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Kenya is the country with more than 41 million people. It’s a huge territory for industry, like gambling. That’s why there are so many casinos in Kenya. But the truth is – it’s not always was like that. Like in the case of most other markets, Kenya was filled with illegal institutions, that have not paid taxes and were unofficial for both tourists and local people. The eastern culture of Kenya is famous because of the big number of different games, that local people are playing regularly. But only in 1966 Kenyan government has decided to make gambling business legal and created laws to regulate the activity of different casinos. This act about betting, lotteries, and gaming still exists to this day and it is possible to find it on the official website of the Kenya law.

From the moment this act has become a real thing, all the institutions on the territory of Kenya should follow the rules in terms of giving people a fair chance to win. Thanks to betting control, there are no more issues with gambling licenses in different sectors. It is pretty easy for anybody who wants to open up their institution, to get a license and open up a new casino in a specified sector of the city.

On this day, Kenya is one of the greatest countries in the world in terms of casinos, that are available for all the people from around the globe. There are more than twenty-eight casinos, eleven bingo halls, three sportsbooks, and one horse racing track. The government of Kenya regulates all these establishments, to make sure, that tourists and local people are going to have a good time playing all the entertainment products available right now.

Right now, Kenya is also famous because of the online casino segment. It is easy to find different kinds of online gambling products. A lot of online websites in Kenya have become famous abroad.

Most of companies here are led by our partners who contribute to our business. Many will say it might affect our choice of companies we write about, and where and how the company is placed on a page. However, we are unbiased and so are our reviews. Our opinions are and will be just our own.

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Types of online casino in Kenya

Just like in the case of all other countries with regulated gambling business, Kenya is famous thanks to the online casinos. There are many variations of casino in Kenya. It’s up to the gamer to decide, which type of games he is interested the most. It is possible to find many classic slots represented in digital form. But there are three types of online casino in Kenya, that are most popular among gamers:

Downloadable Virtual Casinos

All gamers from around the planet are familiar with online gaming. It’s like the most popular type of entertainment nowadays. But it becomes not that much easy to play Kenya slots, with the best internet connection, while using standard browsing. That’s why some people are more interested in downloading virtual casinos on their device via the app and use the specific software to get the best experience out of playing the game in Kenya without any problems with the internet connection. Thanks to the special software, the gamer will finally have a chance to enjoy the game for real, without any limitations in terms of interface. It’s a normal thing, that most Kenya casinos have their app or computer program. Players are happy to have an opportunity to use a specific app for their beloved site.

Mobile versions of online casinos in Kenya

The most popular way of playing online casinos products in Kenya is with the power of a smartphone. Every third person in Kenya has tried mobile gaming at least once. Most of them have enjoyed the overall experience. Developers are trying to do their best, just to make sure, that the player will be able to fully enjoy the game whenever and wherever he would like to. It is easy to find official apps for iOS and Android, that allow gamers from Kenya to perfectly enjoy their life while playing games on their smartphones or tablets. The much simpler interface allows making bets on the go, without any distraction.

Gameplay through browser

Just like you might have figured out, the most effective way to play casino games online in Kenya – is by using the browser on smartphone, tablet or PC. It’s really that much easy and that’s the reason why people using this type of online casino to gain real money by playing the game. There are no problems with opening up any game in an online format on any type of device in Kenya.

Types of Casino Games for Kenya gamblers

In 2017 the government of Kenya has changed the way casinos are regulated. Now there are new curbs, that are officially allowed in Kenya.

Slot machines. They have become one of the reasons why new curbs were created. The government wants to make sure, that all providers of the modern slot machines are going to pay the Statute Law Bill. It is part of the necessary support. Slot machines are represented all over the country.

Table games. There are some people, who are not interested in playing slots only. Some of them would like to find standard table games in Kenya. It is not that much hard to play poker, blackjack or roulette as they are all legal and officially represented in any Kenya casino.

New generation machines. The player doesn’t have to play table games in a classic format. It is possible to enjoy such games, like poker with the help of video machines, that are available in different casinos all over Kenya.

Sports Betting. It is possible to find a lot of different establishments all over the country, that allow people from around the globe to make bets on their favorite sports events.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Kenya

Gamers from Kenya are capable of playing online casino games whenever they want with the help of their gadgets. It can be either a laptop, smartphone or any other kind of device. The smartphone is the most popular gadget, that allows gamers of Kenya to play their favorite games online without any limitations at all. Many tourists, that travel to Kenya for the first time are wondering are online casinos legal? They are one hundred percent legal due to the state of law presented back in 1966. But there is one thing, that should be said – social media gambling ads are banned in Kenya. It’s an illegal form of gambling advertisement, that is not allowed on the territory of the country.

Of course, it is hard to say, that the government of Kenya has done everything they should to update the law and make sure, that it is correct for all types of online casinos, that work on the territory of Kenya. But laws are going to be updated with time. The only thing, that all gambling institutions should have – is a license to provide gambling products on the territory of the country. Everything is regulated with the Betting Control and Licensing Board. It is easy to open up a new online casino in Kenya. But because of the big bills, that should be paid by providers, that would like to get an official license, there are many offshore casinos opened all over Kenya. They are also legal, but it is better to find those websites, that are fully represented on the territory of Kenya.

Online sports betting is the most popular kind of entertainment. Almost every person in the country has either made a sports bet or is only going to do that. The government made sports betting legal and even allowed to present gamers a free in practice mode.

The government of Kenya was not that much ready for the popularity of online gambling. So when it all happened, they decided to give providers a chance to represent their products online in digital format only with a couple of limitations, that are described in a specific document, that helps to regulate this business.

It is allowed to represent slot machines not only inside of the casino but also in the front part so that every passenger would have a chance to see, which games he can enjoy in Kenya. It’s was a wise decision for the government of Kenya to allow this way of ads as the part of 2017 update to the gambling arc.

There are a couple of rules, that every person should know about gambling in Kenya:

  • Legal gambling age is 18;
  • To make sure, that casino is legal, it should have a license to represent gambling products to a wide audience of players on the territory of Kenya;
  • The gamer can use not only local currency but also a couple of others as well;
  • Many casinos are represented with the help of offshores schemes.

Best Deposit Methods for Kenya Gamblers

Kenya gamblers can use real money while playing games in their favorite casinos. They can deposit with a couple of methods, that are officially represented in Kenya. The gamer can find a couple of offshore casinos, that accept other currencies, other than KES. It will be hard for the tourist to use his cash to make a bet on any kind of a slot machine or a casino as a whole. It’s not an easy task to find an offshore casino in Kenya, that works with USD, AUD, GBP or EUR. But it is possible to do that.

It is recommended for the gamer to use credit or debit cards in Kenya, other than cash. In the case of using a bank card, the user will be able to get an automatic exchange in an acceptable currency. There are a couple of ways for the player to make a deposit in Kenya. The most common are Visa and MasterCard. Every tourist, that travels to Kenya should have his bank account. But if the gamer has any issues with using debit or credit card – electronic wallets are also allowed to be used. Such as Neteller, Skrill. The user can also use alternative methods in Kenya – Direct Bank wire, Paysafecard, Entropay, ecoPayz. The availability of these methods may vary depending on which online casino you are going to make bets.

There is also one more interesting thing for the player to know – some casinos can promote their activity in Kenya by giving extra bonuses for making deposits with specific deposit method. It is good to get such bonuses for free.

Accepted Currencies in Kenya

Just like in most other countries, Kenya has its local currency – KES. Kenyan shilling is not that much popular abroad, but most of the casino institutions, that are represented in Kenya are using this local currency as their main deposit currency. That is the kind of thing, that creates a lot of problematic moments for all the tourists, that are interested in getting fun during their journey to Kenya. It would be really shameful if there would be no other way to pay for bets in Kenya. But there is a way to make bets with other currencies. The gamer can make bets with US dollars, Euro, GBP or AUD if he will find an offshore casino.

There is also another way to make bets with worldwide currencies – online casinos of Kenya. They allow us to use different kinds of currencies thanks to the fact, that the website can be represented not only on the territory of the country but also worldwide. Because of that, the tourist can find a lot of ways on how to make bets with alternative currencies. It is also important to say, that there is a way to make bets with pre-paid cards. Which makes sense, because the player will be able to successfully forget about all the problems with currency exchange. Just don’t forget about that and everything is going to be fine. But for the most of basic casinos, the only currency, that the player can use – is KES. It’s a shame to say that, but the only way to make a bet would be a use of credit or debit card with automatic exchange functionality.

Customer Support

It would not be a good country to play gambling products if the government of Kenya would not do anything for gamer’s rights in terms of getting the most fun out of playing slot machines. Every player, that would like to testify Kenya casino projects, should be ready, that there is a way to get help if something will happen during the gaming process. If the user will face any kind of problem, the only thing he needs to do – is to go to the customer support section of the online casino website and contact the support team. They should answer you as fast, as it is possible and everything should fine from that moment. The gamer has nothing to worry about. Because due to Kenya law, every gambling institution should have a customer support team, that would work on any issues, that the player will face while playing games.

Customer support is available not only in online casinos of Kenya but also in standard institutions as well. The same thing goes to all the sports betting institutions as well. Despite the fact, that Africa is a little youthful for the gambling business, if compare it to other countries on the market, it is still very good for all the gamers, as it gives a chance to fully enjoy different types of gambling products with the highest quality of service. It is easy to recommend Kenya as one of the most responsible countries in terms of customer support.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Kenya

It’s always fun to think about what the future holds for online gambling in Kenya and casino business as a whole. There are a lot of scenarios on what can happen next, but there are a couple of things, that have already become reality. One of them is the fact, that the UK betting company has bought the Kenyan lottery! It was a little shocking to hear, but it is the way how things go in the business big like this one.

Of course, there are a lot of things, that should be changed in terms of gambling law in Kenya. As of right now, it is possible to say, that a couple of things are not that much great for online casino providers, who want to make sure, that they represent their products legally. There is no unified Kenya base, that would tell, which casinos are officially represented on the territory of the country, and which of them are offshore casinos. In the next couple of years, the government of Kenya will work on changes to the law and they are going to work on making it even better for both clients and providers. Everything is going to be even better in terms of quality and abilities, that tourists and local people will get.

Some changes are coming to the way online gambling products are going to be represented. Big companies, like Novomatic and Net Entertainment, are experimenting with different AR and VR technologies. Thanks to them, the player will be able to feel himself in the real casino, while being anywhere in Kenya. The next couple of years are going to be very funny and interesting for all the gamers ready for a new experience. There are a lot of things to expect from sports betting as well. Some sports betting institutions already have their apps and programs. But in the future, there are going to be even more examples.

The player can expect surprises from the 5G era. It’s being said, that Nokia will bring the 5G connection to Kenya. It’s going to be a revolutionary thing for all mobile gamers in the country. They are going to have a chance to play their favorite games in the best way possible. Because now there are going to be literally no issues with internet connection on mobile phones or tablets. Now gamers from around the world are going to be able to play their favorite games whenever they want, however they want. It also opens up possibilities for developers to create even more ambitious projects. The overall performance and graphics are going to become even better. A lot of speculations go, how 5G technology is going to change the world of tech, but it is safe to say that in the case of Kenya’s gambling industry it’s going to be a huge step forward. Especially in terms of how gamers are going to make their bets on the go.

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