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The liquid fire instantly lights up in crowded streets, only the sun hides behind the buildings. It shines with its unblinking red color, adding to the city the lack of futuristic daytime… This has been happening for more than a hundred years since Georges Claude invented neon lamps in 1912. He used a rare gaseous element in a watertight tube with an electric charge, creating a new milestone not only in the advertising signs history, but also in the entire human culture. The boom of advertisement spread ”Claude Neon” (as it was called in America), in the midst of the twentieth century, throughout the capitalist world: Las Vegas, Broadway, Moulin Rouge, Times Square, Piccadilly… Everything was filled with the bright-red Neon light. Soon this fashion was noticed under the brilliance of Hollywood spotlights. In its first color film ”The Rope”, Alfred Hitchcock used the green lighting of gas-filled lamps filled with mercury.

Now we also call them Neon, but in fact, Neon emits only reddish-orange lighting. He repeated this technique in the movie ”Vertigo” and even in black-white ”Psycho” there was a motel with a Neon sign. The main ”BOOM!” of Neon lights, in cinema, happened in the 80’s. Leaving more and more into the shadow of troubled areas, Neon at that time acquired a new shade. Why did Neon lights acquire this decadent shade? Neon production, after the Second World War, became noticeably more expensive, mostly in America and Europe, and therefore the signs began to be replaced by cheaper and more practical plastic ones. Neon light was forced to retreat, and went to small establishments, beer halls, clubs, and eventually become a provincial element and plunged deep into the shadow of the sex industry (that is why we all know the street of red lanterns).

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Amazing Neon slots are respectable for the gambler’s attention

”Wild Neon” is a bright representative of the Neon category. However, symbols appearing on the game lines and alternating with the scrolling of the reel refer more to the cards topic. The playing field is like a hologram that appear right in the middle of a noisy freeway. So it would be extremely interesting for gamblers to try out all the charms that lurk in the interface of this simulator. The title ”Neon Reels” is already verbose enough to need no additional comments, but we have something to add. A ”drum” that is familiar to all gamblers does not look like a typical element. It looks more like a huge barrel with azure-green rims. Gaming pictures resemble a standard set of ”fruit” symbols.

”Neon Tax” is a mystical story about a lovely seine unicorn with a purple mane, after seeing which you will plunder in no time. Do you agree that ”Vegas Hot 81” is not a typical title? It also has not quite a standard number of lines, namely 4. Images that appear on paylines look like dual Neon silhouettes of fruits of different shapes and colors. Dive into the nightglow of ”Neon Jungle” and you will be rewarded! Around the field, there are tall plants of the celadon color, and on the lines, exotic butterflies of a salad shade flutter.

”Fruity Grooves” is another representative of these simulators. According to the first word from the title, it is clear that the game symbols here look like a classic set, consisting of ”fruits”, ”lucky sevens” and ”bells”. ”Hot Neon” provides a chance to ”ignite” the dull pastime and get a rather large amount of money. ”Night Club 81” will be liked by all fans of parties and fun. ”Thunderspin Jackpots” combines unique things: creative design of the playing field, 3D pictures, and themes of ”fruit machines”.

Neon themed Slots – a very capacious playful conclusion

There are infinity many simulators, but this topic is most creative to our mind. After all, here is a great opportunity to use all Neon emulators for free, certainly, online, in our casino. Let’s luck be your mate and get the real profit from the shine!

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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