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The world around us is a truly amazing place, with so many secrets and so many unsolved mysteries of Nature. Mathematicians encountered such a geometric figure as a fractal. It has the property of self-repetition that has many elements of animate and inanimate Nature. You can see how the branches of trees, snowflakes, blood vessels, curls of shells of mollusks repeat each other. The most common mathematical phenomenon in Nature is symmetry. It can be seen almost everywhere: the bodies of most organisms are built on axial symmetry. In Massachusetts, there is a small lake called Island Pond that is famous for its floating island, located in the middle of the reservoir. The islet consists of moss that has grown to the size of a football field. It is afloat due ro the gases produced by mosses as a result of its vital activity. On our planet, there is more than one pink lake, but among them all, Hiller Lake in Australia is the most mysterious.

The unusual water color in other reservoirs is acquired either due to the algae living in it, or because of a specific combination of microorganisms and small crustaceans of Nature. However, a similar phenomenon in Lake Hiller is due to other causes that have not been identified so far. The Eye of the Sahara, or Structure Rishat, is an unusual formation of incredibly large dimensions of Nature. Its bluish rings can be seen even from outer space. It is not known as the Sahara’s Eye. There was a theory about the meteoritic origin, but in the area of Nature education, there are no elements left by the space body after the fall. It is hard to believe, but the ”fountain”, Geyser Fly, as if descended from the pages of a science fiction book, is not on Jupiter, not on Mars… but on the Earth, in Nevada. The ”flying” geyser spouts jets of hot water up to 15 meters high, forming around a ”mini-volcano” of Nature mineral deposits.

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We suggest you play very awesome Nature gambling slots

With ”Jumanji”, you will have a unique chance to get the mystery of dangerous and fascinating jungle, full of strange animals. Before playing this emulator, we advise you to watch the corresponding Nature movie with the irresistible Robin McLaurin Williams. ”Cashapillar” is something middle between the incredible story of a smoking hookah caterpillar and a creature eager to earn some money. And what is for you? Nature or on money? ”Autumn Gold” is created for those whose heart is given the golden time of the year. Acorns, pumpkins, variegated, Nature-colored leaves…

What can be more wonderful than this? ”Fields of Fortune” is another simulator about the crop, but in some rather unusual interpretation. Which one? Switch it on and find out for yourself. We will leave the storyline in secret, so as not to disclose the whole intrigue. ”Jungle Jim El Dorado” will be a pleasure for all Nature travelers. A smart guy, Jimmy, will guide you to treasures and will help at every step.

”Aloha! Cluster Pays” takes you to a cave beach with palm trees and Nature paradise flowers, which smell will be difficult to sense through the pixels on the screen of your gadget, but the atmosphere of Nature relaxation you will be felt for sure. ”Taiga” is filled with formidable bears, juicy berries, and other forest symbols. ”Wild Panda” is curious not only for fans of furry black-white bears and oriental culture, but also for those who are interested in the Nature topic. Despite the fact that ”Gods of Nature” is dedicated to oriental heroes, it is in its own way beautiful and unique.

A logical conclusion about Nature-themed slots

There are really many kinds of simulators, but this category is the brightest to our mind. By the way, it is possible to use all of Nature 3D-emulators online for free in our casino. Have a lucky hand and get much fun from a Nature game!

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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