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The phenomenon of sea robbery in history received a well-known name – ”piracy”. It is worth noting that although traditional floating on huge ships with intimidating flags, wearing a lot of costume elements, swords, sabers, charismatic headgear and similar corresponding attributes, the sea robbers disappeared long ago from the face of the earth (and maybe not…) even today there are many pirates. Scientists who are interested in this topic diligently investigate not only the history of piracy, but also modern methods of combating this phenomenon. It is difficult to call piracy a profession, but it was still one of the first on the Earth. The centuries of bloom can be considered the 18-th and the 19-th. And the location is undoubtedly the Caribbean Sea.

As the character, a Pirate was more than once enveloped in a certain romanticism, had and has a double reputation in films and books of the last several centuries. In fact, if you go deeper into history, you can say that the pirates appeared much earlier on our planet. They were born together with shipbuilding, as soon as the sea robbers began to transport people and cargo. The very word ”piracy” takes its origin from the ancient Greek ”attempt”. Traditionally, seafarers were allowed to wear an ear-ring after the first crossing of the equator or after they rounded Cape Horn. Many of them believed that the earring is a Pirate talisman that protects from seasickness or does not allow its owner to drown. However, many pirates wore this for practical use.

In case of their death, the ear-ring became a payment for transportation to relatives in order to be buried. And the responsible for shooting from the cannons used ear-rings even as an application that served as earplugs during a loud shot. In 2011, a group of archaeologists discovered parts of the ”Revenge of Queen Anne” ship. Recall that this ship was the ship of famous Captain Blackbeard.

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Pirates Slots representatives are worthy and tremendous

”Ocean Pirates” is performed in a refined schedule and complemented by an atmosphere of secrets and treasures. ”Pirate Isle” has in its arsenal full-breasted girls, brutal captains and a deck of a beautiful ship, where all events will take place. ”Lucky Pirates” is truly a lucky option to relax after a routine day and enjoy the cheerful cherries that smile to you from transparent lines of the playing field, as well as get acquainted with purple fat parrots. ”Ghost Pirates” attracts attention with its shocking background (a motley divided into sectors, a treasure map).

”Pirates Slots” is not just a reminder for emulator themes, but also the title of a stunning simulator created basing on the likeness of a pirated book. The background in ”Sloto Matey” is drawn in the form of a clear blue sky with rare air clouds, quiet sea overboard and ships with striped sails.

”Pirate’s Plunder” is a very modest but curious slot with its own unique charm. ”Wild Pirates” reminds more drawn comics but still, it is worth your attention. ”Pirate’s Cove” has extremely childish graphics but do not hurry to immediately close it. It offers a pleasant atmosphere of carelessness. ”Pirate Ship” has an unusual story and creative symbols, which details can be seen even on the screens of simple smartphones.

Pirates Slots Summary

Not all people like sea thieves, but you cannot object that it is indeed a curious game theme. If you get a wish to play one of its ”members” in our slots, you may do this for free.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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