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Over the years, investors and various companies have been talking about excellent prospects for gambling. They argue that this industry has not reached its peak yet, so the developers have many surprises to be realized in the future. Today you can find hundreds of gaming resources with cool games and bonuses, but there are also countries where you can visit land-based casinos. This list offers many countries including Guyana.

Initially, Guyana was divided into 3 regions: Essequibo/Berbice/Demerara. All regions were colonized by the Dutch in different periods of history. Accordingly, each such “conquest” had a different impact on the development of Guyana and its culture. In 1814, Guyana became part of the British Empire and received the corresponding name. Residents of Guyana became independent in 1966, but gambling appeared in this country before this event. In 1902, the government of Guyana created and approved the Gambling Prevention Act, which received amendments before 2007. The Gaming Authority was created in 1908 to control gambling and casino activities in Guyana.

In the new history of Guyana, the gambling market was born in 2008 when the first game hall received a local license and accepted the first gamers. In 2019, there are some casinos on the territory of Guyana and the largest of them is located at the Princess Hotel. According to the laws of the country, local offline casinos do not accept residents of Guyana. If you are a tourist and you have booked a hotel room, then the doors to the casino will be open. Here is one lifehack, people of Guyana can play in any offline casino if they reserve a room in the hotel for at least one night. Residents of Guyana asked the officials to change the existing laws and we are sure that this will happen in the future. At this stage, offline gambling Guyana helps the country to develop tourism that increases the economy and creates jobs.

The situation with virtual gambling is delicate. Virtual casinos in Guyana exist but they are not controlled. Please note that the authorities of Guyana do not restrict access to the Internet and are trying to block sites with slot machines that operate under other jurisdictions. Guyana is a beautiful and attractive country with an amazing atmosphere. As you can see, there are a lot of questions so we decided to write this article to provide up to date information. We will tell you about all applicable laws and games that are offered to residents of Guyana.

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Types of Online Casino in Guyana

In Guyana, you will find three gaming halls that operate on land. As we have said, they are part of large hotels that accept tourists from all countries. These rooms are large and beautiful. For example, Guyana Princess Hotel and Casino offers 250 slot machines and several board games. As you know, several nuances do not allow Guyanese to visit these casinos. For this reason, local players prefer to visit virtual casinos that have received licenses in other jurisdictions. Further, online casinos always offer more entertainment that will satisfy every gamer. In 2019, residents of Guyana have access to 150+ virtual casinos (888casino/777Reels/Boss/Big Dollar) presented in different categories.

  • Mobile devices have become very popular in Guyana so the casino on a smartphone or tablet has become a great alternative for local gamers who cannot visit offline gaming halls. Gambling on a portable device has many advantages. First of all, it does not limit your actions by offering a full range of games and bonuses like on the PC versions. Secondly, Guyana users play anywhere. TOP Guyana casinos work on all iOS/Android/Blackberry devices. If you do not want to play through a browser that takes up almost 45% of your screen, then download the casino application and enjoy a comfortable game.
  • In 2010, developers offered live casino and related games. As a result, this experiment has become successful and very popular in the gambling market. Such game resources offer different types of board games only you will not play against bots. A real dealer is your main rival. By the way, Live casinos work on mobile devices too.
  • Leading gambling experts say that VR technologies are ready to revolutionize the virtual world. Guyana players can find a couple of such casinos that offer new emotions. If you have special equipment (glasses/gloves) then you need to find the appropriate casino. VR platforms offer new games (slots, board games) with unsurpassed graphics and animations that were not previously available. Moreover, you can communicate with other players, follow their actions, etc.

Before getting a gaming experience, the user needs to find a suitable Guyana resource that will meet all the requirements. If you do not want to spend a lot of time then pay attention to the list of Guyana online casinos on our website. We checked every Guyana platform so you don’t need to worry about the security and integrity of the virtual casino.

Types of Casino Games for Guyana Gamblers

If you decide to find Guyana casino by yourself then you should pay attention to the proposed games. Top online casinos always offer licensed content from leading gambling providers. As a rule, the list of developers includes

  • Betsoft;
  • NetEnt;
  • Microgaming;
  • Novomatic;
  • Playtech;
  • Play’n Go;
  • 1×2 Gaming.

Thanks to hard work, these companies have become very popular and successful. They release dozens of new games every year and most of them become hits. This means that your session in Guyana casinos will not be boring, but first, we consider the types of games that you find on the Internet.

The choice of games depends on your desires and preferences. If you came to improve your skills and get a great experience then you should choose a table with Baccarat, BlackJack or Poker. In these games, you have a great opportunity to show your knowledge/strategy and win great prizes. In Roulette, only the player determines what bet to make. The dealer offers to choose a color/cell/number. If you want to combine the new technologies and the atmosphere of a real casino, then you should pay attention to the Live games. Broadcast is conducted from the studio game room where you can choose a table and dealer.

All gamers who came to have fun and increase bankroll choose themed slots. This is the largest niche in the gambling market and it is rapidly expanding. Today slots are an integral part of any online casino. They are interesting, attractive and generous. The developers are introducing the available elements of 3D graphics, various animations and amazing bonuses (Wild/Scatter/Free Spins/Risk-game). Do not forget about the unique storylines thanks to which players travel to different countries, search for treasures in the Egyptian pyramids and help superheroes to save megalopolises. High-Rollers prefer progressive slots. This is a game with a jackpot that increases after each bet. If you’re lucky today then you can win a million dollars by making one minimum bet!!

Other sections with casino games offer Craps/Dice/Bingo/Keno/Scratch Cards and other entertainment that will help win real money. As we have said, all the games listed are adapted for portable devices, so you can run board games and slots on smartphones. But in this case, you need to get used to the new key layout.
Furthermore, some games are available in Guyana VR casino where you can play at any time.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Guyana

With the help of our advice, players from Guyana will find reliable and safe game resources with a wide range of game models and various gifts. Before you begin your search, we need to answer the main question. In some countries, gambling is prohibited and there are cases when players receive huge fines or even spend several years in prison. In this section, we will explain whether gambling is allowed in Guyana and how it is regulated.

At the moment, the gambling market operates according to the rules/laws of 1908. Offline gambling halls are strictly regulated but the local government does not accept any bills regarding online casinos whose popularity is growing in every country. So, we can say that virtual gambling in Guyana is not prohibited but at the same time, there are no laws that make it legal. Fortunately, officials are not trying to block offshore gaming resources so local gamers can visit the TOP Guyana casino at any time. All of these casinos operate under foreign licenses.

In 2018, the government of Guyana was focused on offline gambling, which helped attract tourists and provoke economic growth. Real game halls operate according to strict rules and they are closed to locals. If you want to build a hotel with a casino in this country, then you need to get the appropriate license. A few years ago, Guyanese residents organized protests with demands to open land-based casinos for local players. These crowds of people did not get positive results but the players were not upset because they got access to the Internet with a huge amount of game resources. Now you can test thousands of slots, play against a real dealer or attend virtual reality.

If you came to Guyana for the holidays and you would like to visit the gambling halls, then you must be 18+ years old. Age restrictions differ in virtual casinos.

As you can see, the legal entities of Guyana have a lot of work. They need to check all applicable laws and possibly adopt new amendments. Guyana is a beautiful country with great potential. If the government makes virtual gambling legal and attracts investors, then the number of tourists will increase. Hopefully, the situation will change in the future and gamers will play in Guyana online casinos that have a local license.

Best Deposit Methods for Guyana Gamblers

Modern online casino is a collection of amazing gaming models, tournaments and gifts. Now you know the difference between licensed casinos and this means that you will get a great experience. Some gaming platforms will offer a demo game. This is a great opportunity to test any game, find out how it works and what payments you can get. When you are ready to win real money you need to make a deposit using the proposed payment system. In many Guyana online casino deposit methods are represented by a standard list:

  • Visa/Mastercard. These are popular cards that are used in 200+ countries including Guyana. This payment system has become popular thanks to tourists who come to this country and pay for goods/services/ rates at the casino through debit cards. In a virtual casino, this is a popular deposit method too. It allows you to make instant deposits without delays and problems.
  • Most of the Internet users work and send money through e-wallets. Their number will surprise even the most experienced users. Furthermore, they offer many benefits to gamers from Guyana. For example, Skrill conducts instant transactions. With this wallet, you can carry out any type of transaction including withdrawals. Choosing PayPal, you get access to all the privileges of e-commerce. These are fast and secure financial transactions, but here is one nuance – don’t expect to see PayPal in every Guyana casino.
  • Banking is one of the best options for Guyana gamblers. Despite the long transactions (within 2 days), users receive quality service and the highest transaction level. Gambling in Guyana is legal, so sending money to a casino through a bank is not a problem.

There are many deposit methods, so the Guyana player only needs to choose the appropriate payment system and become a full client of the gaming room.

Accepted Currencies in Guyana

In Guyana, residents and travelers use the GYD (local dollar). We have said many times that the government of the country wants to attract as many tourists as possible so it has allowed the use of US dollars in restaurants/hotels/airports and casinos operating on land. To buy chips in the game room you need to contact the cashier.

When it comes to Guyana virtual casinos, the situation is changing. GYD is rarely used in virtual casinos because operators and most players prefer to use dollars and euros. We hope that online gambling will become legal in this country, which will allow players to make deposits and receive payments through GYD.

If you are looking for an alternative then pay attention to cryptocurrency. Crypto boom happened in gambling two years ago when many operators offered this currency to gamers. Anonymity is the most important aspect when implementing crypto transactions. To transfer funds, the client only needs to specify the wallet number. The maximum transfer rate of electronic money is achieved by removing intermediaries from the chain. Fees are always = 0, so you can save your money. Moreover, you are always protected from fraudsters. Digital currency shows excellent results and we are confident that it will receive new opportunities in the future.

Customer Support

It is an important tool in any business. Not important in what niche you work. The quality of service will determine your success, profit, and development of the project, therefore all leading casino operators pay attention to the level of customer support. In each casino, we can face different problems (registration/payments/bonuses/games and so on). If the player does not solve these problems, then the platform will lose the client. To avoid this, most Guyana casinos have offered several types of assistance. Live chat is suitable for users who want to solve a problem or get an answer instantly. In this case, they need to open the chat window and write to the operator. Please note that communication takes place in real time.

Email is the second method. Find the email address of the virtual casino and write a letter. We warn that the answer will appear in your inbox within 48 hours.

Some players solve the problem on their own. Online casinos create FAQ sections for this category of customers. This is a special page with all the instructions/rules that will help you figure out how the game resource works and what it offers.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Guyana

Writing this review, we found many positive predictions according to which gambling has excellent potential in this country. In this section, we describe the most important ones that will help to understand the big picture.

Last year, some gambling halls began using cryptocurrencies. At first, the player did not trust the virtual money, but after a few months, they accepted the changes and got the benefits that we spoke about earlier. Bitcoin and other coins have not become very popular in Guyana yet, but despite this, gamers are approaching this trend.

Live games got new competitors. We are talking about VR games that are ready for a revolution in the gambling arena. In the future, such games will appear in all Guyana game resources and you will get new emotions. Such games will become a new iGaming culture that will attract large investments and a huge number of players. You will visit different game rooms, chat with players and enjoy the realistic game. It is expected that this entertainment will be adapted for mobile devices.

These changes and trends will be available only when the Guyana government changes existing laws and makes virtual gambling legal.

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