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Nowadays, every second Internet user uses a web resource to access various online casinos. This type of entertainment is very popular all over the world but some experts believe that it has reached its peak already. Despite such statements, casino developers and operators continue to search for new solutions and ideas to surprise the gambling audience and present wonderful games. As a result of hard work, VR games and live casinos appeared. Before testing these projects, we need to find out in which countries they are allowed/prohibited. This review is about Honduras where gambling has had a long history since the Spanish conquest in 1502. This country was discovered by Christopher Columbus and conquered by the Spanish Empire in a few weeks. The new rule brought to Honduras a new culture, religion, and gambling of course. First, the residents of Honduras saw a prototype of a modern roulette equipped with different sectors and a small ball. After that, the Spaniards showed poker and dice. All these games became very popular and they existed in Honduras even after the recognition of its independence in 1821.

In 1838, the country withdrew from the Central American Federation. During this period, gambling was banned and allowed again several times. No laws/prohibitions were an obstacle for residents of Honduras who love gambling and real money. In 2019, only 8 gaming rooms that operate in Honduras. At first, they were created to attract tourists, so all casinos are parts of large hotels. At the moment, the number of tourists is minimized, therefore Honduran offline casinos are popular among residents. This is not the only problem of Honduran gambling as it is one of the poorest countries in America. Local players are ready to spend the last cent for bets and the government does not pay attention to the work of gaming halls. Nowadays, Honduras fights crime and corruption. Therefore, gambling is the least of the government’s concern.

All these features have helped Hondurans explore the realm of virtual gambling, which has become very popular in all countries. Local gamers have access to dozens of high-quality and reliable gaming resources that work online. In this review, we want to answer the main questions that will help you find the right virtual casino in Honduras and win real money.

We are sure that the current laws and projects will be changed in the future. If the government of Honduras wants to develop tourism then it needs to make online casinos legal.

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Types of Online Casino in Honduras

Meanwhile, the number of Internet users in Honduras is increasing every year. In the virtual world, Honduran gamers have a wide selection of gaming platforms that will surprise you with new games, generous bonuses and various surprises. We understand that some users do not know how and where to find a reliable online casino, so we have compiled a list of the best resources that users from Honduras accept. At the moment, this list offers 170 gambling platforms including such popular casinos as Aladdin’s Gold; 888; 7Reels; $ Big Dollar;; All British and others. Please note that this list will expand as we are always looking for the best deals for our users.

Choosing a virtual casino from this list you do not need to worry that your money will be stolen or the result of the game will not be fair. Each site has been carefully checked for the most important parameters. First of all, it is a valid license issued by an authoritative body. Secondly, Hondurans will have access to popular games for every taste. Registration and deposits in recommended online casinos are accompanied by generous bonuses and gifts.

In 2019, residents of Honduras have access to the following gaming resources:

1) Live casinos became a popular trend that embraced gambling and gave players new opportunities. Now we can visit the virtual casino and enjoy the atmosphere of a real gaming room as we will play against a live dealer. Live casinos specialize only in board games in which the broadcast is carried out from a special studio where you can choose a table and a dealer.

2) VR is still a new phenomenon in the world and not all of us know how it works. At this stage, VR casinos and games show excellent results. Thanks to developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt, we can visit the new generation of casinos and play amazing games that were not available before. Thanks to special equipment (glasses/controller), players can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a virtual casino in 2 seconds.

3) It is obvious that our world will “collapse” without gadgets and portable devices. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops play an important role by performing dozens of functions. A few years ago, casino providers and operators decided to use devices to run slot machines. Mobile casinos have several advantages:

  • availability;
  • comfort;
  • unlimited possibilities of Honduran players;
  • a high level of security.

4) Another crypto boom happened in 2017, so many Honduran casinos started using Bitcoin and other coins as a deposit method. Moreover, some game resources began to function based on cryptocurrency! This trend is also popular in 2019 when you can find many casinos working with crypto money.

To summarize, we can say that the people of Honduras get many benefits on the Internet. Each type of online casino is unique and the choice depends on your preferences.

Types of Casino Games for Honduran Gamblers

As we already said, there are 8 houses work in the territory of modern Honduras. Each of them is part of a certain hotel that has fulfilled the requirements for licenses and the number of rooms. Typically, offline gaming rooms offer slot machines, bingo and several tables with roulette/poker/blackjack/craps/baccarat. It is worth noting the popularity of poker, which has become almost the national game of Honduras. In any case, the country’s government does not allow operators of land-based houses to offer a large number of games, so most local gamers visit virtual casinos that work without restrictions. On these resources, you will find entertainment such as

  • Video slots. Throughout the existence of gambling, entertainment developers always pay attention to thematic slots because they are very popular. Why do Hondurans choose these games? Most gamers choose slots for several reasons. These emulators always offer interesting stories thanks to which we can travel, look for the secrets of the pyramids and relax without leaving the room. Leading providers use 3D tools and add music and animations to display the theme and idea. These components go well with bonus options that help you win real money. Also, users can find classic and progressive online slots.
  • Board games will make gamers happy because they are presented in a wide variety. TOP Honduran online casinos offer the best variations of poker, blackjack, and roulette. Plus, you will always find Baccarat and other entertainment with great payouts. In some casinos, board games are offered in the Live format, which we talked about in the previous section. In that case, users play against real opponents. The broadcast of the game session is always carried out through high-quality equipment with additional features. For example, players can change tables and communicate with the dealer.
  • Lotteries are a great opportunity to win extra money, so this entertainment has become very popular in Honduras, especially among people who live below the poverty line. On the Internet, lotteries have gotten a new life. You can find bingo/keno/scratch cards which are made in different topics and give excellent payouts.

It is worth noting that all roulettes, slots, lotteries and other casino games are adapted for mobile devices. Honduran gamers can play in browsers or download a special casino app to launch games at any time. Also, we would like to add that all casino games are offered in a free demo version on our website. When choosing SlotsSpot you don’t even need to sign up.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Honduras

Before you visit Honduras online casino and win real money, we need to pay attention to several aspects that play an important role. First of all, players need to find out whether gambling is legal in Honduras.

In 2019, Honduras refers to countries where online gambling is not regulated by law/ government. The Gambling Act, which is regulated by land-based houses, has been operating since 1977, but it is not related to online casinos. For this reason, Honduran gamblers visit virtual casinos without any problems. You do not need to be afraid of police harassment because you are not breaking the law. All gaming resources that accept residents of Honduras have been licensed in other jurisdictions like Malta; UKGC; Isle of Man and so on. But if you decide to play on a foreign platform, then you should know that you are not protected by Honduran laws, so take your time and choose a reliable online casino that meets the security requirements. Offline Honduran casinos accept players who are 18 years old. In virtual casinos, these restrictions are different because there are casinos that accept players aged 21+.

At the end of this section, we would like to say that virtual gambling in Honduras needs regulation if the government wants to develop the economy and tourism. Real gaming rooms have been regulated in Honduras since 1997, but they do not fulfill their mission. The number of tourists does not increase and most local gamers visit online platforms. Searching foreign sites with slot machines, players from Honduras need to pay attention to several factors or choose a recommended casino on our site.

Best Deposit Methods for Honduran Gamblers

In some virtual casinos, Honduran players will find an excellent option – Demo Game. Thanks to the free version of slot machines, any user (beginner or even amateur) can play for free without risking deposits. In other words, you can play for fun or use this option to improve your skills and strategies. After that, you need to make a deposit and become a full client of Honduran casino. Several payment systems that will be the best solution for residents of Honduras.

1) Debit cards (Visa/Mastercard) are popular among gamers who do not want to disclose personal information on gaming resources. These payment systems will allow you to connect your traditional bank account to your online casino account. As a rule, they have no deposit restrictions, therefore you can deposit any amount. Transactions are always fast and secure.

2) If you are looking for not only a deposit method but also a place where your money is stored then pay attention to e-wallets that are very popular on the Internet. Honduran gamblers often choose PayPal and Skrill wallets with an excellent reputation in e-commerce. They make instant deposits, but if you are going to withdrawal then you will need to wait a couple of days. Furthermore, some virtual wallets charge different fees.

3) Banking is the third way to deposit in Honduras online casino. This is probably the safest transaction, but at the same time, it takes several days. Therefore, you need to make a choice: speed, reputation or a high level of security.

4) All players who follow modern trends prefer to use a cryptocurrency that has proven its superiority over real money and we will consider this aspect in the next section.

Accepted Currencies in Honduras

Honduran lempira has been used since 1926 after Honduras became independent. Before that event, the locals used only silver peso. Hondurans use the “real” term to denote the local currency (lempira). To help tourism develop, the local government has allowed the use of dollars so tourists can use this currency in restaurants, cafes and other public places. Furthermore, US dollars are used in almost every online casino so you will not have problems with deposits/withdrawals. Also, some gaming halls accept euros, but players from Honduras prefer to use dollars. In 2019, lempira is rarely used in gaming halls and we can assume that this currency will become more popular when the government of Honduras begins to regulate virtual gambling.

There is one more currency that is valid in the territory of Honduras – Bitcoin. With this digital coin, Honduras casino customers can send/receive instant transactions without additional problems and fees. Besides, crypto transactions always maintain the anonymous status of customers and help them avoid troubles. Thanks to modern technology, no one can track your transaction. Intermediaries like banks do not participate in transactions, so they are carried out instantly. This area is developing rapidly and leading experts say that cryptocurrency can replace real money in the future.

Customer Support

Due to the great competition in the gambling industry, players from different countries including Honduras get many advantages and quality service. Each game resource wants to attract as many customers as possible using different tools. As a rule, these are generous bonuses and a wide range of games. But they will not have a positive effect if the casino does not offer quality customer support. Beginners and even some high rollers encounter problems during a game session and they want to solve these problems as quickly as possible. If you do not know how to create an account / make a deposit / use the bonus then visit the FAQ section with instructions and tips. If this information is not enough then we recommend contacting the operator. You can do this in one of three available ways:

The online chat will be the fastest and most convenient. This option is available in all Honduras online casinos. Click on the special window and ask a specialist a question. All answers appear instantly and you do not need to waste time. Furthermore, gamers do not need to be authorized to provide personal data.

If you have enough time or don’t like chats then an email would be the right choice. Write a letter and send it to the specified address. As soon as experts consider the application, you will receive a response. Typically, the waiting period does not exceed 2 days in popular Honduras casinos.

Perhaps a phone call is not the most popular type of customer support, but it still exists. Why not popular? First of all, the operator requires the provision of additional data. Secondly, not every virtual casino provides a free hotline.

No licensed Honduras casino will ignore your problems during the gambling session. If you don’t know how bonuses work or how to get the necessary information, contact the staff of the gaming hall.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Honduras

In 2014, some political parties in Honduras stated against gambling. The officials wanted to cancel the current Gambling Act and set new rules for the casino market. So, gaming halls should have attracted more foreign players by developing tourism infrastructure, but they did not fulfill this task. Instead of tourists, you will see locals in houses who spend money and try to win jackpots. Despite protests, existing laws have not been repealed and residents of Honduras still visit offline casinos.

In the virtual casino segment, the Honduran authorities have a lot of work to do. Maybe they will make this business legal, which will attract leading operators to the country. As a result, we will talk about large investments in the development of online gambling, which will also have an impact on tourism. In the meantime, Hondurans visit foreign platforms offering awesome game models with additional bonuses and rewards. Their descriptions are always available on our website.

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