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WS$b, Tala (WST)
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English, Samoan
2,842 km2

The independent State of Samoa with a capital Apia is located in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and New Zealand consisting of two islands. The name of the capital is Apia. Since 2014, the economy of Samoa constantly grows. The biggest part of the economy consists of the service sector along with tourism, agriculture, and industry.

Considering gambling (both land-based and online) Samoa and Samoan people are pretty acquainted with it. Gambling is legal here. The biggest casino in Samoa is located in Apia and called Whitesands Casino Samoa. Another one is located in Mulifanua. Until 2010, gambling (except lottery) was prohibited in Samoa. However, a bit further, despite the allowance of online and land-based casinos in Samoa, the country government has introduced some restrictions about licenses in Samoa. This has led to the fact that only two above-mentioned casinos have received an official license across Samoa. These licenses were issued by the Gambling Control Authority of Samoa. Moreover, other gambling providers are allowed to apply for licenses only after the 2020 year.

Mainly, casinos in Samoa are targeted for foreigners and tourists. Local government has tried to introduce some amendments to the gambling legislation in order to allow locals to play casinos in Samoa, but it hasn’t happened. The Samoa government tries to protect and prevent local gamblers from potential problems. Among local players, lottery and bingo are extremely popular. There are several state lotteries that are allowed by government, such as Oz Lotto, Powerball, Tatslotto and few more. Moreover, in 2017 there was introduced an official TV version of lotto. A little bit later, the lowest gambling age of 21 was introduced.

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Types of Online Casino in Samoa

While considering the types of online casino in Samoa, we must mention that there is a plenty of them. Every gambler from all over the world can find something to fit their expectations and, surely, tastes. Further, we want to take a detailed look at various online casino types that are available within Samoa. Here are some of the top online casinos proposed in the Samoan gambling market; these are Free Spin Casino, Black Diamond Casino, Spartan Slots, Slots Empire Casino and many more. Also, there are the following types:

  1. Samoan Live Casinos: Have you ever played in online casinos of this type in Samoa? If not, you certainly should. The latest technologies such as AR and VR give players a cool chance to feel like they’re in a casino hall physically in Samoa. It’s incredible actually. This type can bring that forgotten feeling of old-school casino entertainment to even experienced gamblers. Blackjack, Poker, Casino mobile, and so on. Live Casinos offer you an unforgettable Las Vegas casino halls experience even if you’re in the comfort of your home.
  2. Mobile Casinos: Mobile Casinos’ indisputable advantage is compatibility. It is a pro, for sure. Wherever you go, you can take your gadget or any possible device with you. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop. Have you ever imagined playing your favourite game lying on the beach and sunbathing? If not, you should try. You can choose from the list of mobile games in Samoa in our top online casino. All of them can be identified without any restrictions on our website. They’re all for you! Compatibility and user friendliness are therefore what separates this form of online casinos  in Samoa from many other games.
  3. The next form is so-called New Digital Casinos, which can be located in a special section in Samoa institutions and, definitely, on our website. Our experts are continually filling out this page. This, of course, gives players the opportunity to constantly mix various games and forget about boredom. So don’t give up trying something different!

You shouldn’t worry at all about our gambling industry professionals. Each and every online casino type in Samoa comes through careful selection by our gambling experts in terms of credibility, quality features, and standards.

Types of Casino Games for Samoa Gamblers

Gamblers in Samoa online casinos have a really wide range of options according to the fact the online gambling is allowed by the local government. Surely, the number of games depends on a platform they’re going to play at. The first thing gamers should pay attention to is licensing. It should be given by special gambling commissions and authorities. It is overwhelmingly important and let us explain why. The reason is pretty simple: in case of not having one the casino in Samoa can disappear with your real money winnings in a momentum. Surely, this can harm all your fair expectations and leave a scar on your perfect gaming experience. The list of all top licensed online casinos in Samoa can be found by gamblers on our official website.

As for the diversity of games, Samoa online casino games types can be numerous. From classical online slot machines to high-level live casino games  in Samoa that will take you back to a real Las Vegas casino hall. Samoa online casinos can give customers the option of selecting different bonuses and promotions. It can be welcome bonuses for attracting new customers or other available options and services for constant players.

In general, online casino games  in Samoa can be subdivided into such types of games like Poker, Blackjack, Two Aces, Baccarat, Keno, Roulette, etc.

However, there are many variations of listed games. Poker can be available in different variations. These are American Poker, European, French, and Live. On the other hand, poker asks for the tactics that fit you best in order to win real money. Another important thing is to always check the software of the gaming provider and its rating or user reviews of the casino in Samoa.

Virtual poker is going to make you feel like a professional poker player. It will build the illusion of being literally in front of the poker table together with the newest 3D models, AR and VR, and that’s great! It will also give you a sense of a real presence in a game of poker. It’s pretty entertaining, for sure. Blackjack and classic online slot machines are popular with online casino players from Samoa as well. They can leave you with a lost sense of joy and nostalgia with numerous exciting plots of traditional Las Vegas styles.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Samoa

The online gambling climate in the country is pretty uncertain and controversial. There is any law that regulates the Samoa online gambling industry.

 – Is online Gambling Allowed in Samoa?

As mentioned above, there is no official law that regulates online casinos in Samoa. However, land-based casinos in Samoa are regulated by the new Gaming Control Act that was issued in 2017. It contains any regulations, permissions or bans on online casinos in Samoa. Mainly, because at that moment the level of internet spreading in the country was extremely low. Also, it is important to state that local people are not allowed to play at land-based casinos in order to avoid possible gambling problems. However, they are allowed to play for foreign tourists in Samoa. However, if local people decide to enjoy online casinos, they’re welcomed.

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Samoa? 

According to the fact that there are no governmental regulations on online casino licensing, they are allowed to receive them on foreign offshore companies. Online casinos are not blocked by the government. However, Samoa players should always check the quality of proposed online casinos since their rights are not regulated by any official establishment in the country. Also, it is important to mention that the minimum gambling age is 21 years old.

In conclusion, we must say that online gamblers in Samoa can fully rely on our overview in order to make the right and safe decision while choosing an appropriate online casino to spend time at.

Best Deposit Methods for Samoa Gamblers

Payment options for each gambler are extremely important. Every part of the process from the payment system to customer support must be excellent in order to achieve perfection in payment operations. Especially to make sending and receiving processes as efficient and simple as possible, different payment systems have been developed. Surely, any gambler is aiming to collect or deposit money immediately. Depositing cash in a blink of an eye is something that is common for high-level online casinos.

A variety of payment methods depend on the online casino provides you’re choosing in Samoa. Mainly, the selection of payment methods is pretty the same. They include such names as VISA, MasterCard, EcoPayz, EntroPay, Skrill, Neteller and few more. Generally, it can be divided into e-Wallets, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Account.

However, deposit-making options can be available depending on online casinos. Surely, they can be different. Some of them are pretty fast, others are not. Also, an option depends on the customer as well. Some of them prefer making deposits or receiving money directly on the card or bank account, others prefer another way.

Samoa online casino’s banking and deposits methods also vary in terms of speed. Users have a wide choice. If they are willing to receive their winning payments or making the deposit, they might choose an appropriate payment provider. However, the fastest deposit or withdrawal method is considered to be an e-wallet. Credit and Debit cards are also speedy, but the speed can vary depending on a provider you choose.

You can email a customer support representative at any of Samoans ‘ online casinos if you have any concerns or problems related to making deposits. They work 365 days a year for you, 24/7. To summarize the aspects of making the deposit, the final choice is always dependent on customers and their needs.

Accepted Currencies in Samoa

The official currency of Samoa is Samoan tala. It consists of 100 sene. It’s pretty interesting that these words are a transliteration of words dollar and cent on Samoan language. However, considering online casinos, they can accept various worldwide popular currencies in order to provide customers with exceptional service and convenience, which is really cool. It helps to attract online platforms customers of different status and payment capabilities. Currencies may also vary basing on suppliers. Others can only use the US currency, while others are based on the Dollar.

If it’s a British supplier, GBP may be the main currency.  Because most of the providers are multinational, they literally accept different currencies in order to make financial transactions, payments, deposits and withdrawals as convenient as possible. Additionally, before making any kind of purchase or financial transactions, you need to test the casino license you will be playing at. It is extremely important in order to avoid potential fraudulent schemes.

Customer Support

A customer-centric approach is what attracts and conquers clients’ loyalty all over the world. Also, it is a strong factor that makes other gamblers recommend a certain online casino. It can significantly improve the level and quality of users’ playing experience. Customer support works especially to provide gamblers all over the world with answers to their current questions, solving technical along with financial issues and many more.

Customer support is a very important service proposed by gambling companies and the gambling industry as well. It is one of the key factors that create the reputation and ratings of the company in the gambling market. The value of strong customer support is literally priceless. However, it stays almost unseen until the appropriate moment comes and that’s pretty interesting. It can be covered up until the customer faces different types of problems, but the customer support team comes here when the gambler is searching for an answer or problem solution. Mostly, customer support teamwork principles in Samoa are not different from other countries. To order to win the client and keep them a frequent user of the service, businesses are looking for perfection.

Customer support systems in all online casinos around the world are pretty much the same. These are a live chat that can be reached in a specific frame. There you can talk to real professionals or technicians (depending on your problem) prepared to solve the problems of players and give appropriate advice. This chat should be available 24\7, which is really convenient and can solve gamblers’ problems immediately.

This communication method is based on common sources such as telephone or e-mail. The disadvantages of these two methods are reply delays and pauses. Therefore, the player must wait for the response to arrive for hours or even days that is tedious and could contribute to loses of real money. It’s certainly not good and it works against the reputation of online casinos.

Predictions about the future of online gambling in Samoa

Despite the uncertainty of the online gambling industry in Samoa, it is still expected to grow. Mostly, according to the fact that the government doesn’t pay so much attention to online casinos in Samoa, the further development of the industry depends on new trends implementation than on governmental regulations.

Online providers never stop developing and creating a variety of products. When it comes to new trends, the most popular among online casinos are new, mobile and live casinos. Newly issued casinos are full of modern features, graphics, and other convenient services. Mobile casinos in Samoa are famous for their compatibility, design, and variety of online games.

Live casinos are extremely attractive in terms of new technologies that are successfully implemented into online casinos. These are VR and AR, Artificial Intelligence and others. Along with the above-mentioned technologies, online casino providers continue to implement new payment options like bitcoin and ethereum, which can reduce the number of high fees. Surely, it is very convenient.

In short, Samoa’s projections of the prospects of online gambling are quite vague. However, if the government pays more consideration to the online gambling sector, they can be quite successful. The prospect of online casinos in Samoa, though, actually depends primarily on gaming companies and their developments.

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