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The Jewels are the sings of the pure creature that has come down to the Earth in order to show us, common people, that there are real angels’ souls. Yes, the souls of the angels are in the diamonds. Some of them are in the other Jewels. The Ancient Egyptians, having a high rank (pharaohs and especially queens), wore necklaces consisting of a large number of gold plates, pre-polished to shine, and adorned with Jewels. You can imagine what the weight of these necklaces was. Accordingly, a person had to lean forward. To balance their posture, they hung on the back some counterweight. Did you know that Pushkin was wearing the gold, inlaid with green jasper, bracelet that was also adorned with a significant Turkish inscription? Why did not anyone see the Jewels in the bracelet and even itself? Alexander wore it on his forearm, under the clothes, and showed only to the closest friends. In India, Jewels are also popular.

Bracelets are a sign that a woman is married. They are called ”circles of light” for a happy wife and daughter. The sound of these bracelets (sometimes, decorated with Jewels), without which, by the way, married girls and women are not allowed to go out, as if recalling the presence of their proprietress nearby. The most exquisite gourmets eat strawberries with Jewels. Yes, there is such a dessert. It is served with a delicate cream. It is decorated with fresh mint leaves and a ring with a diamond, weighing almost 5 carats. In France rings with Jewels are considered a traditional gift for sweethearts on the most romantic day of the year.

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These Jewels gamble machines can give you real pleasure from playing

Dive to the ocean floor and give out rewards with your own hands along with ”Jewels of Atlantis”. The gambler should not dive into the real water in order to earn the money. This machine can be switched from absolutely any device that has been connected to the Internet. You will not meet the limits of using tablets, PCs (personal computers), mobile phones or laptops for the game.

”DaVinci Diamonds” is quite charming and has a profound meaning because the developers have touched such wonderful themes – Jewels and art. Leonardo da Vinci would be proud to learn that his surname appears in the title of the popular gambling game. Also, the Jewels topic can be attributed to two slots that have a similar moment, the main theme, but several different functionalities. There are ”Double Diamond” and ”Triple Diamond”. The extraordinary features and also the colorful (mainly the colors of violets and orchids) interface has ”Joker’s Jewels”. Here is not a very usual slot machine called like ”Gemstone Jackpot”.

And it is not that the protagonists here are the luxurious and colorful Jewels that girls like so much, but the fact that the craftsmen-programmers have decided on a kind of know-how that will allow fans to spin the virtual reels in this slot to do it as long as possible. The ”chip” is that the reels spin not only from the top to the down but also from the bottom to the top that undoubtedly increases the gambler’s chances of gaining additional winnings! The fascinating brilliance of the Jewels, the shining gold and the pleasant for the ears the rustle of the money – all this can be seen and appreciated with the help of the ”Just Jewels” slot machine that Novomatic has developed for its gamblers. Fans of excitement, spinning the reels in this slot, will be able to fully appreciate all the delights of luxury. Many other friendly and luxurious video slots are allowed for the all interested gamblers, even the people who have come to the virtual game portal for the first time in their life.

Jewels category: the short summary

All we are having the sense of taste and refinement. For some of us this feeling is pronounced, others have it on the lesser degree. All people are willing to be rich as well. Do you know that there is the mode (at the official sites, of course) for the free Jewels playing? Yes, it is. And all gamblers may check it in anytime and everywhere online.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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