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If you are a rock lover, then you must know the hit ”Welcome to the Jungle” of the popular American band – ”Guns N ‘Roses”, written in the 1987 year and containing a reference to riots in the streets resembling the real jungles. By the way, a well-known phraseology, which meaning can be defined as ”the strongest will only survive” or ”everyone for themselves”, people mean a particularly fierce battle that does not have special principles. In the Brazilian Amazon, you can find the series of ring-shaped ditches that appeared long before the Jungle itself. These ranks still have huge mystery, and experts in the field of the archeology do not know exactly what could be said about them. The most isolated of all known tribes – the Sentinelese – live in the Indian Ocean, in the Jungle for more than sixty thousand years.

Magic stones, shaped like huge spheres, are scattered in Costa Rica. It is believed that they were made by the prehistoric people. Already for many years archaeologists and scientists around the world are puzzled by the cause of this disposition and their origin. In the heart of the Peruvian Amazon the river of death lies. It happens because of the temperature that can reach up to 93 degrees Celsius, kills all alive that gets into its water. In the 2012 year deep in the Ecuadorian Jungle an absolutely lost city has been discovered, which is not simple. A group of researchers who discovered the ”Lost City of Giants” accompanied also a small number of local residents familiar with this area and firmly convinced that the city exists. Upon arrival to those lands, from the reports of researchers, one can judge the foundation of the pyramids. They had an unusual form – their height and width were identical and equaled 79 meters. The Jungle topic is very famous in the wide valleys of online gambling.

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Here are the gamble machines of the Jungle category for the joyful playing

What can be nicer than a panda? Only ”100 Pandas” – a gamble slot where you will be surrounded by one hundred nice and friendly pandas, ready to share with the most caring gamblers, ready to feed their favorite sweets, decent money. In ”Jungle Jimmy” the animals look a little melancholy and pessimistic, but this in no way repels the overall gameplay. Two lovely and funny orangutans invite gamblers to ”Booming Bananas”. Here is a story about a poisonous frog dreaming to travel and take pictures of all the bright moments. Interested? Then ”Jungle Jumpers” is your mate for today.

”Go Bananas!” – a slot machine, where the head of the mafia feels great silver-bound gorilla – mister Ba. The whole essence of the ”Jungle Monkeys” gamble slot is understandable even without words. ”Mystic Monkeys” is full of mysteries and delightful landscapes.

”Panda Panda” narrates about two pandas who adore chewing a bamboo. ”Jungle Mania” conveys the atmosphere of the wild tropical forests. The ”Prowling Panther” strikes with its natural grace and non-trivial graphics. One of the characters in ”Shadow of the Panther” reminds magnificent Benjamin Thomas Barnes.

The ”Happy Jungle” allows the gambler simply to relax and enjoy the bright spinning the reels. Do you remember the old and friendly story about a monkey who did not know what the trouble is? It was always curious to know and once… has knew!.. By the way, in this story Robert Jordan’s quote about ”trouble” is used. In the ”Jungle Trouble” everything is more optimistic.

Jungle topic: a short conclusion

Are you the beginner in the factual game portal but you feel the burning your within desire of trying luck in the gambling? Do not be afraid. The free video slots of the Jungle category may be check by all curious gamblers everywhere (we mean the kind of devices) and anytime! The Jungle has always frightened and will make people afraid with its mystery and uncertainty, but it is not a reason to be not interested in them. Gambling has no boundaries, thanks to smart providers who do not think in the usual stereotypes. Now all of us can fully enjoy the Jungle subtle aspects of the colorful slots, concealing many mysteries and pleasant surprises associated with cool Jungle bonus rounds.

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2020

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