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The Lebanese Republic is a country located in West Asia with access to the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon is the smallest independent country on the Asian continent with a quite long history which dates back to the time before the recorded history. The official language of the country is Arabic, though the population also recognizes English and French. The dominating religion is Islam, though over 40% of citizens are Christians. Beirut is a capital of the country often called “the Paris of the Middle East”. The total population number is a little more than 6 million people. The country gained independence in 1943 but has always suffered from regular armed conflicts and political turmoil.

Since Lebanon was always considered a centre of finance and trade, different types of casino games have been brought to the country many years ago. At the same time, the first attempt to the official regulation of gambling in Lebanon was made in 1932, when it has become a centre of horse racing. Beirut has become a home to the largest hippodrome which has gained a monopoly in the country.

When it comes to casinos, the first and the only gambling establishment in the country was opened in 1959. Casino du Liban was and still is the only casino on the territory of Lebanon. In 1959, it was given a monopoly for 25 years and it was prolonged in 1995 by 2026 by law #417. This law has confirmed the monopoly of the casino and was accompanied by a Decree 6919, which prohibits not only any other land-based gambling institutions except for Casino du Liban but also bans online platforms not regulated in the country. A great blocking process began in 2013 and led to the fact that many players could not access their favourite gambling websites. At the same time, in 2017, Casino du Liban announced its plans to launch an online casino for players from Lebanon. Unfortunately, it has not happened yet, but information about these plans was confirmed in May 2019 too.

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Types of Online Casino in Lebanon

Gambling is considered legal in Lebanon, but the monopoly of one casino has led to the situation that many popular gaming websites which accept players from this country have become banned on the territory of this state. Consequently, players from Lebanon should use special software to avoid this restriction or play in the casinos which have not been subjected to the ban. Hundreds of platforms operate online nowadays and welcome gamblers from Lebanon to try their luck. Since all the online gambling destinations are accessed via the Web, Lebanese players can play in different casino types including:

 1. Web-based platforms

Undoubtedly, online casinos that can be accessed from any browser remain one of the most popular types operating nowadays. It makes no difference what device players use to enter their gaming platform, but there is nothing strange that most of them still prefer co punters for this purpose. Web casinos suggest thousands of games developed by the leading and new iGaming companies which are activated at the click of a button and work seamlessly with good access to the Internet.

 2. Mobile casinos

Since mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our everyday life, it is not surprising that online casinos go mobile too. Players from Lebanon are active users of mobile smartphones and tablets with excellent access to the Internet, so they can enjoy different games no matter where they are located. Mobile casinos differ from web-based ones with their responsive character. It means that you can open any game through the mobile browser or application and never mind its quality – it will be excellent!

 3. Live dealer services

If a player from Lebanon does not want to leave home and move to another city to play in the land-based casino, there is a possibility to enjoy a similar atmosphere in the casinos managed by live dealers. These games are broadcast from live studios located in different corners of the world and allow gamblers to against other opponents and communicate with the dealer who coordinates the game. Gamblers from Lebanon can participate in this unique experience together with players from other countries.

 4. Downloadable gambling software

Some casinos do not require players to enter any addresses or use a search engine to find the desired casino. It is possible to download software from the website only once, set it up on the PC, and enter the platform each time when you click on the icon. Such casinos are less popular with players from Lebanon, but some citizens use them too.

Types of Casino Games for Lebanese Gamblers

Citizens of Lebanon are very risky people who realize that it is a great pleasure to play different online games and make large bets. Their competitive character and love for big prizes encourage players to try different types of games from the renowned software game development companies such as Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, BetSoft, NextGen Gaming, and Bally. Products of these developers and releases of smaller companies are offered to gamblers from Lebanon in all the variety of types. Since slot machines have been discouraged the country for a long time because of the necessity to use coins, now these simple and bright bonus games are gaining popularity again together with many other types. What games are appreciated by players living in Lebanon? Preferences of every person differ greatly but players from Lebanon always try to discover all the benefits offered by casinos and play a variety of games including:

  • Slots;
  • Poker;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Blackjack;
  • Sic bo;
  • Dice games etc.

In general, all casino games are divided into several groups, and gamblers from Lebanon take advantage of each of them. The largest collection of games is naturally slots. They feature incredible simplicity and fun, let alone quite high RPG levels. Players from Lebanon like to become winners not less than other nationalities, so their passions for slots are clear.

Another big group of games to play in Lebanon is table games. The Lebanese are real fans of card games, but they never forget about such top-rated games as roulette and dice games which feature along and history. They have access to all the diversity of casino games and can hardly compare it to the limited choice offered in the land-based casino of Lebanon.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Lebanon

Lebanon is a country where local people enjoy gambling and do that especially inspiring. However, it has not always been that way when it comes to the regulations of gambling in the country. Lebanon became one of the first countries in the world which have provided regulations to this industry quite soon after World war 2. At the same time, multiple players from Lebanon are not satisfied with the monopoly of the only casino operating in the country and want to make their gambling experience much more various choosing different online platforms for this purpose.

 – Is online gambling allowed in Lebanon?

Gambling has been officially allowed in Lebanon for several decades already. Local gamblers received access to Casino du Liban in 1959 and even now this gambling establishment opens its doors daily to welcome players from Lebanon. At the same time, despite the existing regulation of the casino industry, Lebanon does not issue licenses to any other casinos except for this one. It has been provided with a monopoly in the gambling industry of Lebanon for 25 years and the expiration date will be only in 2026. Probably, by this time, there will be no new gambling homes, let alone any online gaming platforms not governed by this casino.

However, there is one alternative to the terrestrial Casino du Liban and it is a floating gambling establishment located on the luxury cruise ship Orient Queen. It is possible to combine an exciting marine voyage with a great casino time setting off from Beirut.

Fans of the lottery will appreciate the only legal online gambling website operated by the company La Libanaise des Jeux, where they can play not only draw games but also scratch cards.

 – What is the main gambling law regulating gambling online in Lebanon?

The official law regulating the gambling industry in Lebanon was passed in 1954. It has set up the monopoly of Casino du Liban, the only legal gaming destination operating on the territory of the country. In 1995, this monopoly was renewed and now the share received by the government of Lebanon from the casino revenue is 50% – it is equal to $200 million. This income is received based on the contract signed with the company as well as revenue received by Lebanon which is also partly an owner of the casino – the Intra Investment holding company owns 38% of the casino shares.

Law #417 passed in 1995 provided Casino du Liban with an unrestricted monopoly in gambling, so this decision led to Decree 6919 issued on June 29, which justified the block of 9 gambling websites. Another significant stage in the development of the online gambling industry was made in 2013 when the government of Lebanon blocked a variety of gaming websites and announced that none of the offshore platforms should accept residents of Lebanon. Naturally, there were some companies to follow this recommendation, but the biggest number of websites still welcomes players from Lebanon and never impose any restrictions on them. As a result, the law issued in 2013 has not changed the situation in the country and there were no other efforts to solve this problem made since that time, so nowadays, players from Lebanon can access different online platforms without any restrictions and enjoy their free time playing exciting real-money games to get their winnings and prizes. Moreover, there are rumours that Casino du Liban will soon open a local online gambling website to attract more players living in Lebanon and ‘protect public morals’ in this way.

Best Deposit Methods for Lebanese Gamblers

Naturally, the size of the cash prize in the casino depends on the amount bet there. The bigger the number and amount of bets players from Lebanon make, the higher the payouts they get. Consequently, every player should find a comfortable way to deposit and withdraw money to be able to enjoy the process of playing and winnings received.

Players from Lebanon must be especially careful with the choice of the payment methods to make deposits since playing on overseas websites is not allowed in the country. Therefore, it is necessary to find such deposit methods that are not regulated by the government but will deliver money to the casino quickly and with minimum fees. Fortunately, modern gaming destinations have put much effort to diversify the deposit methods offered, so gamblers from Lebanon are not limited in processing payments.

In fact, there are several most popular ways of depositing and withdrawing money in Lebanon.

 1. E-wallets

Being one of the most reliable payment methods, transactions made via electronic payment systems are untraceable for the government of Lebanon, so it is not surprising that most of the deposits are made through such popular services as Skrill, Neteller, and Entropay. Their transaction fees are quite acceptable and there is no need to wait long for money to be delivered to your account. Moreover, it is very easy to withdraw cash using local ATMs.

 2. Prepaid cards/ Visa/ MasterCard

Almost every bank in Lebanon is happy to provide its customers with different credit, debit and prepaid cards used for money transactions. They can be also used for making casino deposits and withdrawals too. It is a comfortable way to send money although these transactions may take up to several banking days.

 3. Bank wire transfers

It is possible to send money to the account via bank wire transfers, but this is not the best payment method to select since local authorities may ask for information about the transactions of citizens of Lebanon and it may lead to possible challenges.

 4. Cryptocurrency

One more secure and untraceable way to make casino payments from Lebanon is using cryptocurrency. Naturally, not all modern gaming platforms have made it possible to send digital money to another crypto wallet and get its equivalent on the casino account. However, more and more platforms accept such popular coins as BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, as well as many other tokens, let alone new crypto casinos emerging on the Web regularly where the number of coins accepted in very extensive.

Accepted Currencies in Lebanon

The official currency of Lebanon is the Lebanese pound which is divided into 100 piastres. It is not a secret that the history of Lebanon featured many civil conflicts and the last ones have led to high inflation, so the exchange rates of the currency have dropped significantly too. Nowadays, you need to pay almost 1,500 Lebanese pounds for 1 American dollar. This rate was fixed in 1997 and remains at the same level for almost two decades already. The banknotes are issued and controlled by the Banque du Liban and the largest one is equal to 100,000 Lebanese pounds.

The Lebanese pound is not a popular currency and it is very difficult to find a casino that will accept it as a deposit. However, there is always a way out from this situation since citizens of such small countries as Lebanon can easily exchange their local currency for widely accepted fiat money such as USD, GBP, EUR, or JPY. Almost every casino on the globe will accept these currencies as a deposit and sometimes there is even no need to exchange them yourself – it can be made automatically by the bank, for example, at the current exchange rate.

The same goes for withdrawing money too. Naturally, gaming destinations accepting players living in Lebanon will not payout their winnings in the national currency of the country, but there are many other alternative currencies to select from. When a player receives a transaction in American dollars or Euros, it is very easy to cash out in the local ATM.

In addition to fiat money accepted by the platforms from players living in Lebanon, it is possible to use cryptocurrency to deposit to and withdraw from the casino. Digital coins are at the top of their popularity nowadays due to the low transaction fees and a minimum of the time needed for processing, so it is considered one of the best ways to gamble today. Players from Lebanon can open a BTC, LTC, ETH, or any other wallet and send coins directly to the casino.

Customer Support

Residents of Lebanon who face any challenges or need a consultation on the gambling topic are welcome to turn to customer support representatives available in every online casino. It is always possible to evaluate the quality of gambling services provided based on the professionalism of the customer support team. Recognized platforms always hire experienced and friendly professionals who are knowledgeable about the industry as a whole and can provide necessary help in a friendly and simple manner.

Players from Lebanon can turn to the customer support team any time since most of them work round the clock. The reason for that is the availability of the online casino on all continents of the world and the difference in the time zones. Consequently, if you are located in Lebanon and start your night casino adventure, but want to get a question answered, you can always connect with a casino representative via a live chat – the most popular and the fastest way to get a response. More serious issues that require explanation or official information are solved via emails and phone calls.

Unfortunately, not all people can afford to call to another country, but it will not charge players from Lebanon anything if they explain their problem in an email. The response will be delivered as fast as possible but it can take up to several days in some cases.

The Customer Support team is also responsible for the comfort of every player, so it provides answers to the most popular questions on the FAQ section. Every gambler from Lebanon can visit it before turning to a specialist!

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Lebanon

Online gambling in Lebanon is officially represented only by one lottery website but the opportunities for players seem endless – they can access almost every offshore gaming service except several websites. Consequently, it means that the popularity of online gambling in the country will continue to grow since more websites offer access to players from Lebanon. Moreover, the latest announcements of Casino du Liban made by its chairman on May 30, 2019, say that a licensed online casino will be open in six months in Lebanon and it is a great step forward because this release was planned since 2017. However, since this significant event has not happened yet, players from Lebanon can continue accessing foreign-licensed platforms and get all the benefits offered there.

It is not difficult to predict that with growing competition in the gambling market, more casinos will try to look outstanding and provide their players with a bigger number of new games, profitable bonuses, and promotions, as well as exclusive experience. There is much information about the implementation of virtual reality and artificial intelligence in the casino industry, so game fans living in Lebanon will soon become ones of pioneers who get a chance to experience this innovation. Another prediction of gambling experts about casinos in Lebanon is an increase in the number of mobile and live dealer platforms as well as the extension of payment methods and currencies accepted. Who knows, there might be soon more casinos to accept the Lebanese pound too?

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