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The user can enjoy slots for real only after discovering how paying lines work. They are maybe the most valuable elements of modern projects. The player can see how they work by simply opening a 28 paylines section.

Almost all slots are unique because developers like Habanero always try to build new worlds that will help to get attention from a wide audience of players. The gamer will have a chance to enjoy all of them for free. All games include demo versions, which the gamer can use in order to bet without making deposits.

It will help newcomers to easily figure out how basic functions work. Besides, most projects use “Return to Player” technology. It means that they can give back almost ninety-six percent of all bets that the gamer is going to make in a long period of time.

But the gamer should build a strategy, with the help of which he will get maximum profit out of 28 paylines. To do that, he needs to figure out when he can make a bet and when he needs to take a break before doing so.

28 paying lines have no requirements to the hardware. The user only needs a good connection to the net. It means he can open slots even on a cheap personal computer, instead of buying an expensive one.

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Fenghuang – find the way to win

As the player can see, legendary projects of 28 paylines are represented as products from China. They are based on their tradition and culture. But it doesn’t mean that in the future you won’t find any other games. Creators work hard every day just to find new ways to show people that they can play slots not only because of the financial status, but also because they can get instant pleasure.

28 paylines are magical in terms of representation. Besides, the player can open them even in a portable version. It can be a smartphone or tablet. No matter what type of gadget the player will choose – the result will be on the same high level of quality.

The user interface adapts automatically and it can be used with the power of touch screen, without keyboard or mouse kit. The player can enjoy these projects while he’s on the trip or anywhere else outside of home.


Don’t be scared because of the number. 28 paylines are as easy as their predecessors. They only have a bigger gaming field. The gamer just needs to find the project he would like to play on numerous occasions. And one way or another – he will discover the winning formula.

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