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India, the country that is known mostly because of its iridescent spectrum of spices, traditional dances, saris, and elephants, also has the largest postal system in the whole world. There are unusual and unexpected places for its offices. In Haikki (Himachal Pradesh), there is the highest post office at an altitude of 4,440 meters. On Dal Lake in Kashmir, you can find a floating Indian post office, and in the 70’s, some cities were supplied with mobile camel mail. Uttar Pradesh (an Indian state) could become the 5-th country that has so many people. The Asian lion, also known as the Persian lion, lives in the Middle East and India.

Currently, it is an endangered species, and it can only be found in Gujarat. According to the Indian calendar, there are six seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring, the monsoon season and the winter threshold season. Although the arid Rajasthan deserts are more famous. Meghalaya is indeed a very-very rainy place in the whole world. The Indian village (Mausinram) receives 11,871 millimeters of precipitation per year. In Meghalaya, you can find amazing bridges that were created by nature more than 500 years ago. Such Indian bridges from roots and frizzy stems are much stronger than wooden bridges that would quickly rot in the humid climate of Meghalaya. Ziona Chana is not a simple Indian man. He has the largest family that anyone can ever image: thirty-nine wives, ninety-four children, and thirty-nine grandchildren. All of them are living in the house that has four floors and a hundred rooms. This unusual house is located in Buckwang village, in Mizoram. The Indian naval bridge (Bandra Worley) consists of steel wires of equal length along the Earth’s circumference, and its weight is equal to the weight of 50,000 African elephants.

Slots that are worth to be played at least once hide the Indian treasures

”Pearls of India” is a story of a man in love with secrets and treasures of the east. This handsome man will go on a trip in order to find a delightful jewelry (a silver-azure pearl decorated with gold and all kinds of traditional Indian drawings). ”Diamonds of India” is created for obtaining aesthetic pleasure. After all, all the symbols are located on purple shades of orchids and fuchsias (the game grid): majestic domes of the most beautiful temple, faces of beautiful Indian ladies, golden statuettes of awesome and at the same time horrifying cobra heads, sacred cows, bags with spices, a pair of azure pigeons… ”Riches of India” tells in a charming Indian story under the starry sky. All colors are full of life, beauty and wealth.

Only the most dexterous gamblers will be able to be diluted. Unfortunately, we do not have enough words in order to describe all the refinement and charm of ”Indian Dreams”. We will try to tell you about it in several sentences. This colorful slot, as you understand, is dedicated to dreams. But not ordinary. In addition, you will hardly find such magnetic colors of gold and bronze anywhere else. ”Pink Elephants” does not refer directly to the Indian category, but we could not ignore this extraordinary simulator that makes everyone to fall in love with itself very quickly. Violet-lilac elephants, brown-bronze cocoa beans, sandy statues and a family of unusual meerkats are not the only fantastic attractions here.

The Indian category’s summary

”Oh, India! You are the ornament of the planet. Poets thousand times have sung about you. You are like a dream of a divine miracle. You are populated with beautiful people, with skin like dark bronze and shining eyes. The fragrance of Indian nights… The Indian days are like a handful of gems. There is a jungle, there are tigers, there is an eternal summer. The ocean washes the shores with mighty. From the cold of the North, mountain slopes are protected. There is no more reliable barrier.” – someone has written these words and they are really delightful. Our online casino may offer the aesthetic Indian satisfaction for free!

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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