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Speaking of fashion, few of us see the difference between the concepts of ”vintage” and ”Retro”. Fashion designers say that vintage things are those that have a relation to the period before the 60’s of the twentieth century. And Retro are things that belong to a later time. Have you ever wondered why on the sleeves of men’s and women’s jackets buttons are sewed? What functions do they perform? It turns out that this is the invention of Napoleon Bonaparte.

He ordered to sew them to sleeves on the soldiers’ jackets so that they left the bad habit of using the sleeves in the time when their noses were running. On September 17-th, 1934, ”RCA Victor” released the first record (now we call them Retro records) with a rotation speed of 33 whole and 1/3 turn per minute. That was the fifth symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven. Since the end of XIX century and throughout the XX century, Retro records were the most popular means of distributing audio recordings – inexpensive and affordable. When CDs replaced it, many manufacturers had to switch to something else and closed their own factories. However, the vinyl could not just leave the pedestal. Retro records still take the royal place of audio media. Now, real music lovers who want to enjoy listening to music ask for vinyl.

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Which kinds of slots are present in Retro category?

Emulators of this theme can be divided into small subsections (”Vintage”, ”Fruit machines” and ”Special”). So let`s discuss successively representatives of each of them. ”Vintage Slots” have a fairly playful interface and a diverse Retro collection of game characters that make you feel euphoric. ”Reel Classic 5” impresses with its elegant functionality, executed in a luxurious (gold) style, using a gradient from reddish-brick to purple-violet. Behind the playing field that looks like a real gaming machine, a scarlet curtain with golden ornaments in the form of a crown can be seen. ”Vintage Win” is like a small Retro episode shot in the style of pin-up. You will definitely like it!

The gaming grid is like a beige-cream film divided into five segments, and behind it, grayish-solid and blue rays can be found. The first representative of ”fruit” emulators is ”Retro Reels”. It’s all made of silver and platinum, but it’s not the only distinctive feature that allows you to distinguish it among conventional simulators with a fruity set of pictures. ”Fruitful 7s” will take you for a while to the time of steel automatic machines. To spin the reels, you had to pull the lever. Nowadays it is needed just to press ”Spin”. ”Retro Reels Diamond Glitz” can capture your mind with its radiance and simplicity of the gameplay, because even the most novice gambler will be able to deal with ”buttons”.

”Real Dice” is very childish but cozy and comfortable for using at home, drinking a cup of tea or hot chocolate. In addition, anyone can break the Retro jackpot! Therefore, we strongly advise you to take a closer look at this specimen. ”Starburst”, perhaps, is the most typical (but very fascinating) example of a fruit slot. But unlike others, it is much brighter and more functional. ”Power Stars” will allow you to feel a nostalgia. Moreover, the ease of the game will please even very experienced casino users. One of the most special Retro simulators can be considered ”Marilyn Monroe”.

You will meet face to face with legendary Norma Mortenson. ”Riviera Riches” includes portraits of charismatic gentlemen in tuxedos, ladies in elegant dresses with coats, Retro cars and other elements of those times. Are you a longtime admirer of Charles Spencer Chaplin and his works? Try ”Cinema” and meet with your idol. ”Golden Era” also refers to the Retro cinematographic industry, but it is worthy that you play it at least once.

Summing up about Retro online 3D-simulators

If you are not impressed and have any even tiny doubt about trying the Retro gambling slots, then you have two variants: a) to check the gambling industry in the free mode; b) reread our Retro review.

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2020

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