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Nobody actually knows where the first Olympics took place. Some myths say about Hercules who held a race in Olympia and after that, he decided to repeat it again in four years. And do you know what happened to this sport holiday then, in the 394 year? These kinds of games strangely fell into the category of pagan rites! And with an easy movement of Roman emperor’s hand, Olympics were forbidden for fifteen hundred years. But even then, in the 19-th century, the idea of resuming games in the antique model was met with the great skepticism, as it was unclear where to get money, how to choose worthy people, and so on. The first IOC’s secretary-general saw Olympics as the competitions only for amateurs. And even the coaches worked exclusively at will. The American, Jim Thorpe, in 1913 even stripped of all titles and medals when they learned that he played (oh, horror!) baseball for money.

By the way, Thorpe took part in other competitions (about only ten sports), which also perfectly characterizes Olympics of a hundred years ago. On the other hand, the amateur who does not dream of becoming a professional is bad. Remember at least Eric Musambani Malonga from Equatorial Guinea. Journalists from ”Times” gave him the nickname ”Eric-eel”, after he gave the worst result in the Sydney 100-meter crochet in Olympics’ history. There are such facts that Malonga: a) sailed a hundred meters for the first time in his life, b) for the first time saw a 50-meter pool and, finally, c) learned to swim for 8 months before the competition. The program of the tenth Summer Olympics, in 1932, included artistic competitions in nine categories: sculpture, architecture, classic (and maybe not so much) music, graphics, literature, and creative painting.

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Representatives of Olympics slots are tremendous for playing

”Olympic Games” combines many Olympics sports, like summer (for example, lifting barbells, soccer, running with obstacles and bicycle races) and winter games (skating sport and jumping from the springboard). In other matters, these are not all the listed types that every gambler can contemplate on colorful Olympics pictures that allow to win a decent amount of money without much difficulty. The developers that worked on ”Olympic Slots” did not focus on the portraits of athletes engaged in a particular Olympics, but tried to concentrate on the equipment. However, do not think that because of this small aspect, this gambling machine has become less attractive. On the contrary! ”Olympic Winners” is certainly created by the hardcore fans of Olympics and ”South Park”.

Otherwise, how can one explain that the characters appearing on the gambling reels are so similar to odd-looking Eric Theodore Cartman, saddened by Stanley Randall Marsh, positive Kyle Broflovski, controversial Kenny McKormick and confused Leopold Stotch? Did you know that the familiar ”smileys” also like Olympics? They even take part in their own games. You can get acquainted with them in ”Olympic Emojis” and even try to fill your pockets.

”Summer Games”, like all the previous ones, is fully devoted to the subject of Olympics. Stands for archery, huge brick and orange basketball balls, lemon tennis balls and other attributes will meet you on the way to Olympics medals and rewards. We all remember the grandiose show in the capital of sunny Brazil. ”Rio Reels” and ”2016 Gladiators” will remind you of those wonderful events and help to fulfill your dream of wealth, or if you just want to spin the reels for your own pleasure, then the free Olympics section in our casino is for you.

Online emulators based on Olympics have a simple summary

Sport makes us stronger and healthier. Gambling is also a kind of sport, but for our mind and fingers. Train your intuitive abilities and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Olympic champion.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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