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Namibian dollar (NAD) South African rand (ZAR)
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English, Afrikaans
825,615 km2

Namibia is a small country located in Africa. The state is famous for its nature, huge desert and rare species of animals. Every year a large number of tourists visit Namibia to look at the ancient monuments of architecture. Another way to attract tourists is with local gambling houses. However, the laws of Namibia are very ambiguous in this area, so in order to find out whether gambling in the country is likely to be legal and to study the history of the development of a casino, read the information below.

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History of Gambling in Namibia

The history of gambling has a very long history since no one can completely tell when exactly the first cash games appeared. Compared to other African countries, Namibia has a rather interesting and long history of the development of gambling entertainment. In 1938, the government issued a decree on licensing bookmakers. From that moment, gambling in the country began to develop rapidly.

Nevertheless, the industry developed, and the laws in the country remained the same, so in 1994 the Law on Gambling Houses was adopted, which fully regulated the activities of all land-based casinos, sweepstakes, and lotteries. A little later, in 1996, a moratorium on the issuance of licenses in casinos was issued. As a result, new gambling houses ceased to appear. The moratorium has been operating in the country for 10 years, and only in 2006 was cancelled. But despite this, nothing has changed in Namibia.

Only 6 licensed large land-based casinos, which are located mainly in hotels in the country, still operate in the state. In addition, there are more than 200 small halls with slot machines located in bars, pubs and even hairdressers. The situation with bookmakers is much better, therefore, players from Namibia do not have problems with sports betting. The authorities of Namibia are trying to fight illegal gaming halls. In this regard, in 2018, amendments to the current law were adopted. According to innovations, an additional tax was levied on each slot machine.

If we talk about virtual gambling, then in Namibia the history of the development of online casinos has not yet begun. The legislative framework of the country does not regulate online gambling. According to this, only foreign online resources are available to local players. However, players are not prohibited from visiting offshore sites and access to them is always open. Now residents of Namibia can choose the best gambling establishment from the list of proposed ones. Perhaps in the near future, the situation in the country will change, but since the 2000s, the doors for local players have been opened exclusively by foreign online casinos.

Types of Online Casino in Namibia

On the Internet, you can find many gambling houses that offer various types of entertainment. Virtual casinos are not regulated in Namibia, but lotteries and bookmakers are permitted by law. Locals can bet on the best sweepstakes in the world. In addition, online casinos are available to players who have obtained licenses from the best licensing authorities in the world. Depending on the interface, online casinos can be divided into several types. Downloadable online casinos are considered to be the highest quality. To play in such a casino, players from Namibia need to download software, a link to which can be found on the website of the gambling house. Providers guarantee the security of the downloaded file if they check the casino for a license. Downloadable online casinos can provide the best quality games, a fascinating storyline and a huge selection of games.

In addition, more often loaded casinos are very generous and give players big bonuses after registration. For a player who does not plan to stay on one site for a long time and wants to compare many online casinos, it is better to use non-downloadable casinos. To play in such an institution, just install the latest version plugin. Of course, games in the browser are inferior to downloadable casinos, but they are still able to impress players from Namibia. There is another type of virtual casino, which has recently been in incredible demand. As you already understood, we will talk about mobile casinos. Players from Namibia can certainly download a special application on their portable device and play anytime, anywhere. Thanks to mobile casinos, players are no longer attached to their home or office and can enjoy the game even in the park. In addition, it is worth noting that modern mobile casinos practically do not differ from computer ones and offer the same entertainment only on a smaller screen.

Whatever type of casino you prefer, the main thing is that the game brings pleasure.

Types of Casino Games for Namibian Gamblers

Due to the decline in popularity at real gambling houses, players have the opportunity to play their favourite gambling in online casinos. Games on the network are practically no different from real ones, the original rules of the game and making bets have been preserved. On the Internet, gambling can be played for real money or for free. Despite the number of gambling, as well as different tastes and the constant emergence of new stories and genres, the most popular games are determined by statistics.

The most popular are still slot machines. It is the slot machines that most attract people to battle with luck and receive a cash reward. Moreover, for the players, the way of the game does not really matter: live or on the online casino site. Due to the wide variety of slot machines, each player has the opportunity to choose the most ideal for themselves. On the site of the online casino, before the start of the game, there is a detailed description of the rules that a potential player needs to familiarize themselves with.

For players with experience, board and card games are great. Among card games, poker remains invariably popular. There are even poker tournaments all over the world where winners can win very large cash prizes. Both in real and in online casinos, a player has the opportunity to play with a dealer or hold a tournament with rivals. However, among board games, players from Namibia choose roulette. Roulette does not require great skills from players; however, the use of various strategies will help to win good prizes.

In addition to the above games, games with virtual reality are becoming popular. The game process will take place in a real casino hall with a live croupier. Such games fully simulate brick casinos and allow players to visit a real casino without leaving the room. The only condition for a successful game of live games is the availability of a high-speed Internet connection.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Namibia

When players plan to visit a gambling establishment for the first time, they have a question of whether the laws of gambling in their country. In many countries in Africa, there is a penalty for playing in a casino in the form of imprisonment. Fortunately, Namibia is not one of them. All land-based casinos, lotteries and betting shops are allowed in the country. However, the online casino industry is still unregulated. Current laws are a little outdated and require significant improvements. Now all gambling houses in the country conduct their activities in accordance with the 1994 law on gambling houses.

The previous law regulated exclusively the activities of bookmakers and was adopted in 1938. In 2018, there were attempts to combat illegal gambling. In this regard, fines were increased, and additional taxes began to be levied on each slot machine.

The activities of virtual casinos remain out of sight of the government. Nevertheless, the absence of prohibitions on online casinos gives players the right to gamble on foreign resources. Unlike many other countries, Namibia allows offshore resources and does not block them.

In Namibia, there is no separate body that would control the activities of the casino. The responsibility lies partly with the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Finance. As for licenses, they are issued by the country’s parliament. For a long time, a moratorium on licensing was established in Namibia. For this reason, between 1996 and 2006, no new gambling houses appeared. Since online gambling is not mentioned in the law, licenses for virtual casinos are also not issued.

According to the law, the minimum age of players must be at least 18 years. However, it is important to report that the government has tried several times to amend and restrict access to gambling for people under 21 years of age. Players should closely monitor the news in the gaming industry of Namibia to know about the innovations. Since existing laws do not apply to online casinos, the minimum age will depend on the chosen foreign casino.

Best Deposit Methods for Namibian Gamblers

None of the players will dispute the fact that playing in real money casinos is much more fun than in interest. Of course, beginners should start with free spins and demos of board games. This will help you find your strengths, choose a game to your taste and understand the rules. When players gain experience, the question arises of replenishing the deposit. For players from Namibia, it is very important that the transaction is reliable, convenient and fast. Locals have access to many payment systems, including bank transfer, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and electronic checks. Nevertheless, when conducting money transactions on international sites, players from Namibia should refuse to use a bank transfer, replacing it with alternative payment systems.

Bank transfer is considered one of the most reliable options, but such transactions may be rejected. However, an excellent alternative is the prepaid Visa and Mastercard cards. Debit cards guarantee players from Namibia not only reliable but also instant money transfers. Of course, Namibia does not lag behind other countries and introduces electronic payment systems. Electronic wallets not only allow you to replenish your deposit but also withdraw your winnings in the same way. For players from Namibia who do not want to provide bank details on the casino website, payment gateways are suitable. With their help, players will be able to make payments while remaining anonymous.

According to the latest data, Skrill, 2CheckOut and Neteller are named the most popular payment methods.

Accepted Currencies in Namibia

Namibia is a very interesting and beautiful country, which is famous for its traditions and life. The country often changed the national currency. Until 1922, the currency of Namibia was the pound sterling. Later, they were replaced by the South African pound. And since 1961, the South African rand was recognized as the national currency. However, in 1990, Namibia declared independence and the question of its own, unique currency became acute. Thus, in 1993, the currency appeared in circulation – the Namibian dollar. However, the South African rand continues to operate in the country. We can say that currencies exist in parallel, and their exchange rate is pegged in a 1: 1 ratio. The variable currency in the country is called a cent; one Namibian dollar is equal to one hundred cents. The currency of Namibia is issued in the form of coins in denominations of 1 and 5 dollars, and in the form of banknotes in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 dollars. Since 1995, commemorative coins have been produced from various materials (copper-nickel alloy, silver, gold) in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 100 dollars. In 1999 and 2000, the first commemorative 5 cents were issued.

Responsibility for the release of money lies with the Central Bank of Namibia. Currency can be exchanged at bank branches or at currency exchange points that can be found on the street.
Players from Namibia should pay attention to the currencies offered by online casinos. Unfortunately, there are no resources where you can pay with the Namibian dollar, but there are already casinos that accept deposits in South African rand. In addition, all foreign resources accept deposits in dollars or euros. Players from Namibia do not even need to change the currency on their own, because the resource will automatically make it for them.

Customer Support

Support is essential in any industry, including online casinos. Feedback is important not only for the player but also for online casinos. Sometimes even professional players have a number of questions for the site staff, not to mention newcomers who have to figure it out. In addition, with the help of feedback, players can not only ask questions but leave their reviews about online casinos. This will help providers understand what is worth working on and how to improve their resources. There are several ways to contact support. Unfortunately, calling a phone number for players from Namibia will not be very convenient, because foreign numbers can be expensive.

In addition, it may happen that the operator and the player do not speak the same language, and it will be very difficult to resolve the issue. However, for players from Namibia, online chat and email are great. Choosing one of these options is necessary based on the issue that you need to solve. If your problem is urgent, then live chat is the best choice. The player, together with the operator will be able to communicate in a separate pop-up window. There is a unique opportunity to continue the game. Perhaps this method could be called ideal, but it is not suitable for solving global issues that require a detailed description and time to solve them. If such a question still arises, you should write an email to the casino. Players will receive an answer within a few hours.

In order to narrow the circle of questions to a minimum, players are advised to study the user agreement and view the undressed “question-answer” on the casino website. Most likely, you will find there all the answers to the most popular questions.

Always seek help from employees if you have problems because only in this way you can take care of your safety and enjoy the game.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Namibia

Gambling in Namibia has every chance to develop further and reach a high level. Despite the fact that gambling to the network is still not regulated in this country, there are reasons to believe that everything will change in the near future. In Namibia, land-based casinos are allowed, so there is no point in banning virtual games. The experience of other countries, including those located in Africa, shows that online casinos are a profitable industry that can significantly replenish the country’s budget.

Currently, players can only visit offshore resources. However, the development of foreign casinos also does not standstill. Many resources that are glad to welcome players from Namibia offer virtual reality games that are popular around the world. Mobile online casinos are also successfully developing and are in demand among local residents. More recently, players have the opportunity to conduct transactions using cryptocurrencies, but at the moment, this idea is not like state-owned banks that are struggling with virtual currencies. In the near future, there will be a lot more online casinos with cryptocurrency. Positive changes can be expected in the development of lotteries and sports betting.

While Players from Namibia are watching the news in the gaming business, they can enjoy a pleasant game in the world of online casinos.

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