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If you have played slots before, then you should know about paying lines and how they are important for games. The gamer can easily bet on them in order to increase his winning score. If the winning combo is represented on 7 paylines that the gamer has chosen, then he will get a big prize. Otherwise he will lose. These are the rules of a standard game.

But the player should understand that slots have changed over the years, so he can choose not only one game to play, but almost a couple of hundreds of them. There are tons of 7 paylines projects that the player can enjoy.

Most of them were developed by Pragmatic Play, WGS, Win a Day Software. These guys know how to develop games. The player can see it for himself, by simply launching a couple of projects. All of them are free to enjoy, because of demo versions that are included. The player will have a chance to use in-game currency in order to bet without making any deposits.

This variant is perfect for beginners who don’t know how slots’ basic functions work. That’s why it is better to start with the trial versions, than with original ones. 7 paylines have not so difficult rules for the player to follow – he only needs to collect matching slots on the same paying line.

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Touchdown – the player will remember these games forever

One thing about 7 paylines the gamer must tell about for sure – they are easy to play, just like any other slots with paying lines. But the gamer still has a chance to choose the main theme of these games. It can be anything from mythological stories to sport events.

There are legendary projects that should be played by everyone. Among them: Lucky 7s, 7 Monkeys, Touchdown, 7 Piggies. The gamer will understand the true power of these games right after playing them.

It is recommended to sign up, at first, to have a chance to play these slots on any platform without losing the progress. The personal account will come in handy, because all 7 paylines games are adaptive and can work with different types of devices, even if it is a smartphone or tablet.


With 7 paylines the player will forget how it is to be bored. The gamer just needs to understand – creators’ main idea behind developing these slots was creating the perfect entertainment products that could be enjoyed by anyone and any time. Just don’t waste all your free time on playing 7 paylines if you only want to win money. However, if the player does want to do this, then he needs to take it as seriously as it is possible. He needs to build his own strategy and follow it to win really big prizes.

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