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The official name of the country which is known to us as Jordan is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is located in Western Asia on the bank of the Jordan River and has access to the Dead Sea, which makes it a popular tourist destination. The total population of the country is about 10 million people, 4 of whom live in the capital of the country called Amman. Jordan is an Islamic country where only 6% of residents are Christians. Despite being a constitutional monarchy, the significant power belongs to the king, who appoints all the major governors of the country.

The history of Jordan is rather long. It was conquered by the largest world’s empires. Alexander The Great, the Romans, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire joined the territory of modern Jordan to their states. Even though all these empires have left their impact on the country, the most significant influence was made by the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the territory of the state for 4 centuries by World War 1. It was also the time when gambling appeared on the territory of the state.

It is a widely known fact that alcohol and gambling have been widely spread in the Ottoman Empire. Being reliant on the West, they used to export wine to Europe and learned a variety of games there. They spread very quickly around the country and Jordan was not an exception. Despite being a deeply religious country people needed entertainment and relaxation and gambling has become one of the ways to achieve that. Naturally, the mindset to refuse gambling has been created by the Islamic Law for centuries, though there were and still are people who take advantage of this way of getting fun.

After the end of WW1, Jordan became a Mandate State of Great Britain. It is not a secret that gambling in Britain has a long history, so it has also left its impact on Jordan. Many new games have been brought to the country.

The country became an independent state after World War 2 in 1946. Since then, all types of gambling have been considered illegal in Jordan. There are no land-based casinos, online gambling is prohibited too.

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Types of Online Casino in Jordan

Jordan is a country with strict religious rules, it does not prevent local citizens from playing casino games. It is a way of relaxation and entertainment that helps to forget about everyday routine. Even the official prohibition of gambling including online games in Jordan is not that strict since gamblers are not prosecuted for this activity and even punishment predetermined by law is rather loyal. That is why citizens of Jordan, who are mostly wealthy people, do not neglect a chance to visit foreign-based platforms where they can win real money playing casino games. What types of casinos do they prefer? Well, the most popular ones are the following:

Web-browser casinos

The most popular type of casinos is gambling websites which do not require any actions from the player apart from opening the casino website in any web browser and choosing the game he or she likes. There are still some casinos that require the installation of a Flash Player to be able to play online, but they are more a rarity rather than a rule. Such casinos also require a stable and good internet connection to get the utmost pleasure from gambling.

Downloadable casinos

If the Internet connection leaves much to be desired, it is not a reason to get upset since multiple downloadable casinos are happy to welcome players from Jordan. It is enough to download the casino software from the website, set up it on your computer, and enter the account to dive in the mesmerizing world of slots symbols, cards, and other casino accessories.

Mobile casinos

Ones of the most popular online casinos nowadays are mobile ones. With the incessant growth of several mobile device users, the number of gamblers who enter online casinos from mobile phones and tablets is increasing too. Modern mobile casinos may be responsive versions of regular online platforms, have games that can be played only on mobile devices, or be downloaded in the form of an app and used on the phone or tablet regularly.

Live dealer casinos

The necessity to make online casinos more realistic led to the appearing of live casinos managed by real dealers and live-streamed from the specially equipped studios. These casinos offer a new experience that combines online and land-based gambling without compensating on the players’ confidentiality.

Crypto casinos

A relatively new kind of casinos has been opened after the introduction of the first cryptocurrency in 2008. The popularity of this electronic money has become a boost to open special gambling platforms that accept only crypto payments and provide them with an unforgettable online activity.

Types of Casino Games for Jordanian Gamblers

The official ban to gamble cannot become an obstacle to do what you like, and gamblers from Jordan understand it too. Many other Asian countries with the official Muslim religion have legalized gambling since it can be a great source of revenue for the country. Jordan authorities have also raised this question but not all citizens support this idea. That is why they continue to use online platforms actively and enjoy the games played by their ancestors for centuries.

Although the choice of games in most of the overseas casinos is similar, gamblers from Jordan have their favorites.

The leader of all the tops listing online casino games is undoubtedly poker. What is most interesting, citizens of Jordan like to play not any version of this thought-provoking game. They prefer Texas Holdem Poker – a variation that allows winning the game only based on advanced psychological and mathematical decisions. The Texas Holdem App on Facebook, for example, has over 600,000 players from Jordan and is the leader in popularity among other games. It means that players from Jordan do not look for easy winnings and prefer games that require skills and talent, not only luck.

The second place is taken by blackjack, a card game that used to be known as Twenty-One in the US. It is a casino banking game that is considered to be the most popular in the world. The goal of the game is to beat a dealer in one of several ways. Moreover, there are multiple variations of the blackjack game, so every player from Jordan will find an appealing game easily.

Naturally, these are not the only games selected by the residents of Jordan on different online gambling destinations. They do not lose an opportunity to try other popular games played all over the continents, so their choice is often made in favor of the following casino games:

  • Slots;
  • Baccarat;
  • Roulette;
  • Bingo;
  • Wheel of Fortune;
  • Sic Bo;
  • Keno etc.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Jordan

You may read on multiple websites that gambling is illegal in Jordan, but multiple official activities are very similar to gambling but are not called by this term. It is enough to remember about Jordanian Welfare Lottery, the official national lottery, which is shown on Jordanian TV every 10 days at 8 PM. More than 100,000 tickets are sold for every new program, so this way of gambling is incredibly popular in Jordan. There are many different cash prizes, and 10% of the lottery revenue goes to disabled people. Even ‘Fatwa’ makes no impact on this official type of gambling, let alone multiple contests and lotteries run in shopping malls, by sports drinks, and different small businesses.

Is online gambling allowed in Jordan?

Citizens of Jordan are not allowed to play casino games since it is considered illegal. Jordan is a Muslim country where Islamic Law called Sharia is reserved but mostly for family matters. Some families discourage from gambling while others do not find anything bad in this activity.

Moreover, there used to attempt to legalize gambling in Jordan at the beginning of the second millennium. There was a tentative agreement to build a casino on the territory of Jordan in 2003, but it was not approved. Another effort was made by prime minister Marouf al-Bakhit in 2007 who suggested to include gambling to the list of tourist professions and build three large casinos on the main resorts of Jordan. He even signed a contract with the British company Oasis Holding Investment Ltd to operate a future casino by the Dead Sea. This news has led to massive public outrage and could be authorized only after being published in the local Gazette. However, it has never happened and caused to $1.4 billion penalties which are still a bird for the country.

What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Jordan?

The written law of Jordan has been greatly influenced by the Common Law of Britain and the Civil Law of France, though it contains some inclusions of Islamic law too. Since gambling is prohibited officially, the only law that regulates it is the Penal Code of Jordan. Two articles 393 and 394 are devoted to the punishment for operating gambling business on the territory of Jordan, while article 395 says about penalties for players which can be as severe as 3 months of imprisonment sometimes in addition to the fine issued.

All the cases regarding gambling in Jordan are heard by magistrates courts and first-time offenders are usually punished with a fine only. The law covers not only land-based but also online gambling making it officially banned. At the same time, the government of Jordan does not make any effort to prevent access to multiple web gambling platforms, so this ban serves more as a rule rather than law. It is also worth mentioning that all the residents of Jordan must report about the crimes they know about, so most of the penalties are derived from these facts.

Best Deposit Methods for Jordanian Gamblers

It may seem difficult for gamblers from Jordan to find a suitable deposit method in foreign casinos, but, in fact, they do not differ greatly from ones popular all around the world. If you are a player from Jordan and want to send money to your casino account or vice versa withdraw it, it is important to be aware of the methods on how to make the initial deposit. There are several widely-used methods:

Credit and debit cards

It is not a secret that there are both credit and debit cards accepted all around the world. The most popular of them are Visa and MasterCard which convert money into the necessary currency immediately. That is why these and other cards serve as a popular deposit and withdrawal method for players from Jordan.


Modern people got used to keeping money on the virtual accounts and e-wallets are among them too. Though Jordan does not have its electronic payment system, its population uses such popular e-wallets as Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, and WebMoney. They can be used for fulfilling a casino account as well.

Pre-paid cards

It is very comfortable to put some money on the card and use it to pay for different goods and services. Such pre-paid cards can be used for real money deposits and winnings withdrawal. The most popular cards used in Jordan are EntroPay, Paysafecard, and Flexepin.

Bank wire transfers

Sometimes there is no need to use any cards if you have a bank account. You can transfer money from one account to another one in a matter of minutes and pay a minimum commission for such a transaction. Why not deposit money to your favorite casino in this way too?


BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum are the three most popular crypto coins accepted on many gambling platforms. Gamers enjoy sending cash via crypto wallets from Jordan since such transfers are fast and have a minimum transaction fee.

Accepted Currencies in Jordan

The national currency of Jordan is the Jordanian dinar. Its abbreviation on the world’s trading platforms is JOD and it has become the official state currency in 1950. It has replaced the Palestine pound but it is not the only currency used on the territory of Jordan. Israeli shekel still circulates around the country.

The government of Jordan and the Central Bank of Jordan impose control on the exchange rate of the Jordanian dinar so it never floats on global markets. The dinar has been also pegged to Special Drawing Rights (SDR) of the International Monetary Fund since October 1995, so its exchange rate per the US dollar is equal $1.41 per 1 dinar. Jordan has featured a significant gross domestic product growth for 10 years, so its currency has become much more stable and strong.

At the same time, the dinar is not popular with offshore online casinos though you can undoubtedly find platforms in Jordan which will not refuse deposits in dinars. However, it is not a problem to exchange the Jordanian dinar for more popular currencies such as USD, EUR, or GBP. As a result, players from Jordan will get more chances to pave their ways to winnings because the exchange rate is very profitable. Moreover, it increases the chances of gamblers from Jordan to take advantage of great welcome, match, and deposit bonuses offered almost in every casino and transform gambling into a real pleasure.

It is also worth mentioning that foreign casinos accept not only so-called paper money but also virtual cash too. It means that players from Jordan can send equivalents of real national currencies via electronic payment systems as well as risk such virtual coins as cryptocurrency. It is not surprising to see casinos where BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and other crypto are the most popular deposit methods.

Customer Support

How can gamblers from Jordan decide if a casino is reliable? One of the features of a trusted gambling website is a friendly and professional customer support team. Only renowned companies can afford to hire experienced and professional staff which can easily answer any question and solve problems in a matter of minutes. That is why many casinos which want to enter the top of the best ones pay great attention to the members of the customer support team and their accessibility. They try to offer more ways of connecting with the staff representatives to solve any issues as fast as possible.

One of the most appreciated by players ways to contact customer support is undoubtedly a chat. Some casinos install special software and use a bot for this purpose, while there are websites where all the questions are answered by real people. It is enough to send a word or sentence to the representative and he or she will do their best to help you. This way remains a top priority for many casinos since it offers instant access to the professional and is very effective and fast.

Naturally, there are other ways to contact the customer support team of the online casinos too. Eloquent players from Jordan can prefer making a call and explaining their problem in words, while more serious issues can be described in the email letters in detail and sent to the team too. If none of the ways mentioned above suits a player from Jordan, it is possible to try to find a solution to your issues yourself exploring the FAQ section of the website.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Jordan

Unfortunately, the predictions of gambling in Jordan are not very promising. Despite several efforts to legalize the casino industry in the country, such a public protest which was caused by these attempts allows experts to suppose that this industry will not be approved by local authorities in the closest future and even several upcoming years. The only positive point, in this case, is the availability of multiple online gaming platforms in Jordan. Even though there is an official prohibition to use them, there were no attempts to close clients’ access to these websites and prosecute them severely for this activity. When it comes to punishment for gambling in Jordan, it is very light in comparison with other Asian countries where casinos are illegal, so the Jordanians can continue playing their beloved games online and feel how blood runs through their veins when they risk not only money but also their freedom sometimes.

At the same time, since online gambling flourishes in Jordan, it is possible to suppose that all the advancements and innovations implemented in the casinos all around the world will be available in Jordan too.

Today, it is difficult to surprise anyone with a mobile device, but the trends to use them more often and for playing casino games, in particular, have been predicted for 5 last years. With the growth of the number of mobile phone users, it is natural that many casinos will try to adapt their platforms to the devices by making them responsive and easy to access. It will improve user experience and let gamers get pleasure from playing anytime and anywhere.

Modern people got used to the fact that any new technological discovery or creation is introduced in different industries to improve their services and products. Gambling also keeps up with Joneses trying to impress its connoisseurs with a new exciting experience. Experts predict that soon in addition to live dealer casinos available in Jordan, players will receive a new way of playing thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies. They will open new opportunities for numerous online casinos so that the last ones could satisfy their players from Jordan fully and improve the attitude of the local population to gambling as a whole.

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