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Comics… What do we know about them? There are many different names for this form of art, as well as its individual varieties. Comics of large-scale dimensions with certain ”end-to-end” plots can be called ”graphic novels” and short ones are the ”strips”. On the Internet, you can find web-comics. In the countries where the Comics book industry is sufficiently developed, they have their own names. In France, they are called ”painted ribbon” (from the French ”bande dessinee”, in abbreviated form is BD). Scott McCloud, who wrote the book ”Understanding Comics”, offers his readers the following definition of comic books – ”adjacent pictures and various images that are in the semantic sequence”. ”Stories in pictures” – this way Georges Sadoul defines Comics.

Despite the fact that the plots of Comics can be different, but physically, they consist of common elements. A cover that conveys the meaning of the within usually contains the name, developers, price and date (sometimes the signatures of artists), a frontispiece allows you to learn more about the Comics and the title page with a brief introduction that contains the names of the authors and of others who were working over the release. A standard comic book is logically divided into the main part (pages from 20 to 40) and the Pin-Up Page – here you will find alternative cover versions or additional drawings.

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Take a look over these Comics games which are possible to play

Developers of gambling games were inspired by the most popular Comics in the genre ”Cowboys & Aliens” and created an almost similar slot based on the film that involved Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Judge Dredd is known to all the fans of Comics and those who are just interested in cinema. ”NextGen” created a not less terrific emulator. Have you watched a film about a shy teenager, as well as a big comic fan who decided to fight crime alone in an absurd green suit? After the successful sale of ”Kick-Ass”, a similar slot about the heroic deeds of the young Dave Lizewski was released. A small series of Comics ”Deadworld” have a decent enough number of fans.

Among other developers, ”1×2 Gaming” provided a spectacular gaming machine with the same name. Emulators for casinos that are based on the Comics from the ”Valiant” studio attract attention not less than ”Marvel” for example. For their fans, fortunately, specialists from the ”Pariplay” company released the ”Bloodshot” gambling machine. Who does not know Steve Rogers? This figure became famous to the readers in March 1941.

Since then, more than two hundred million magazines or any other references to the Comics ”Captain America” have already been sold. Fans of this character can meet him again in a new charismatic slot. ”Cryptologic” released a video slot based on this masterpiece – the ”Fantastic 4”. Are you a fan of Robert Downey Jr.? Then you should switch on the ”Iron Man” – a unique slot machine that offers only progressive jackpots. Comics with Norrin Rudd, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, undoubtedly became ones of the most popular, back in the 1966 year, when Mr. Rudd appeared in the 47-th edition of ”The Fantastic Four”.

The ”X-Men” emulator reflects the conflict of evil and good. It is especially clearly traced in the bonus game. The ”Super Heroes” slot will be suitable for all admirers of the present topic. ”Blast! Boom! Bang!” is also the machine that Comics admirers will like to play. Do you prefer the ”Sin City” that was made by Frank Miller? Then, the ”Downtown” slot is your best mate. Gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders are not only famous fairy creatures, but also the main characters in a fantastic gambling slot called ”Elementals”.

The Comics category summing up

In the twentieth century, Comics became one of the most popular genres. Because of this or maybe another reason, they have lost the comic character, for which actually got such a name. In the twenty-first century, everyone can try their strength and intuition online. The above-described emulators can be used for free.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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