J.Todd is an online gambling expert with vast experience. He started his career in that industry in 2001. J.Todd published the first paper magazine for casino affiliates in 2005, and released the first social platform for gambling webmasters in 2008. In 2006, he launched his “Perspectives” video news series dedicated to the online gambling, and the said videos have been produced to this day with no interruption.

In addition, J.Todd received several prestigious awards for the content he created, namely “Affiliate Marketer of the Year”, in 2008 and 2012. By the way, “Industry Aces” named him one of the 300 most influential content creators in online gambling industry. J.Todd wrote articles for the GPWA Times, Egaming Review, interviewed by OnTilt Radio, and hosted a weekly talk show at Rounders Radio. Just imagine, his videos have been downloaded over 7 million times by users all over the world.

Today, he owns the brand “Wild Plum Media”, which includes popular content resources like “This Week in Gambling”, “Slotzine”,“Payline Videos”.  

We are happy that J.Todd is a member of our team, and really proud of the content he is creating for us.

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