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Love is a very delightful feeling, forcing bright butterflies to flutter in the belly, and ladybugs crawl in our head and thoughts. Imagine, there is such a disease as philophobia. It manifests itself in the fear of being in Love with someone. Rupture of relationships, psychologists say, often leads to the appearance of a kind of frustration that causes people (not all) to Love a person who ”abandoned” them even more. In some countries, during the wedding the newlyweds exchange wedding rings that are worn on the ring fingers of the left hand. The ancient Greeks explained it by the fact that it is through this finger the ”amoris” vein passes, going directly to the heart. The term ”Love” came from the Sanskrit ”lubhyati” and means ”desire.” Those neural circuits that react to the public opinion, in the initial stage of falling in Love, are suppressed.

It is for this reason that people do not pay attention to relatives and friends who express an opinion about their romantic object. A four-sheet clover brings not only luck but can catch the person you Love, for this, according to the Irish belief, you just need to eat such clover. This phenomenon is not someone’s whim or strangeness. This is a very rare disease (hypopituitarism) not allowing you to feel the romantic emotion. Fans of tennis, for sure, noticed that the judges say a word that resembles the sound of the word ”Love”, when in the game account ”without points.” It has appeared in the far 1792-d year and considered ”to play unselfishly” but it is not so. Some researchers like to assert that the origin of this ”zero score” takes its roots from the ”egg” (in French ”L’Oeuf”) most likely because the egg is very similar to ”zero”.

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Joyful gamble machines for nice playing are present in Love category

”Immortal Romance” is an atypical Love story when a mysterious rival arises between beloved ones. ”Venetia” is your VIP-invitation to the colorful spectacular masquerade ball. Very childish interface and colorful palette make ”Love and Money” easy to perceive. In ”American Gigolo” there are a lot of wonderful housewives burning with an unbridled desire to get acquainted with the ideal man.

”Romeo and Juliet” is based, as you could have already understood, on the classic immortal play. All women are crazy about ”Casanova”, and what about him? Will he find the one for which he will change himself and change the own mad way of life for a more modest and judicious one? The crew of the yacht ”The Love Boat” invites lonely hearts on the sea voyage in order they could find their true Love.

”Beauty’s Beast” is a romantic and at the same time very tragic story. The colorful ”Perfect Match” game will not leave any gambler indifferent. Is there a romance between a butterfly and an ant? Characters of the ”Love Bugs” slot machine unanimously assert that they do not mind to share their romantic story with all those who wish. ”Secret Romance” is filled with refinement and elegance, fascinates with the first spinning the gaming reel. Cats also know how to Love.

It is proved by ”Jazz Cat” where you have to get acquainted with the jazz group, between the participants of which a close relationship is tied. ”Lotus Love” is a wonderfully dramatic story of the relationship between the charismatic samurai, who became a young emperor of China and a modest, graceful girl named Lotus, who soon should become his legal wife and, accordingly, the empress. ”Blood Eternal” – when a vampire falls in Love with a person, nothing will stop her. ”Phantom’s Mirror” is such a touching Love story about the impossible romance between a talented but ugly composer and a young and beautiful female singer. We all fall in Love and go on dates, so why not combine this wonderful process with the pleasant win online in ”Hot Date”?

Love topic: a brief verdict

To go into the gambling industry is a nice idea, but to do this with your second half is the best! If you or your sweetheart is afraid about your common money, it is better to try, at first, the free games. This mode is absolutely free and filled with the same emotion as the usual gambling world. The interfaces are very understandable, and the parameters of the graphics and sound effects are great as well.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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