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In the gambling industry, Devil topics are very popular. Developers pay attention and with special trepidation refer not only to the Devil personally, but also to Halloween, stories about zombies, witches, and their witchcraft, as well as about other representatives of the world of darkness, despondency and death. Perhaps because of this, the Devil theme includes many evil characters that give players a special adrenaline rush and keeps it in the gambler’s blood throughout the game.

This is not surprising, because if to make an analysis of popular movies and TV-series of the 21-st century, among them, it is easy to find such astonished cinematographic works of art as ”The Walking Dead” (based on the comics with the same title and developed by Frank Darabont, a post-apocalyptic American television series in the center of which is a story about brave people who are trying to survive during the zombie-apocalypse). Many films and several serials are made with the ”participation” of the archetypal vampire, Vlad Dracula, who appears in a variety of works of mass culture. The saga ”Twilight”, an American fantasy melodrama directed by Catherine Hardwicke, is also dedicated to the vampires.

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List of worthy Devil machines in the virtual casino areas

The ”Halloween” video slot was dedicated by ”Microgaming” to the appropriate holiday. The idea is absolutely based on the famous American horror movie. It narrates Michael Myers’ story about the small Devil (Mike was only 6) who on the night of Halloween, in the 1963 year, killed his older sister… 15 years passed and Michael became a serial killer who returned to the hometown in order to continue the atrocities. ”Endorphina” devoted one model from its game collection to the Devil theme of Voodoo magic.

By the way, the gambling machine has the same title. It is quite popular among people who are fans of terrible and mysterious things. Players who prefer horror-fantasy or the Devil genre will certainly admire another not less spectacular slot that is called ”Zombie Escape”. In the continuation of the Halloween theme, ”Microgaming” released another video slot for its fans and admirers to tickle their nerves – ”Monsters on Wheels”.

If you would like to meet a passionate Devil in the person of a red-haired girl, then ”Reel Rich Devil” will be your favorite slot. The demons, the fallen angels and immortal creatures serve Satan… If you are not afraid, then it is worth to play the ”Diablo 13” slot game. ”Draco’s Fire” is opposite to the previously described slot because of its joyful atmosphere and lovely symbols. Here is a mysteriously magical story about the everlasting war of the Good and Evil. This story waits for gamblers in ”Frozen Inferno”. ”Devil’s Delight” is present in our list as well. You may find also ”Sinful Spins” here. The ”Devil’s Heat” slot will try to seduce you with its astonished female characters. The ”Devils” game is not colder. It is not a problem to find ”Diamonds & Devils” for a modern user. ”Sexy Devil” will burn your fantasy. In ”Hand of the Devil”, you should think clear. Do not worry, you can try it for free.

Verdict and conclusion about theme Devil in the gamble industry

As you could already get, this theme is very popular and attractive for gamblers. Some of them may ignore it or say abusing words against the Devil topic and some support this interesting and full of mysteries topic. So decide for yourself: ”Do you like this theme or not?”. We are sure that it is not necessary to note the delectable graphics of the Devil slots and creative portraits of the main and subsidiary characters in them. The musical accompaniment and sound effects are on a great level as well.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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