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We are all used to refer to the country of piquant tequila, prickly cactus and cute donkeys just ”Mexico”, but the official name sounds like the United Mexican States because it consists of thirty-one states and the capital itself. In 1551, in Mexico City, the Spanish King Charles V founded the National University that became the first in North America. The length of the border between the United States and Mexico is three thousand and 201 kilometers. It is the most crossed. About five million cars legally move through it and 350 million people are passing by. A unique mixture of descendants of many civilizations lurks in the blood of modern Mexican people. Among them are the Africans, the Olmecs, the French, the Toltecs, the Spaniards, the Aztecs, the Leaks, the Incas and the Maya.

Mexico is located in one of the most active zones (where volcanoes and earthquakes have their power) – ”Ring of Fire”. Mexico City is located on the ruins of the Aztec city, namely Tenochtitlan (built on the lake). Therefore, the Mexican capital with a swift (up to 20 centimeters per year) speed is drowning. The pyramid of Chichen Itza is named one of the new 7 wonders of the world. ”Danaus plexippus” is not a sorcery, but the name of beautiful butterflies that in the amount of millions are annually flying from the USA and Canada to the capital of the United Mexican States. When evaporating a huge amount of tequila, you can get real diamonds!

The most popular character of folklore is La Jorona (”mourner” or ”ghostly woman”), as well as ”Chupacabra” (a kind of mythical creature that kills, sucking blood, livestock). In the city of Guanajuato, you can find a museum of mummies with one hundred and one exhibits. All the represented bodies were naturally mummified, of course, because of certain features of the local climate. You surely know the cute pocket dogs?

The Chihuahua breed was named after the Mexican state, first discovered in the mid-nineteenth century. Thanks to the many recipes preserved since ancient times, Mexican cuisine is still the object of UNESCO. Because of all earlier noticed facts, slots of this category are very popular and nice.

Mexican gambling simulators that bring joy to the users of online casinos

”Las Cucas Locas” will reveal you the secret of Mexican cuisine. Here, you will learn recipes of the most delicious traditional dishes. Reddish-yellow bulls, blue fishes with a mustache in the sombrero and cute pink Mexican donkeys… No, these are not the characters of children’s fairy-tales and not the delirium of a person under the LSD, but the ”Spinata Grande” simulator.

In ”Mexican Cook”, all the symbols are presented in the form of lovely muzzles of vegetables and good-natured Mexicans. In order to scroll the Mexican reels of ”Paco and the Popping Peppers”, you need to click on the guitar. Everywhere you will find chili peppers, sombrero, and the atmosphere of fun. In ”Loco 7s”, a thoughtful Mexican in the traditional sombrero, ponchos, and boots with spurs with great pleasure will play his guitar for every brave gambler. This slot is also entertaining because the game lines are surrounded by cacti.

”Cinco de Mayo” is dedicated to the famous Mexican holiday in honor of the victory at Puebla in 1862, the 5-th of May. Gloomy to laugh ”Esqueleto Mariachi” will charm not only professional gamblers, but also shy beginners. ”Don Juan’s Peppers” is a very nice and kind emulator with enough cartoonish graphics. If you adore pepper, then you definitely need to try ”Hot Habanero”. Among Mexican slots, fans of wrestling will also find their hobby. For example, ”La Luchadora”. There are many bright, charismatic fighters in it.

The brief inference for the Mexican category

Are you a taco’s admirer with a lot of chili or just a fan of thrills with always-unknown beginning, continuation, and ending? Well, then try free versions of these simulators first. It is possible to be done on our web site. In any case, we wish success to everyone who decided to start learning about this very interesting topic of the gambling industry.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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