Jeff Jeremy

Jeff Jeremy - Gambling Addiction Specialists - SlotsSpot team member
Jeff Jeremy
Public Relations Specialist

Jeff Jeremy has been a public relations specialist at SlotsSpot since its inception. He has extensive experience in the field of online gambling, valuable knowledge and understanding of the processes taking place in the industry. After graduating from university, he had the possibility to work in a company developing games for online casinos. There he adopted the experience shared by the best professionals, and alongside with it – the love for gambling. Our team met Jeff in 2017 at a conference in Malta, and he gladly accepted our offer to join the SlotsSpot project. Jeff is engaged in the advertising and promotion of our brand. To this end, he attends several times a year the largest and most prestigious conferences held by the gambling industry – SIGMA, ICE, IGB, and many others. Besides, he promotes our platform on the Internet, introducing our brand to users from all over the world.

For himself, Jeff always sets the most ambitious goals and does everything for achieving them. Precisely because of that we value Jeff as a cool professional and expert.

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