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The user should admit that games would be not so funny if developers would stop creating something new all the time. That’s why nowadays almost any slot contains different number of paying lines. But in 6 paylines section the player will find most excitement in. They are still pretty easy to play and yet very interesting to follow.

Paying lines are very important for projects like slots as they provide people a way to bet and win money. The gamer will win only if combos of symbols are represented on the highlighted paying lines.

It’s important to understand this rule. With 6 paylines the gamer will have a very high chance of winning big prizes. He just doesn’t need to put at stake everything he has right away.

The gamer will have to enjoy projects from such studios as 36Gaming and Scotland Entertainment. All of them are totally free to use and have in-game currency, with the help of which the gamer will bet without making deposits.

This fact will be helpful for players, who have never played such projects before. Besides, all of them include instructions on what to do at first.

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Zig and Zag – the way you are going to play

The user cannot always win, but with 6 paylines he will have very good chances. To enjoy Gold Bloom, Zig and Zag projects – the player can use any device he has, even if it is an ordinary smartphone or tablet. These projects are adapted to work properly with touch screens.

The user just needs to figure out, how he can make the profit out of 6 paylines. Because such number of lines opens a way for many strategies. Sometimes, the gamer will have to take a break and then return to the game, when he will feel, like it is the right time.


In the modern world, there are a lot of different 6 paylines slots. All of them represent new worlds and never before seen characters. The gamer can play these games without any tips, because they are based on how lucky the player is. However, it’s never too late to build a strategy, which the gamer will use in the future.

It’s up to the gamer who to become – a clown or spy, either way his main target will be to win big can of cash. He can always share his results with friends over the social media. But what is cooler, he can contact developers support team on any moment, if something happens to slots or the overall performance is bad. With 6 paylines – you will always find what to do and how to spend a free evening.

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