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Life without play is so dull and boring. That is why the creators of 7Reels Casino tried their best to deliver the thrill of a game to everyone. Whatever is the country that you currently live in, you do not have to spend a crazy amount of money to buy a ticket to Las Vegas. Now all amazing opportunities of this city of dreams are available in your own computer.
The history of 7Reels Casino dates back to 1999. When real casinos were at the top of the wave, directors at 7Reels predicted that the world is going online. Back then, at the dawn of the internet technology rise, a decision to launch a website that would virtualize all the gambling experience was made. The idea came to fruition not so long time after its launch.
The online casino is not as easy as it may seem. 7Reels Casino spent a fortune to get it on track. You have to understand that software that is used for the random number generation is crucially important because everything depends on that: how many users will win, whether they will be able to collect a jackpot, whether there would be any probability of hacking, information and money stealing, and other crimes online. 7Reels took the most responsible approach to all of these important matters. They involved the best developers of the Silicon Valley to create a reliable yet colourful and captivating online casino called 7Reels. Let us dive deeper and check out what it is all about.

Casino Software and Slots

As we mentioned before, software is something you cannot overlook when launching an online casino. Well, with 7Reels Casino online you can be sure that the algorithms they use are totally random. There is nothing that they might pre-program, so you can totally rely on your Lady Luck when taking a chance to win at 7Reels.
At the 7Reels website, every random user is offered to try almost every single game without even registering an account. However, to gain access to the most tempting promotions and all the coolest games at the highest speed, you need to sign up at 7Reels. It is easy as pie. It takes only several minutes and the opportunities you get afterward are infinite.
Whatever is the device that you decide to play with online, the 7Reels software can work with it. The 7Reels website is compatible with any kind of hardware, whether it is Macintosh or Windows PC. You can play either on your Android smartphone, as well as a tablet, or on iPhone and iPad. All you have to do is to open your best and fastest browser and sign up or sign in. All games at 7Reels are extremely lightweight and perform seamlessly. Even though, you should have a stable internet connection as well as Flash player working correctly.
Slots are the most popular and demanded games among online casinos, and 7Reels is no exception. The reason for such an enormous popularity is probably their simplicity, fun, and countless chances to win. You can choose one of the widest ranges of the slot themes here at 7Reels Casino. They are all colourful and high-definition. Choose your favourite movie characters or ancient heroes, being a part of animal or fantasy world. Everything is possible here at 7Reels.

Other Casino Games

Talking about other casino games, here 7Reels Casino online has something to offer as well. They have all kinds of table games for old-time players. If you know how to play BlackJack, Baccarat, Poker and a bunch of other card games, go for it at 7Reels. They offer an utmost user experience that is even better than real. On the 7Reels website, you will find some of the most engaging video Poker games, a few types of table games, including also a few varieties of your favourite Roulette. So do not hesitate to roll the dice!
By scrolling a bit down the 7Reels homepage, you will also find their amazing selection of Bingo games. What can be easier and more effortless than Bingo? Here at 7Reels, you will come across various options of Bingo. They offer different exotic locations and some of the best graphics that you have ever seen online. Therefore, taking a chance to win each time will not be that boring like some Bingo TV shows you might have been watching some years ago with your grandma.

How To Play 7Reels Casino
Casino Features and Bonuses

It is important to understand all the rules applicable to special promotional offers and bonuses at 7Reels. Make sure to thoroughly read all their terms and conditions before you apply and start to win with your bonus money. Otherwise, there is a chance that may be left disappointed. The whole thing with these bonuses is that they have some strict requirements.
For example, bonus money and winnings on a base of that are not that easy to cash out. If you win more than $100 with the help of money given to you virtually by 7Reels, this amount will be automatically voided. It means that you can withdraw a maximum amount of $100 based on bonus money.
You will also have to play from 35 to 75 times before you make a withdrawal inquiry. It depends on each promotion. In addition, they require you to make the deposit of no less than $25 for the last five days before the withdrawal and have no other pending withdrawal requests.
However, those promotions can offer you playing at no risk of your own money. You can still enjoy the thrill of the game and even have a chance to cash out the initial 200% of the bonus, and the following few bonuses at 100%. At 7Reels, you can also come across everyday free spins no deposits promotions, so watch your inbox in email and SMS messages.

Casino Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Online payments are standard at 7Reels casino. Before you make your first withdrawal, you will be required to submit your documents copies. They usually include your passport or ID photo or scan copy with a photograph. You should also add to that any utility bill no older than the past three months from the location where you live.
In addition, you will have to send them a photo of your credit or debit card that you are going to pay with from both sides of it. Note that all the documents that you submit are valid only six following months. After that, you will have to submit the same package to the 7Reels administration again.
As for payments, 7Reels Casino accepts all common types of bankcards. You can transfer your deposits with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard. Furthermore, they accept transfers through different electronic payment systems. It is especially comfortable when withdrawing your winnings, since e-wallets require smaller commission charge and transfer money faster. Your winnings usually stay unnoticed by government organizations when using this method.

What Else You Should Know about 7Reels
Casino Customer Support

Are you concerned about anything? Do not worry! 7Reels is not a kind of a casino that stays virtual to the point where you cannot speak with an alive person. 7Reels Casino, on the contrary, possesses a lot of qualified specialists. The operators’ team is happy to help you at any time of the day or night, seven days a week.
All you have to do is to call them on a phone. The 7Reels phone number is completely free of charge. Just make a call and they will guide you through any process. But wait, there is more. 7Reels also has an online live chat. Do not stop gambling and have your questions answered anytime you need!
If you are interested in a more official inquiry, write them an email. Just go to the Contacts section at the 7Reels website and feel free to write them an extended version of your question. A qualified consultant will send you an answer on the subject of your question very soon.

Live Casino

Live casino is another great feature that is presented here at 7Reels casino. In 2018, you do not have to visit a real casino to play live! A wonder? Impossible? Just enter the 7Reels online playroom and feel free to bet real money against other real players from around the globe.
The 7Reels live casino offers you a unique real casino experience at no additional charge. Just sign up, have your documents verified, and play for real anytime you want! Jackpots here are insane! Rely on your Luck and prediction here because everything happens for real.

Mobile Casino

Want to play and win on the go? 7Reels brings that option for you as well! Are you waiting for your girl at the date and cannot wait to make a good surprise and have a good time? Or did you just get stuck in traffic and have nothing else to do? Try to win big money!
Just go to the 7Reels Casino website, enter your account and start to play. All of the casino options are available on your smartphone. You do not have to download any suspicious software on your hard drive. Just play from your browser and stay safe.

Casino Security

Security is at the top level here at 7Reels casino. All of your data is protected by the world’s most reliable software: McAfee and Norton antivirus. Every dollar that you spend or win at 7Reels stays absolutely private and only you will know it.
Any information that you send, including your bank account details, your location information and anything else transfers through the SSL highly encrypted protocol. Your data goes safely and unseen by any third parties.


Gambling can be forbidden in many countries, since government sees it as an addictive and potentially harmful activity. While in an online world, you can be guided by another set of rules. In 7Reels Casino, great winnings remain possible every single day for millions of users from around the world.
Every single activity is licensed with an applicable law, so playing at 7Reels is absolutely honest and safe. Moreover, it is so exciting because you may not go anywhere. Just visit the 7Reels website, have fun and win real cash!

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