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Country info
Rwandan franc (RWF)
Official languages
English, French, Kinyarwanda, Swahili
26,338 km2

The Republic of Rwanda is, actually, one of the smallest countries in Central Africa. In general, the economy of Rwanda is based on agriculture. Tea and coffee are mostly exported. Tourism also is a growing part of the Rwanda economy. Besides, Rwanda is famous for its cultural traditions, dance, and folklore.

Considering gambling, the situation in Rwanda is unclear and unstable because there are any existing laws that regulate online gambling. Lotto Rwanda is an establishment that regulates gambling in the country. However, online casinos in Rwanda are accessible for local and foreign gamblers as well.

Also, land-based casinos are expanding in Rwanda, which is a good sign for the development of online gambling as well. Sports betting is considered to be the most popular activity in Rwanda. However, as it is for most part of African countries.

Along with all the above-mentioned, there is no licensing process in Rwanda right now. However, to sum up, gambling in Rwanda is legal. The country has 3 official casinos; one of them is called Kigali Casino with a diversity of slots, table games, and poker. All in all, it is a pretty small casino that is, surely, expected to grow and develop in the future along with the overall number of casinos in Rwanda. Also, online gambling is also expected to grow and maintain, because even the laws don’t prohibit this online industry, still any online casino hasn’t received an official license.

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Types of Online Casino in Rwanda

As far as the variety of online casinos in Rwanda, there is quite a variety of them. It certainly depends on a foreign distributor of gaming software that you choose, since local providers do not provide any alternative. Online casinos are available for every taste. We are willing in this chapter to give a detailed description of current forms of online casinos that can be reached in Rwanda.

Rwanda Live Casino is the first. Live Casinos are equipped with numerous latest technologies, such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, in general. All this will make you visualize and feel a real person seated at the gaming table while a virtual gaming session. Such systems provide an incentive for the user to experience the influence of a real presence. This type of game can bring you back to Vegas casino halls ‘ unforgettable feeling. Such tools can be used in various games such as Poker, Online Casino, BlackJack, among many others.

Rwanda Mobile Casinos is another form that we’re going to bring up. Certainly, this type’s description is hidden in the name. Their flexibility and transportability are the main advantage of mobile casinos. You can reach the games from any device you can imagine, including a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, or other devices. Whether you’re on the beach, sitting at home or anywhere else, watching your favourite online slots is no question. You will find all these games on our website and all you need is to choose a good one.

New Online Casinos. Online casinos in Rwanda can be discovered on our website by gamblers in a special section. Such online games are released weekly or even more frequently. The list of new online casinos is made up by people who are doing their best to give your interest the greatest. The guide should help you get to know the gambling industry’s latest models, which is fantastic and handy. This compilation will help you to never get bored and stay in the course of the latest games.

Types of Casino Games for Rwanda Gamblers

As for casino games, online casinos in Rwanda have a huge diversity of games for different tastes. The online casino games assortment depends on the software platform and provider. Games might serve different aims like relaxation or earning money. Some of the newcomers while visiting an online casino at first even can’t stop their attention on something one. Surely, players need to choose something that is suitable for their needs and expectations.

Mostly, casinos in Rwanda offer such types of games like:

  • Blackjack;
  • Poker;
  • Keno;
  • Baccarat;
  • Two Aces;
  • Roulette and a few more.

These games might be available in different variations as well as Poker might be European\French\American and Live. This game is extremely popular in various countries. In order to start the game, it is indisputably important to be prepared for different schemes, tactics, and strategy as well. Without this, a good game is unimaginable. During the player session, you will definitely find out what’s best for you and what works for you successfully.

Video poker is also related to this type of game where attention is key to success. If you’re looking for real money to win, you’ll definitely need to pay attention to the moves of your opponent. By the way, this advice is related to the most famous ones, highly-paid and successful poker players in the world.

BlackJack is also one of the games that are played more often than others. Strategy plays one of the important roles as well. Hopefully, there is an unlimited number of them that can be found on the internet or other resources as well.

Online slot machines can bring you back to Las Vegas casinos ‘ golden era. That will, of course, depend on a game you choose; depending on the themes, they may differ. With an interesting and entertaining plot, wonderful graphics (including 3D) and quality sound can fulfill the games.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Rwanda

As it was mentioned before, there is no official law regulations that affect online casinos. They should be illegal, but they exist. However, the overall situation with gambling is pretty strange, for sure. It seems like gambling is not designed to be used in this country, because all aspects seem to be against it.

Currently, there is no licensing in Rwanda for online casino providers. However, there is a big potential for this industry growth in the nearest future. There is a lot more governmental attention for land-based casinos, but this focus can change towards the online gambling industry for sure.

The attitude of the Rwanda government towards online gambling is uncertain. However, online gambling is officially allowed in the country.

In order to receive a license from Rwanda, the applying company should follow a very strict process. The internet gaming including online casinos and sportsbooks are guided by Rwanda laws. However, the process is very clear and simple, the gaming business, which is looking for government approval, needs to conclude a contract between the government of Rwanda that acts as a licensor and a licensee that is, actually, a gaming company. The internet gaming companies that include cyber casinos and internet sportsbooks as well must stay completely offshore businesses. Moreover, all internet companies should be registered according to the International Business Companies Act 1996.

Mostly, licenses are issued for five years. Along with that, the company needs to mention the exact amount of employees that are going to be involved in the working process. Each person is carefully selected. The price for licensing is paid only one time. Another important aspect is the requirement for presence, which means that the company that is applying for a license needs to be physically present in Rwanda in order to receive it. Surely, this is very good in terms of constantly growing workplaces in Rwanda.

Best Deposit Methods for Rwanda Gamblers

The suggested payment options and products on the betting industry often hold one of the leading positions in the choice of a gaming platform. To please clients, the payment system should work perfectly. The online gambling business sector nowadays offers a variety of payment methods based on the online casino supplier that you have chosen in Rwanda. A number of payment methods in online casinos in Rwanda are usually the same in most instances. They include but not limited to VISA, MasterCard, EcoPayz, EntroPay, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller and many more. All in all, these payment methods can be divided into e-Wallets, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Account.

According to different resources, in order to withdraw real money or make a real money deposit for people in Rwanda, it is good to choose an e-wallet. It’s the fastest way. E-wallets are much faster than any other service, even than Debit or credit card. It might take a few hours to make a deposit or withdraw money. In comparison with Debit or Credit card 24 to 48 hours. Also, these options are different according to such matters as level of encryption and security level, speed and credibility.

Considering the assortment of payment options and services available in online casinos in Rwanda, it is easy to choose the one that is the most suitable according to players’ needs and expectations. In case customers have different questions or issues related to deposit making, it is pretty easy to contact a customer support team with any convenient way in any of the proposed top Rwanda online casinos. The customer support team works 365 days in a row for 24 hours. As it was mentioned above, the deposit making aspects, as well as any other financial aspect, always depend on players` wants.

Customer Support

Customer support is a very important service proposed in the gambling companies and industry as well. It is one of the key aspects that create the reputation of the company in the gambling market and Rwanda is not an exclusion. The value of strong customer support is priceless. However, it stays almost unseen until the appropriate moment comes. Until the customer faces different types of problems it is hidden, but when the player is searching for an answer or solving the issue the customer support team steps into the game. Mostly, the principles of customer support teamwork in Rwanda don’t differ from the same in other countries. Companies are striving for excellence in order to win the customer and make them a regular platform user.

The services of customer support are pretty the same in all online casinos all over the world. These are a live chat that can be approachable in a special frame in the interface with real professionals or technicians (depending on a matter of your problem) that are ready to solve players’ issues or give appropriate advice. This chat should be available 24\7, which is really convenient and can solve gamblers’ problems immediately.

This method of communication takes over usual sources, like telephone or e-mail. The cons of these two methods are delays and pauses in replying. Thus, the player can wait for hours or even days for the reply to come, which is annoying and might lead to real money losses. Surely, it’s not good.

A customer-centric approach is what attracts and conquers clients’ loyalty all over the world. Also, it is a strong factor that makes other gamblers to recommend a certain online casino. It can significantly improve the level and quality of users’ playing experience. Customer support works especially to provide gamblers all over the world with answers to their current questions, solving technical along with financial issues and many more.

Accepted Currencies in Rwanda

The accepted currency in Rwanda is the Rwandan Franc. However, US dollars are also very popular within the country. Nevertheless, considering online casinos in Rwanda, they can accept various worldwide popular currencies in order to provide customers with exceptional service and convenience, which is really cool. It helps to attract customers of different status, and payment abilities to their online platforms. Currencies can also depend on the provider games are played at. Some can use only US Dollar, others are focused on the Euro. If it’s a United Kingdom provider, then the main currency can be GBP. Most of the providers are multinational, so they accept literally various currencies to make financial transactions, payments, deposit and withdrawal as convenient as possible. Also, before making any type of payment and financial transaction, it is necessary to check the license of the casino you’re going to play at. It is extremely important in order to avoid fraud and potential money stealing.

Predictions about the Future of Online Gambling in Rwanda

There can be no clear statements when it comes to the online gaming sector in Rwanda and its growth forecasts. It is obvious, because there is no official gambling industry. There is no officially licensed casino on Rwanda’s territory. In addition, local people are not prepossessed by the economic situation in the country to play in online casinos. However, they can do it on international online casino platforms if they are willing. Despite this fact, the gaming industry’s website professionals have built a top list of online casinos that can welcome players so they can play anytime and anywhere.

It is also important to mention that, without internet connection, the development of online casinos cannot be appropriate. And with this reality, Rwanda certainly has problems. We also hope, though, that Rwanda’s government will do its best to create, sustain and expand all opportunities for growth in the online gambling industry and who knows, perhaps, Rwanda will take one of the world’s leading gaming places someday.

Despite the uncertainty of the online gambling industry in Rwanda, it is still expected to grow. Mostly, according to the fact that the government doesn’t pay so much attention to online casinos in Rwanda, the further development of the industry depends on new trends implementation than on governmental regulations.

Online providers never stop developing and creating a variety of products. When it comes to new trends, the most popular among online casinos are new ones, mobile and live casinos. Newly issued casinos are full of modern features, graphics, and other convenient services. Mobile casinos in Rwanda are famous for their compatibility, design, and a variety of online games.

Live casinos are extremely attractive in terms of new technologies that are successfully implemented into an online casino. These are VR and AR, Artificial Intelligence and others. Along with the above-mentioned technologies, online casino providers continue to implement new payment options like bitcoin and ethereum, which can reduce the number of high fees. Surely, it is very convenient.

To sum up, predictions are quite unclear about the future of online gambling in Rwanda. However, if the government pays more attention to the online gambling industry, they can be quite bright. At present, however, the future of Rwanda’s online casinos is largely dependent on gaming providers and their innovations.

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