Tiffany Cutting

Tiffany Cutting is a journalist with higher education and years of experience. She has been covering sports events for over 3 years. She performs a search, analysis, and evaluation of the information about sports and sport events and writes fascinating stories about them. Being fluent in several languages she joined the SlotsSpot team in 2018 and became a leading specialist in content writing.

Tiffany understands the principle of work of bookmaker’s offices very well and has gained much experience in describing sports forecasts. As she knows a great deal about the football championships held by the European countries including the UK, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, France, she is extremely good at the match previews and has a very responsibe approach to drafting comprehensive analytical overviews that are trusted by the readers.

Currently, she writes and translates the content connected with sports betting, casino reviews, bookmaker’s office into other languages. She makes very competent conclusions based on real data from a professional point of view. Recently, she has also headed one more area at the company and now she provides skillful descriptions of various slot machines and supplies interesting information about gambling for our blog.

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