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Map of the Caribbean Islands is a scattering of green land areas that are washed by the sea. These islands do not belong to a single state, but Aruba is one of them. Here you can find both independent republics and territories that belong to the United States and European countries. But the approach to the organization of gambling-driven business does not depend on the status of the island. On each island, gambling houses operate on almost the same principles.

In Aruba, the gaming industry is legalized and is actively developing. Gambling is an additional way to attract travelers to Aruba. Therefore, no matter what tropical resort you have chosen to relax, you will definitely encounter the tendency to organize gambling-driven establishments in the territory of hotel complexes. In addition to gambling-driven entertainment, guests of Aruba are offered hotel rooms and active leisure activities that are associated with exotic and tropical holidays. Beaches with swimming pools, windsurfing and diving into the sea, incendiary discos on the sandy shore – all this entertainment is included in the standard package of proposals from hotels in Aruba. Also it includes a casino.

In Aruba, there are not only high-grade gambling houses, which are part of the resort hotel complexes. Also there are separate rooms with slot models and poker clubs. Most of the establishments in Aruba have a common or two separate halls for slots and video poker, as well as halls with tables for board games.

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Types of Online Casino in Aruba

Virtual gambling-driven establishments in our everyday reality are not uncommon in Aruba. On the Internet, there are many of them, but the diversity is conditionally divided into two groups:

  • downloadable gambling-driven establishments;
  • gambling-driven establishments of the no-download type;
  • live casino version;
  • mobile casinos.

To participate in online games that are offered by flash casinos in Aruba, you need to open a casino site. The browser through which you go to the World Wide Web does not matter. It is very difficult not to notice the huge “Play” button. A couple of moments, and you can play at your pleasure. Everything is elementary and simple in Aruba.

Another positive feature of flash casinos is the ability to play from any device in Aruba, which really pleases gamblers unable to stay in one place long in Aruba.

In turn, the downloaded versions imply the installation of content on the device, offering in some cases improved performance and graphics, and the mobile version of casinos makes it available at any time on your personal smartphone.

Moreover, almost immediately after online-casino establishments began to work actively in the market of online gaming services, there was a need for a radical improvement in their work.

This is due primarily to the fact that even the best computer graphics are not able to replace a living person and create the real atmosphere of an elite gaming hall in Aruba.

A real dealer, or a live dealer, makes the game realistic, because at any moment they can engage in dialogue with the player. Attractive young people, trained as croupiers, spin a roulette wheel, lay out chips or make their own moves in Aruba. Many players believe that playing with a live dealer is more honest and interesting in Aruba.

Unfortunately, not all online casino sites in Aruba can offer a live game, because its organization requires certain financial costs. Live-casino can be found only on fairly serious gambling sites.

Types of Casino Games for Aruban Gamblers

The range of gambling-driven entertainment in Aruba is represented by standard popular games (they can be found in any casino, both American and European) such as:

  • blackjack;
  • baccarat;
  • craps;
  • American Roulette;
  • several types of poker (three-card poker and Texas hold’em gain special popularity);
  • video poker slot models;
  • slots.

Slot models on any topic can be found in Aruba. If a player likes superheroes, then they will easily be able to find several slot models about Hulk, Iron Man or others. In such games, people often just have a fun, without the goal of making real money in Aruba. Players can simply enjoy the process and enjoy the design.

Usually, roulettes in online-casino establishments in Aruba are no different from roulettes in real life, because the game is pretty simple and there are no huge number of functions there.

Online roulette is of several types in Aruba and includes European, American and French ones. For many adolescents, the first association for the word “casino” is precisely roulette. Probably this fact is due to the tendency that in ordinary casinos roulette takes the first place among all other games.

Table games will always have some advantage over other games. For example, card games are most accessible in real life, respectively, you can gain experience, having only a deck of cards and an opponent in Aruba. Card games online are not very different from the game in real life, so an experienced player will be quite easy to master the interface and a small number of differences before the usual game of cards in Aruba.

Card games include online blackjack, video poker, baccarat and many other new products, which are often presented by game developers for online-casino establishments.

In some casinos you can use the services of betting shops.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Aruba

Aruba is an island nation in the south of the Caribbean. The gambling-driven industry in Aruba legally exists. Therefore, thousands of tourists from all over the globe travel to Aruba to combine a beach holiday with gambling-driven entertainment. It is always summer here, and the casinos in Aruba work around the clock for all travelers of legal age.

Most of the casinos are concentrated in the vicinity of the capital Oranjestad.

Only people over 18 are allowed in casinos in Aruba. Do not forget to bring your passport or any other document where your photo, age and full name are indicated. In addition, in the gambling houses on the island of Aruba, it is customary to observe the dress code. It is not necessary to wear expensive evening dresses and suits, but the guards will simply not let you in the establishment in a swimming suit.
Few people know, but Aruba is the birthplace of Caribbean Stud, this card game was invented in 1988. Its main difference from other varieties is that players fight the dealer (as in blackjack). In this type of poker, there are progressive rates.

There are several bars in Aruba where you can bet on sports. For example, with resort casinos at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Holiday Inn Beach Resort, La Cabana Beach Resort and Riu Palace Antillas.
In addition, there is a lottery in Aruba. It is not as popular as gambling-driven entertainment. However, some casinos have their own Bingo Halls in Aruba.

For online gambling to work in Aruba, it is critical to get trust from players. This, of course, is true for all casinos: even in traditional casinos, customers must be sure that someone cares about them and does not let them be deceived. But when it comes to Internet gaming, it is even harder for players to be confident in the integrity of the games they play, as they cannot see the results of each spin or hand in Aruba.

Thus the licensing of sites offering online gambling services in Aruba appears that necessary. In the world, regulation agencies take responsibility for the fact that the operators they license will provide players with fair, random and safe games. They also take on other responsibilities, such as helping to develop rules that help keep players’ funds safe at all times.

Regulation of online gambling on Aruba is very similar to regulation on Curaçao. This should come as no surprise, since not so long ago both countries were part of the Netherlands Antilles.
Aruba Gambling Commission (DAC) regulates both online and offline casinos and prohibits all types of advertising in the Netherlands Antilles. Outside of these territories, advertising is not prohibited.

The main difference is that the DAC is responsible for both traditional and online-casino establishments, while in Curaçao these are separate agencies. The same restrictions apply to companies located in Aruba: DAC does not permit their marketing promotion in the Netherlands, but they can do this in almost all other countries of the world.

Best Deposit Methods for Aruban Gamblers

Depositing and withdrawing of funds to and from online-casino establishments in Aruba should always be easy and secure. That is why it is necessary to consider various payment methods and choose the most suitable one in Aruba. Since there are a lot of payment methods offered in Aruba, you need to know exactly which one is best for your online casino. Here are some of the points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a payment method.

First, consider how fast this payment method is. This will help you determine how soon your deposit or withdrawal request will be completed in Aruba. If the transaction takes several days, perhaps this will be not the best way.

If you are dealing with money, the most important thing for you is security, so you need to choose a payment method that is reliably protected from fraudsters in Aruba. Companies such as PayPal, Skrill and E-Wallet Express are known in Aruba for their highest level of security.

Next, you need to choose a payment method in an online-casino establishment that will respect your privacy in Aruba. Casinos and payment systems are not allowed to request passwords or other personal data from you. Such information can easily be used to conduct fraudulent transactions on your account. The company providing payment services in Aruba must also guarantee non-disclosure of personal data to third parties.

In addition, the payment method should allow you to contact support at any time. Thus, you can quickly receive answers to your requests.

Accepted Currencies in Aruba

The currency in Aruba has been used in other countries. National money supply for a long time was not available. Making money for Aruba was performed completely in Canada, there was developed the design and security elements. After its importation in Aruba, the currency became widely used, foreign currency was completely removed and banned. The new currency had a weak dim design, but, nevertheless, it was a great success among the inhabitants of Aruba, however, it did not become popular outside the country.

Money in Aruba is convertible and listed on the global financial market. The tourism business is developing favorably in Aruba; there are many sights and cultural values. To the delight of tourists, there are many ATMs in Aruba, as well as credit cards and debit cards are widely used. Aruba has low taxes also.

However, if we are talking about online gambling, it is worth noting that not all casinos accept bets in the local currency of Aruba, especially when it comes to foreign gaming portals. Thus, it remains logical to recommend the use of international money, namely dollars or euros, because it is the currency that is accepted everywhere, regardless of the type of institution and its status. This greatly facilitates the game for money in any institution.

Customer support

Customer service in online-casino establishments is one of the most important services for players in Aruba. In the process of any game (be it keno, roulette, video poker, slots, blackjack or something else), the user may have questions related to the rules, terms of payments and other pressing problems. All these issues must be resolved quickly and efficiently.


As a rule, virtual casino customers in Aruba are offered several options for communication with customer support: telephone / email / online chat. Telephone communication is very convenient, as online-casino establishments often offer toll-free numbers for different countries. However, sometimes support calls may be charged – this is a minus. Another disadvantage of using telephone customer support is that a player may be required to provide additional identification data. The verification process is required to confirm the identity of the visitor in Aruba. This situation will not occur if you use your email or chat to communicate with the casino staff after logging in. Sometimes a telephone conversation can be recorded, it can cause some discomfort, however, if any controversial moment arises and it comes to litigation, these records can be useful. Considering the indisputable advantages of this method, you immediately get feedback.


If you use e-mail to communicate with an online-casino establishment in Aruba, then no identification information will usually be required from you. Use the same virtual mail address that was specified during registration. It is also very convenient to communicate with the support service via e-mail because the entire correspondence history is saved. Moreover, it is completely free in Aruba! The only drawback of this method of communication is that the casino response may not come immediately, for example, some online-casino establishments respond to emails within 24 hours, while others may respond longer. Therefore, if you have an urgent question, it is better to use the third option – online chat.

Online chat

Online chat combines all the advantages of the first and second methods of communication: there are no checks, an immediate response, these communications are stored on the casino server. However, if a player has a controversial issue, then they should keep for themselves an identification number, a discussion time, and also copy the text of the correspondence. This is the most comfortable way to contact customer support – look for the casino that can offer you just such a communication option.

Predictions About the Future of Online Gambling in Aruba

One of the best beaches in Aruba is Palm Beach, and travelers are fascinated by its white sand, nightclubs and shops, preferring to stay in five-star hotels, where not only luxury, but also a variety of entertainment awaits them. Since Aruba with its legal gambling-driven business magnet attracts gambling people, hotels with casinos (Renaissance, as well as hotels of the Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Hyatt and Radisson chains) are popular.

What can be said about the future of Aruba’s gambling-driven business with such a base? First of all, it is worth noting that the conditions for the development of the gaming industry in Aruba are extremely favorable, because the legal regulation is quite balanced and loyal. Nevertheless, progress is always needed, but we are sure that Aruba will never stand still, developing such a profitable branch of business. It is gambling that is the lion’s share of the state treasury’s income in Aruba, thus the authorities are actively developing the industry, which will necessarily raise the country’s place in the global gambling-driven market.

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