided into such types like Poker, Blackjack, Two Aces, Baccarat, Keno, Roulette, etc.

However, there are many variations of listed games. Poker can be available in different variations. These are American Poker, European, French, and Live. On the other hand, poker asks for the tactics that fit you best in order to win real money. Another important thing is to always check the software of the gaming provider and casino rating or user reviews.

Video poker will help you to feel like a professional poker player. Along with the newest 3D graphics, AR or VR, it will create the effect of being actually in front of the poker table and that’s cool! Moreover, it will give you a feeling of a real presence in a poker tournament. For sure, it is pretty entertaining. Blackjack and classic online slot machines are also extremely popular among San Marino online casino players. They will fill you with a forgotten feeling of joy and nostalgia for classical Las Vegas themes with different entertaining plots.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in San Marino

Despite the fact that the main gambling law and regulations appeared at the beginning of the 2000s, adding to this law related to the online gambling industry was issued in 2014. So, 2014 became the point that started taxation, controlling and licensing of online casinos. Whether it’s good or bad, it’s up to gamblers to decide.

 – Is online gambling allowed in San Marino?

For those who are looking for this question, the answer is definitely positive. Online casinos are regulated by official laws, which means that there are no restrictions and bans that can potentially “harm” players. Moreover, current legislation along with the government does its best to create the best opportunities and climate for growth and attraction of foreign investments to the gambling sector, both land-based and online. However, there are some things and aspects of newly introduced law that can create some inconveniences for online casino companies and gamblers as well. These aspects are licensing of online casinos by special gambling authorities in San Marino, placing of online casino servers in the borders of the San Marino country. Probably, it won’t be a problem for local gambling providers, but it definitely can be a stopping point for international gambling companies.

On the other hand, bigger international gaming companies are not interested in receiving San Marino’s official license, because San Marino represents only a small part of the global gambling market. So, these restrictions won’t make them move to San Marino in search of approval of local authorities. Even if they are not regulated and licensed by local gambling commissions and authorities, they still exist and propose their services to local and foreign customers.

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in San Marino?

Officially, this law is called the Amendment to Law number 67 that was issued in 2014. As it was mentioned above, this Act tells that gambling operators must be licensed by local authorities and special gambling commissions. Along with that, their servers must be located in the borders of San Marino.  Also, there are no restrictions in terms of the prohibition of online gambling for locals or foreigners playing at San Marino online casinos.

The legal gambling age in San Marino starts from 18 years old. This age is a kind of permission for online gambling. To sum up, it is important to mention that there are various legal and licensed online casinos in San Marino, which is really good for players all over the world.

Best Deposit Methods for San Marino Gamblers

Payment options play an extremely important role for every gambling player. It is one of the key aspects that decide whether to choose a certain casino provider or not. In order to achieve excellence in payment operations, every part of the process from, payment systems to customer support, must be brilliant. Sending and receiving process as best and convenient as possible is the key to success for every gaming provider. Of course, each and every gambler wants immediate money receiving or depositing and it’s a part of the game. Immediate real money depositing or withdrawal is something that makes the high-level online casino stand from the crowd of other competitors.

The current gambling industry market proposes a variety of payment methods, depending on the online casino provider you’ve chosen in San Marino. Mostly, the selection of payment methods is pretty alike. They include, but are not limited to VISA, MasterCard, EcoPayz, EntroPay, Skrill, Neteller and a few more. All in all, these payment methods can be divided into e-Wallets, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Account.

Online San Marino casino’s banking and deposits methods vary in terms of speed and functionality. Gamblers have a pretty wide choice. If they are willing to receive their winning payments or making the deposit, they might choose the appropriate payment system provider. However, the fasted deposit or withdrawal method is considered to be the e-wallet. Credit and Debit cards are also fast enough, but the speed can vary depending on a provider you choose.

In case of having any questions or issues related to deposit making, you can contact a customer support team servıce in any of the licensed San Marino online casinos. They’re working for you without pauses and delays 365 days a year on a daily basis. To sum up the deposit making aspects, the final choice always depends on the player and its needs along with expectations.

Accepted currencies in San Marino

The local money used in San Marino is Euro. Unfortunately, currently, US Dollars and GBP along with other currencies are not so welcomed in business establishments and other places. However, many of the hotels, restaurants, accept US Dollars, GBP and other popular currencies, because tourists are the main part of the income in the gambling industry as well.

San Marino uses the Euro as the official currency since it was issued. It’s pretty interesting that before Euro the official currency was Lira that was used for quite a long time. By the way, San Marino is famous to be one of the oldest constitutional countries among others in the whole of Europe. The constitution of Europe was formed in 1600 and it still works! Can you imagine this?

Considering the fact that most San Marino online casinos are foreign ones, they accept worldwide currencies like US Dollar, GBP, Australian Dollar and other. So it definitely won’t be a problem for international players to make a deposit or withdraw their money. International gambling providers do their best to stay at the top of the gambling industry market.

Customer Support

Customer support plays one of the leading roles in the gambling industry services and other online services as well. In general, the main principles of online customer support in the gambling industry don’t differ from other online services. The level and quality of customer support service in San Marino depend on online gambling provider players are going to choose. The importance and value of the support service are indisputable and play one of the key roles. The main aim of customer support is to solve the client’s issues, problems, answering player’s questions without any delays and provide the highest user experience.

It’s pretty interesting that the level of customer support can be seen only when there are some issues or questions related to a platform. Many of San Marino online gambling providers propose an opportunity of Live Chat Support that is available 24\7, 365 days a year. For sure, it is convenient for different players. It is definitely much faster and easier than waiting hours and days for an e-mail response or phone call answers. However, these options still exist and are made available by many online casino providers. Live Chat Support supposes having a live or robotic operator that is ready for answering your platform-related questions immediately. This is definitely a plus. To sum up, it is important to mention that having a high-level customer support team of professionals is inevitable for each and every online casino provider.

Predictions about the Future of Online Gambling in San Marino

San Marino is a small European country that neighbours with Italy. Despite this fact, the economy of this country constantly grows and develops. The government does its best to create the best opportunities for local and international online gambling providers. They try to follow and implement the latest technologies and innovations in the gaming area to attract new players and make regular ones happier. They specially create all possible opportunities for local and foreign providers, attracting new investments in the gaming sector, which is cool. All these steps and actions foresee predictable growth in the nearest future. This makes possible for players to enjoy the latest variety of games, issuing new games and create the best experience for local and international gamers and gaming providers.

However, the authorities need to make licensing less strict in order to attract and support online gambling providers. They need to develop and adapt these rules because international providers are not so interested in getting a license from local authorities. If not, online gambling providers will do their best to avoid those licensing rules.

Also, online casinos in San Marino shouldn’t avoid the latest trends in the gambling industry technologies and do their best to implement and support them.

Moreover, online gambling providers need to constantly follow the latest trends as Virtual and Augmented reality, development of user interface, creation of strong customer support, safety rules and fraud attack prevention, implementation of cryptocurrency and blockchain payment along with artificial intelligence mechanism into the payment processes. A compilation of all these steps will make gambling experience in San Marino online casinos literally unimaginable! Good luck, San Marino!

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