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It is necessary to list the characteristic features of Western. Usually, the place of all actions is Wild West. Sometimes, the plot can be connected with the stories of the migration of ”whites” to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, deep into the continent. In such films, the very important role is played by shooters and cowboys, often fighting with Indian tribes. In early Western movies, the Aborigines were portrayed as dishonest villains. Somewhat later, many ”revisionist” films of the Western category gave the Indians a more benevolent role. Also, terrorizing small settlements, bandits and quests are an inseparable part of inspiring sources for directors.

”Girls” from cheerful houses, (especially the ”mothers” from brothels stand out), imperturbable sheriffs, fatal women (sometimes singers), independent hunters for rewards (some ”bounty hunters”), pure and innocent main characters, dashing cowboys, professional Western poker players, bloodthirsty Indians, antagonists, tribal chiefs, noble Indians, assistants, protagonists, as well as a gang of bloody bandits are typical enough characters of Western cinema. An important point in the films of this type is the pace and speed of action, for example, a quick shot from the hip. Moral evaluation is also an important aspect. Good competes with evil and usually the first triumphs. The happy end is the key to a successful Western. Perhaps it`s time to remind of the most famous actors of Western genre: Clinton Eastwood Jr., Marion Robert Morrison, Frank James Cooper, Yul Brynner, Karolis Bucinskis (Charles Dennis Buchinsky), Clarence Leroy Van Cleef. Jr., James Maitland Stewart, and Carlo Vicente Pedersoli.

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There are quite perfect slots of Western type that you can play

”Beautiful Bandits” is a very nice and cozy Western gamble device. The shades of red ruby, green grass and radiant sun prevail in the color gamut of this slot. As noted in the title, the main characters are seductive beautiful women dressed in frank suits. ”Western Belles” will be loved not only by gambling men, but also by curious women. As in the previous model, pictures for the game are painted in predominantly positive tones. They depict cute girls, prints of their lips, cowboy hats and much more. ”Silver Bullet” is an absolutely male slot. There are bronze-gold bottles of alcohol, revolvers, portraits of horses, smoking pipes and even silver horseshoes.

”Western Frontier” will open for you the world of mustangs, prairies and real wins. ”Lucky Dollar” is about taverns, gold coins, cunning poor people, smiling ladies and arrogant bandits. You will definitely like the wooden interface. You should only decide on the size of the rate and enjoy the canyons. ”The Great Western Pokermotive” already with its name pushes to thinking about poker. And here it is. On the cards, respectable ladies and gentlemen are painted. The background of this simulator is depicted in the form of a series of tall rocks.

”Dodge City Slots” will appeal to fans of card games, horses, leather boots with spurs and other attributes of the subject matter not only in movies, but also in online casinos. Of course, there are numerous models that everybody may find without any problems and take part in the fantastic Western travel. For example, ”Wild West Slots” is based on the film of the same name with Willard Carroll Smith Jr. and Kevin Delaney Kline. With great regret, you will not meet their characters, but many other positive Western moments can surprise you.

Conclusion for the Western category

Which variants do users have for a playing? There are a couple of such. The 1-st is paying cash (or using a credit card) for betting and trying to ”catch” the Jackpot. Another one is using free Western simulators for delightful emotions from the game.

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2020

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