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The modern world cannot live without casinos and gambling machines. People love the iGaming industry. But it wasn’t always like that. There were times when it was hard to find at least one legal casino in the Bahamas. The first official Bahamas casino was opened in Nassau in the early years of the twentieth century. It was a small institution, but it was a build-up for the industry in this unique country. At the time of opening, the first Bahamas casinos worked on a seasonal basis. It was more like a place for tourists, instead of real fans of gambling.

It was the second half of the 20th century when the real casino was opened on the islands. The Monte Carlo was part of the famous beach hotel resort in the Bahamas and worked for many years before it was closed in 1974.

The late 60s and 70s were the golden age of gambling for this country. A lot of institutions were opened in this period. Most of them even operate til this 2000s. Princess Casino as an example. The problem came with the big hurricane of 2004, that have damaged the Princess Hotel. As a result, it is unknown, when the casino will open its doors again.

The Bahamas were so popular, that even the Playboy brand has opened their casino in one of the beach hotels on this paradise island. It stayed in business for many years and have proved to everybody, that anything can happen in such a beautiful place.

It is safe to say, that casino business if legal in the Bahamas islands. The government of this country is interested in tourists, so it’s not shocking, that they allow people to build big enough Bahamas casinos to provide high-quality entertainment. Gambling has always was one of the best things to check out on the Bahamas. But tourists should be prepared, that a lot of famous places are either closed, or they are in reconstruction. Anyway, it is possible to find new institutions, that are always happy to see new clients.

One of the best things is that the Bahamas government has green-lighted offering casinos at hotels. It is the sweetest thing for tourists. Now they have a chance to perfectly rest at hotels and to perfectly enjoy their trip to such a beautiful place, by playing a couple of slots in the evening, without wasting a lot of time in the process.

The major problem of the Bahamas gambling was the fact, that tourists were not allowed to gamble. At first, these entertainment products were allowed for local people only. It was a huge downside to the country. But the policy has changed in the late 1960s. Now, every person in the Bahamas is allowed to play whatever he/she wants, whenever he/she wants.

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Types of online casino in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are situated between the coast of Florida, Cuba, and Hispaniola – that’s why a lot of people are English-speaking. Thanks to all the tourists, that come to this country each year, it is safe to say, that Bahamas people are happy and they are living well enough.

It was mentioned, that Bahamas is the country of casinos. It hosts a gambling business since 1969 and has no ideas to stop doing that. Such a business has helped the country to become one of the best places for gamers.

When the 21st century came, it was clear, that Bahamas will change the direction of the market. The digitalization of the top Bahamas casinos has been started. It is a little surprise to understand, that despite the fact, that there are many online casinos in the Bahamas – they have no licenses. But digital Bahamas slots are one hundred percent legal. Many tourists and natives are making bets at online sites, sportsbooks and they would be mad if something would happen to their favorite website.

Nowadays, many famous companies offer Bahamas online slots. Such developers, like Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, Realtime Gaming, Topgame, Play’n Go work on the best slots for all the people of the Bahamas. It is clear, that everything is pretty much okay in terms of products, that are available for people in this country. New slots are produced daily. There is always something new to find for gamers from all over the world. But there are three major types of online casino in the Bahamas:

Downloadable Virtual Casino

It’s not that much hard for the gamer to find the desired type of a casino in the Bahamas, but most of the players would like to make sure, that the quality of the internet connection will not affect the way they are playing the game. That’s why it is so important for the gamer to have an ability to simply download some program to their laptop to make sure, that he/she will get the best experience while playing the newest slots online. With the help of downloadable software, it becomes possible to forget about any issues with the bad signal of the internet.

Mobile versions of online casinos in the Bahamas

It is possible to say, that the mobile version of online casinos are the most popular way for Bahamas players to enjoy their favorite gambling products. The gamer can use their smartphone or tablet to access the online casino, that he/she was always wanted to play on, but wasn’t able to dedicate much time to play it on PC. It is possible for tourists and local players of Bahamas to download an app for their favorite casino to enjoy it on the go..

Gameplay through browser

A lot of gamers from the Bahamas would like to go old school and they would play online slots with the help of standard browser on their device. It is possible to open up the casino site via the browser on any type of device – laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Types of Casino Games for Bahamian Gamblers

In the 21st century, there is a big variety of establishments available for Bahamian gamblers. All of the casino games, that are available in this country has a lot of perks. The player is free to choose the best payment option and there are hundreds of games available. The user should be prepared for high payout rates and speedy cash withdrawals. There are a lot of different types of casino games, that are available for Bahamian players.

Board games. In the Bahamas, the player can find the classic poker. This type of game is famous among all gamers and it is represented in the best possible way in the Bahamas. For those people, who are interested in the new experience and yet love the classic card game – there is video poker. It is the newest variation of poker available right now. Of course, it would not be the modern casino, without slots. Such a type of entertainment product is both fun and beginner-friendly for all people interested in casino games. Modern slots have incredible visual style and representation. It is also possible to find BlackJack on the Bahamas. It is represented in both digital form and the classic one. It is one of the most entertaining card games. Roulette is also one of the most recognizable types of games in the Bahamas.

Live gaming. There are also progressive slots. With the help of them, the gamer can easily raise the jackpot. With each year, the number of millionaires in the Bahamas increases, thanks to these types of games. If the player is interested in the most immersive experience, it is possible for them to enjoy live gaming. It will look like playing in the real-life casino, but the user can be anywhere, thanks to the internet. Gamers have a range of options for live play.

Sports Betting. Sports Betting is also very popular among players. The Bahamas offer sports fans a chance to gain a lot of money by simply making bets on their favorite teams. It is possible to make bets on any type of sport, that might look interesting for gamblers.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations on the Bahamas

The Bahamas include more than seven hundred islands. It is hard to regulate gambling business on all of them, but all legal operators, that provide people a chance to play games should follow the law. The Bahamian Gambling Market is pretty much regulated with the law. As it was mentioned before, online casinos do not have any license to represent their product in the country. But they are not illegal either.

Nowadays, gambling has become one of the largest industries in the Bahamas, the government cannot do anything to stop companies from providing their products via websites. It is safe to say, that with each year, the number of tourists, that are interested in visiting the Bahamas is growing. The legal age for placing bets in this country – 18. There are currently no grand plans to change anything in terms of gambling laws.

According to the modern Bahamian law, the player does not need to pay taxes on gambling winnings. The government decided to collect tax revenues from the casinos, instead of requiring people to pay taxes. Many people think, that it is only a matter of time when the government will change the rules and will create a new policy for all categories of establishments.

As the official website of the Bahamian government says, there are a lot of gaming regulations rules for all casino holders. If the casino operator wants to represent their institution on the territory of the country, it will need to allow people to pay for bets either with cash or with the card. Every casino operator should also provide record-keeping. Every person, who will play games in the casino, should have a chance to safely use their money, during the process of playing games. It is safe to say, that every casino in the Bahamas should follow the rules to provide the best experience for gamers.

Portable casinos are also allowed in the Bahamas. If the gamer wants to play on the go, he/she can do that with official apps for all types of smartphones or tablets. Some Bahamas casinos are also available in the form of mobile websites. In 2020, it is recommended to enjoy Bahamas casinos in mobile format. The flexibility is the main reason why the player should focus on such a way of playing gambling products. Thanks to the mobile format, it will be possible for the gamer to enjoy the Bahamas products anywhere and at any time.
Key facts to know about gambling in the Bahamas:

  • Legal gambling age is 18;
  • All online casinos don’t have a license, but they are one hundred percent legal due to the status quo;
  • The player does not have to pay taxes on gambling winnings;
  • World-famous companies represent their products legally.

Best Deposit Methods for Bahamas Gamblers

The main currency is the Bahamas Dollar. However, the player is free to use the American Dollar as well. There are several ways in the Bahamas to make a deposit. In the case of online websites, the player can use the most common way – credit or debit cards. Prepaid cards and bank wire transfers are also popular deposit methods. Users from around the world are also capable of using different kinds of electronic wallets in the Bahamas. Among them, there are such services, as EntroPay, Neteller and Skrill. All these methods are acceptable, as they are one hundred percent legal. As an alternative, the gamer can also use PaySafe, LavaPay, Polipay, and PugglePay.

In a recent couple of years, many online casinos have allowed gamers to use new deposit methods in the Bahamas – PayPal and Bitcoin. With the help of them, it will be even easier for tourists to make deposits on casino websites. It is also possible for the users to use such deposit methods in a big variety on any other online establishments, such as sport betting websites. All users looking for the flexible payment options, that will allow them to fully enjoy the gaming process of their favorite slots without any limitations. It is easy to find different categories of casino websites, that will allow the player in the Bahamas to pay for bets in whatever way they would like. Because it is safe to say, that almost any modern deposit method is allowed in this country. The best thing about it, the player won’t need to pay extra money for the currency exchange if he/she will use the American dollar.

Accepted Currencies in the Bahamas

There are a lot of speculations all over the internet about what kinds of currencies are acceptable in the Bahamas. Most tourists don’t understand, what kind of money they should use, while they will play slots in this country: US dollars or Bahamas Money. But the truth – there are no real differences between them in terms of value. Because the US dollar has the same value, as the Bahamas dollar. So the player is free to choose the kind of currency, that fits them best. It should be clear for the gamer, that when he/she goes to the Bahamian casino website and tries to make a bet, he/she can either use their credit card with American dollars, or he/she can use the Bahamas dollars instead. There are differences between them in terms of value. There is no need to exchange your money when you arrive in this country with US dollars in your pockets. So there are no problems for tourists to perfectly enjoy the big number of gambling products, that are available right now in the Bahamas.

All the visitors of the Bahamas have stated, that they have had no issues with using their US dollars. As they are equal in value. Credit Cards are used widely in most of the Bahamas. There are going to be no problems with using the credit card money as well. Once you will make a purchase or you will deposit your money into the game you would like to play, they will be automatically exchanged for Bahamian dollars without any additional fee. So it is recommended to use US dollars if you are planning to travel to the Bahamas in the nearby future.

Customer Support

As it is stated on the official website of The Government of The Bahamas, there are three big casinos, that work for clients from all over the world. Tourists are happy to realize, that they can play gambling products whenever they would like to without any kind of limitations. Casino gaming in the Bahamas is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. So it’s not shocking, that government tries to control the way the casino provide their services. All types of casinos, online or offline have their team of customer support to make sure, that everything is going to be fine, whenever the player will face any kind of problems while playing slots or any other kinds of games. It is easy to find the contact number of any casino right on the official website. For example, the gamer can face a couple of problems, with bonuses in the game. Or when he/she would like to play the project, but it won’t open on their device. There can be some trouble with the withdrawal of funds. The user can get rid of all these problems by simply using the power of customer support. The team of professionals is going to provide help with any kind of trouble, that the player must have faced in the process of playing games of the casino.

The most common thing, that Bahamas casino should offer to the player – is the F.A.Q. section in which he/she will be able to read about all the rules that he/she needs to follow while playing the game and what he/she needs to do if any problem will occur. The user is also able to call the contact number to get help from professionals in the fastest way possible. It is safe to say, that in the modern world, the player has nothing to worry about when it comes to getting help if anything will happen in the process of playing games on the casino. It is also possible to use online chat on any modern casino website to send a message directly to the support team. They are going to answer as fast, as it is possible.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling on the Bahamas

The gambling industry in the Bahamas is the leading form of entertainment in this country. It’s not shocking to see how the government is trying to do their best, just to make sure, that developers from all over the world are going to be capable to create new products for all the fans of the iGaming industry. It’s always fun to see the new solutions for gamers, who are not afraid to try something exotic. But it is hard to say, what exactly will be changed in the modern formula of Bahamas casino. The only thing, that would be the ideal solution for all the gamers in this country would be the implementation of Blockchain technology in all aspects of the gambling industry in the Bahamas. No banks will be needed to deposit online variations of slot machines. It is already possible to make deposits with the use of bitcoin in a couple of online casinos. But it would be great to realize, that one day every Bahamas casino, online and offline will work with the help of Blockchain technology.

It is also safe to say, that developers from around the world are working on the implementation of new technologies for gamers, such as VR projects with creative three-dimensional graphics. It is already possible to say, that gamers are interested in new technologies as more people playing slots on their smartphones and tablets, instead of PCs and laptops.

The last, but not least – the government of Bahamas is planning to work on licensing online casinos. As of right now, there are no limitations in terms of websites with gambling projects. But there they don’t have any kind of official license to provide their service on the territory of the country. Bahamas government just doesn’t want to hard the industry, which has already formed a powerful business for the country and has a positive influence on the economic aspect of the Bahamas. But in the nearby future, it is possible, that the government will try to regulate the way online casino work by giving them official licenses to provide gambling projects on the territory of the country. It will not affect clients. It will only be good for the gambling industry in the Bahamas.

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